"I'm not talking to you and I ain't riding with you! So just get up on that dinky ass piece of shit, and go home, you turkey!"

He ran his hand through his long, light brown, hair, growling in frustration. This girl... Damn! She really knew how to get under his skin. No chick had ever been able to do that to him! And that's what pissed him off.

She was something he couldn't touch. She was proud, strong, and fully independent. She could throw a curve ball faster than any guy he knew, and she could turn a head just as fast. Especially since she'd hit eighteen two weeks ago.

She was legal meat now.

Since he had turned twenty-one, the folks around here had started getting wary and watchful of his actions more than when he was younger. Which meant less ass for him ta get with, but a whole lot willing to try.

And normally he'd be all on it! Except they were all under the age. Meaning he could look... But touching could get his ass thrown in jail. And that wasn't something he was down with. So he'd stuck to watching and flirting, giving girls rides on his Harley, and showing off.

And he'd gotten real good at it... Til she came back in town! She showed up outta the blue about a month ago, and he'd been unable to recognized her! She'd curved out and finally got some assets that all girls get that make a mans head fill with unholy thoughts!

And boy... Did she bring the devil out in him. Not only was she shaped right, she had a pair of legs and walk that made ya drool. And she carried herself with an air that said she knew what she wanted, and she knew it wasn't you.

He'd have never guessed it was her when he first caught a glimpse of her walking out of the Salon on Main Street, with her hair fixed up and her nails done. He would have never known she was the lil ballplayer Amanda Whurlizer who he'd had a slight thing for when he was younger. Never would have guessed it!

... If he hadn't driven up beside her and tried to give her a ride. And the moment her eyes landed on him, he knew it was her. For her eyes lit up with a shield that said "don't touch, cause I bite". But his suspicions were fully confirmed when she opens up that pretty little mouth of hers and told him off, before stomping away.

Now he found himself sitting outside her old house, looking up at the window to her room, that she'd just slammed shut. Letting out a puff of annoyance, he leaned back and reached into his back pocket, producing his cigarettes and lighter, before lighting one up.

"Ah! Don't worry about it, Leak," He turned his head to the porch, finding his old drunk of a couch, Buttermaker, sitting on the porch swing with a beer in his hand, the paper on his lap, and a cigar hanging from his mouth, "give her another week."

Buttermaker coughed up a fit, before giving him his famous, lopsided, smile, before going back to his paper and cigar. Kelly Leak gave a grunt and a small smile, before looking back up at Amanda's window.

He had himself a challenge now. And he was going to win. He'd win Amanda over... Just like he'd done when she was eleven and he was thirteen.