Chapter One

One Movie

I walk out of the movie theater and pull my ticket out of my sweater pocket. I just stare at the ticket reading it; Burlesque, theater seven, show time 6:55 P.M. Then I crumple it up in my hand and throw it in a trashcan and continue walking in the direction of my house. I am only fourteen so I didn't have a car yet. I live with my foster dad, Chuck, and luckily my house is only about five minutes away from the movie theater. And yes, I am adopted. Last year on my birthday when I turned thirteen my dad told me about my real parents and what happened. Turns out my mom got knocked up when she was sixteen and my dad left her. What an asshole! So she gave birth to me and then put me up for adoption. Tada! End of story. Yah, I have such a wonderful life, I was born by accident and caused my mom hell. Now I'm stuck with a foster dad who doesn't give a shit about me.

But to change the subject, I really liked the movie. The dancing and singing was amazing, I also loved the costumes. I know they were mostly just sexy underwear and showy clothes but I don't know I still liked them. And well since I'm not a guy and I'm strait, the half naked women dancing didn't bother me at all. I love dancing; I really wish I could become a famous dancer when I grow up. Every genre of dance I love and would try. After watching Burlesque I became inspired to dance even more. I also wished I could have danced in the movie; it looked like it would have been fun. I would have totally worn the costumes, haha. But don't think I'm some ho how wants to dress like a slut, BECAUSE I'M NOT!

I finally reach my crappy old house and unlock the door. I see my dad sitting on the couch in the living room watching TV. He looks even worse than before I left for the movie. It looks like he had not shaven for a week; he smells awful and looks a bit tipsy. "I'm back dad." I say.

"O. uhhh… that's great Ria." He says back to me.

"I'm just gonna go up to my room now…" I say starting to walk up the stairs.

"Wait!" He yells at me, "Can ya get my somethin' to drink? Maybe a beer?"

"No!" I yell back and run up to my room. I lock the door behind me just incase he goes crazy and well I don't know. But I felt way safer with my door locked.

I sit on my bed and then stand up and start pacing back and forth not sure what to do now. Finally I decide to brush my hair. Yah I know fun right? We I don't have a computer or a TV so yah, brushing my hair is as good as it gets. Sit on my chair in front of my little mirror. I pick up my little wooden hairbrush and start brushing my dark, brown, strait hair. It is a little longer than my shoulder.

After a while I just got bored and decided to stop. Well it was already 11:30 so I might as well change into my pajamas. I start to take of my dark blue sweat pants and but on my red pajama pants. Then I take of my white V-neck shirt and put on a black tank top. I turn off the light in my room and slip into my bed and try to fall asleep.

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