Bruce Wayne awoke on his back in the middle of Gotham Park, fully dressed in his Batman armor with a sword lying at his side. Used to such surprises in his odd life, he stands, picks up the sword and looks about him. Where there is supposed to be tall square buildings of a gothic art-deco design visible from the park, instead he sees a large black stone and twisted looking castle on one side and nothing on the other. A list of adversaries capable of such an act flows through his mind until he stops on one he thinks likely. "Queen of Fables," he says aloud.

As if she was summoned by his words, the regal villain appears next to him. "Very quick Sir. Wayne. Your mind works better than most knights I've come across. In fact you're more of a Jack I think, but you do so look good in the armor," she says.

The Batman calmly regards her and says, "I'm not a real knight, its just something I'm called."

"You are a guardian of a city and are part of a court of heroes, what else are people to call you?" the Queen asks.

"I think vigilante is more appropriate," he answers.

"No no, that term lacks luster and eloquence," the Queen says.

"Fine, I'm a knight," the hero says, tired of this line of conversation, "what do you want with me?"

The mythical creature saunters around the still hero, putting just a tad of a swing in her hips. "I want you to go on a quest for me of course. What else is a knight for?" she asks.

"What quest?" he asks, knowing that his best chance at the moment is to play his part in the Queen's game.

"I want you to travel through this enchanted...park and get to the dark castle. There you will find a warrior trapped in eternal combat with a fearsome beast. Your task is to break the stalemate and slay the creature, only then will you be released back to whence you came," she explains.

There was a time when Bruce Wayne didn't believe in the nonsense of magic or the supernatural. Sometimes he misses that ignorance. "And I should trust you?" he asks.

"I give you my word, which is something I dare not break," she answers.

The Batman slips his sword into his utility belt and says, "Alright, I'll play your game, but I'm warning you, if you don't send me back home after I will make you pay."

The Queen of Fables curtsies and says, "I expect nothing less Sir. Wayne," then she's gone in a gaudy flash.

The Batman cracks his neck and begins walking down the paved path of the enchanted park, which still has benches, trashcans, and light posts set regularly along it. Apparently the enchantment greatly enlarged the park, as the path that he's used to would have brought him back to the streets in a few minuets, but the one he is on now continues for several hours with no end in sight.

Eventually though the path comes to a river (also not part of the original topography of the park) and an ancient looking stone bridge going over it. The Dark Knight comes to a stop when he reaches it, and draws his sword. "I've read a book or two in my life so I know you, whatever you are, is waiting for me. So save us both some time and just come out," he commands.

A massive green monster climbs out of the water and stands on the bridge. The creature looks like Killer Croc, only three feet taller and covered in shaggy green hair. The thing opens its massive fanged maw and roars full out at the hero.

Batman holds up his sword at the monster and says, "Alright...I'll pay the toll."

In response Croctroll simply roars again and starts charging forward. The Batman holds up his sword and does the same. When the two meet in the middle, the Dark Knight ducks Crocktroll's massive claw and delivers long cut across its waist and another to its snout. In return it lunges forward and tries to catch him in with a lethal snap of its jaws. The dark hero barely manages to dodge the deadly fangs then stabs the monster in the eye with the point of his sword. The massive creature yelps in pain and spins away from him, managing to slap the Caped Crusader with its long reptilian tail, knocking him backwards and off the bridge.

The hero quickly jumps back to his feet and holds up his sword to find the Croctroll standing at the close end of the stone bridge, rubbing its wounded eye and growling at him. "Is there no alternative to this? What do you want?" Batman asks the creature.

"Stupid knight!" the Crocktroll barks back. "This bridge is mine! All who try to cross it are my meat! You will never reach the other side alive!"

The Batman lifts his sword with one hand and points it at the creature, while the other (which is hidden by his cape) takes something small out of his belt. "This is your last warning, stand aside," he tells the monster.

"Save your warnings! I will rip..." the Crocktroll from its cliched speech by the bright flash and deafening sound of the flash-bang grenade the Batman tosses at its face. His opponent now blinded, the Dark Knight darts forward and slices at both of the creatures legs, causing it to drop painfully to the ground.

The Batman then jumps over his enemy's crippled body and starts running full out for the other shore. Behind him the Crocktroll begins chasing after him on all fours, snapping its jaws ferociously as it does. Though the savage beast begins to close the distance, the Caped Crusader makes it to the other shore. After gaining a few dozen feet of ground he turns to see, as he thought, the Croctroll stopped at the end of the bridge, bellowing in rage.

Batman returns the sword to his belt and continues walking along the path. "What a promising start to the day."

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