Paper Mario

Paper Buddies

Note: Hey hey hey everyone! Here's my first Mario fanfic, which is a sequel to the first Paper Mario game! Mario and Peach are away visiting another kingdom, and Bowser has decided to take this chance to try and rise again. He brings back all of the bosses and captures all of Mario's buddies, except for Kooper and Bow, who are able to escape. Along with the help of various others in the kingdom, will they be able to beat the bosses and bring peace to Mushroom Kingdom once again?

Chapter One – Return of the Koopa Bros.!

Part One – Bowser's Siege!

There was a loud knock at the door, and Kooper jumped up out of his bed, startled. "Hold onto your shell," he said, rubbing his eyes, "I'm coming."

The knocking continued, and began to get louder. "Alright, alright." he said, stumbling to the door and opening it. He was instantly knocked over as a koopa ran into the room, slamming the door behind him.

"Geez!" Kooper shouted irritatedly, jumping up and glaring at the red-shelled koopa, whom he recognized as Koopo, his friend. Koopo was breathing heavily, and he said in between breaths, " get out of here..."

"What is it? Are the fuzzies back? Come on, I can take 'em!" Kooper said, walking towards the door, but Koopo pushed him back. "No! It's...The Koopa Bros.!"

As if on cue, something slammed into the door, and Koopo was almost thrown off balance. "What the- Is this door locked? Come out, or we'll beat you to a pulp!" a voice came. Koopo held his weight against the door as it continued to be hit.

" to get out of here." he said, and Kooper shook his head. "No way! I'll take these guys!" he said, grabbing Koopo and moving him to the side.

And right as he did that, one of the Koopa Bros., Black, came busting in. "Aha! Be prepared to be- Oh!" he said, seeing Kooper, "Found you! Hey Red! He's in he-" Black started to shout, but Kooper quickly grabbed him and threw him to the wall.

"Ouch!" Black said, quickly recovering and slipping into his shell, spinning quickly and slamming into Kooper, who hit the ground hard and was dazed. "Hey!" Koopo said, trying to rush to his friend's aid, but Black easily pushed him aside.

"Hehe, you aren't so tough without Mario helping you!" Black said tauntingly, striking a sort of pose. Kooper quickly took the chance and body tackled him, then turning to flee into the forest. "Hey!" Black said, about to run after him, but Koopo leaped onto his back. "Go Kooper!" he shouted.

Kooper glanced back at his friend, knowing that, after the Koopa Bros. were done with him, he might never see him again. And he ran on, hoping to find safety.

"Lady Bow! Lady Bow!" a frantic voice came. Bow, who was sitting in the front garden of the mansion, turned around. "What is it Bootler? Can't you see I'm admiring my beautiful flowers? 3" she said irritatedly.

Bootler looked past her and saw the old, wilted plants that made the mansion look even more dead than usual. "Y-Yes, I see, but please, we must leave, now!" he insisted.

"Leave?" Bow said, surprised, "Where could we be going? It's not the season for scaring!" Bootler opened his mouth to explain, but stopped as the ground suddenly began to shake. "What the-" Bow said, and they both turned and watched as none-other than the big, lumbering Tubba Blubba stumbled up to the mansion.

"O-Oh no! Run milady!" Bootler said. Bow laughed. "Hahaha! What's so scary about this wuss?" she said, and Tubba Blubba glared at her. "King Bowser has given me strength once again! Now that the big mean Mario isn't here, I'm going to have myself a feast!" he said, giving a deep bellow.

He reached down and grabbed Bootler, then threw the old ghost into his mouth. Bow was surprised. "H-Hey! What do you think you're doing?" she said, flying up to Tubba Blubba and bringing her arm back, then preceding to slap him...

But she stopped when she saw it did nothing. "Stupid ghost. You'll make a good snack for me! Bluhaha!" Tubba Blubba said, and Bow quickly turned and tried to flee, but he quickly grabbed her and brought her towards his mouth...

"No!" a voice came, and something hit Tubba Blubba in the head. He let go of Bow and turned, angered. The brown boo Stanley was there. "Hey! You big oaf! Take me instead!" he said, and Tubba Blubba grabbed him and ate him. After a few moments, he muttered, "Not bad."

And when he turned around, Bow had already fled. He stamped his foot, angry. "Oh well, there's more food inside of this mansion!" he said, giving a deep bellow, and busting through into the mansion.

Fice T., the guard whom sits at the boundary between Toad Town and the Forever Forest, was sitting and enjoying the nice weather. "Ahh...Thank the stars, I haven't seen a single ghost in months now!" he said...

But he spoke too soon, as Bow came flying past. He jumped, startled, and began to shake. "G-g-g-ghost!" he shouted, running back into his small hut. Bow turned and floated over to the hut. "Hey, you!" she said, "Where's Mario at?"

Fice hesitantly looked up, still scared. "He's...he's not here." he said in a shaky voice. Bow gave an irritated sigh. "Grr, what a useless guy he is!" she shouted, making Fice even more frightened.

Bow quickly left, and Fice continued to hide in his hut, convinced that more ghosts would come to haunt him.

As Bow floated up to the gates of Princess Peach's castle, a voice came from behind, saying, "Yo! Bow!" She turned, and was surprised to see her old travelling companion, Kooper, running up to her.

"Boy, am I glad to see you!" he said, "The Koopa Bros. took over my home!" Bow groaned, and said, "That wuss Tubba Blubba came and took my mansion! Grr...Where's that stupid plumber when you need him?"

"I don't know, but what if the others are in trouble? We need to-" Kooper began to say, but he stopped as thunder ripped through the sky, and dark clouds formed overhead. All of the Toads in the town began to panic, unsure of what was going on...

And they watched as none-other than Bowser's castle began to float down from the sky. Everyone dispersed, trying to get out of the way. Bow quickly grabbed Kooper and made them both transparent, right as the castle landed onto Toad Town, crushing most of the town.

Sitting at the top of the castle was the wicked King Bowser, who gave an evil laugh.

"Mushroom Kingdom is mine!" he bellowed, raising his arms in the air triumphantly. The doors to the castle opened, and hundreds of Koopa Troopas and Goombas ran out and began to storm Princess Peach's castle.

Bow and Kooper found themselves inside of Bowser's castle. "Great..." Kooper said, looking on into the long, dark hallway in front of them.

"What do we do now?" Bow said in a defeated tone. Kooper gave her an assuring look, and said:

"We gotta save the other buddies," Kooper told her, "And take Bowser down!"

To be continued...

Next Part – Onward to Koopa Bros. Fortress!

Note: This is interesting, since I haven't wrote a story set in the world of Mario. I hope I do good to stick to the world, while also adding my own touch to it! :D Remember to drop a review by, and stay tuned for the next chapter!