Appendix of Works Referenced:

Chapter 3- Harry calls himself Passport Tu, which is a reference to the Jackie Chan movie Around the World in 80 Days. The bus disappearing in a trail of flames is a reference to the movie Back To The Future. If you don't know what that is, well, you may have some trouble with the rest of these. You may remember the movie by its snazzy tricked out Delorean.

Chapter 4- The bit about the botched potion is a reference to the Dark Prince Trilogy by Kurinoone, good stuff. Everyone should read it. Its a fanfiction by the way.

Chapter 5- This scene was virtually unedited from the book, just thought I might note that. So far my story hasn't diverged too much, but it will once they make it to Hogwarts. Excuse me if it feels like I'm rushing through these chapters, I just want to get to the fun part! Other than that, no real references in this chapter.

Chapter 21- A couple references to earlier parts of this fiction, for example the Knight Bus and the Boggart. The alternate universes were actually completely made up, except for the last one which draws from hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.

Note: Still working on this, but its a pain to complete. I'll finish it eventually, probably with the next update.