Paper Buddies

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Chapter Three – A Lava-Hot Time!

Part Two – The Great Escape!

"How exactly are we going to escape?" Bow asked. The Group was trapped. The area where the prisoners were held had only one entrance, and it was surrounded by guards and Bullet-Bill Cannons.

"I'm thinking, I'm thinking!" Kooper said irritatedly. Two guards ran towards him, and he overtook them, then slipped into his shell and slammed into them, sending them into the wall hard, leaving a crack on it.

Kooper flashed with inspiration. "Bombette! That wall right there, blow it up!" he said.

Bombette glanced over at the wall, and jumped up with glee. "It's been a while since I got to blow something up!" she said, running towards the wall and discharging herself.

The explosion rocked the entire cell room, knocking the Buddies off their feet for a moment. When they stood back up, they watched as the smoke cleared...And the wall still wasn't broken through.

"Darn!" Lakilester exclaimed. Bombette walked back over to them and slumped down, obviously disappointed.

"Alright, Bow and I will fend the guards off, while you guys try to break that wall!" Kooper said, motioning towards Bow, who nodded and followed him towards the entrance.

The other Buddies didn't complain, and began to hit the wall with their strongest attacks. Lakilester threw his Spiny Shells at the wall,while Goombario headbutted it, and Bombette continued to explode when the others paused their attacks.

Watt stood back, unsure of what to do. "Man, how can I help? I'm pretty weak..." she said. Then, turning towards Bow and Kooper, she made up her mind, and floated over to help them out.

Bow had just smacked the life out of a guard, and tossed him back. Kooper intercepted another guard who was coming for her from behind, and grabbed him, throwing him into the other guards.

"There's way too many!" Kooper said, obviously beginning to get exhausted.

Bow nodded. "I know...I may be dead, but this is tiring." she said, taking her fan and slamming it into a guard's head.

"Need some help?" Watt asked, floating in front of them.

Kooper let out a sigh of relief. "Yep, that'd be great!" he said.

Watt began to glow, and sparks surrounded her...Then, she shot a blast of electricity towards the guards. When hit, they fell over to the ground, paralyzed.

"Good job Watt!" Kooper exclaimed. Watt smiled at being praised...But in that moment when she wasn't looking, a bullet bill flew straight at her.

"Look out!" Bow said, grabbing Watt and making her transparent. Kooper then ran in front of them and began to spin rapidly, knocking the other bullets that were coming their way.

Bow and Watt moved back into the safety of the cells, and Kooper slipped back out of his shell, following them.

"How's that wall coming along?" he asked.

The group had stopped, and were obviously tired.

"It's not even budging!" Goombario said irritatedly.

"The walls are tough. All we could do is crack it." Bombette told him.

Kooper put a hand on his chin in thought for a moment...But, then, suddenly, he heard a roar from behind...

And everyone turned to see none-other than Bowser standing there.

"WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?" he shouted, "You! You just had to ruin my speech, didn't you?"

"We had to free our friends!" Kooper said, glaring at him. Everyone stepped forward, ready to fight Bowser if they had to.

"Oh, well why not just ask?" Bowser said. Everyone exchanged glances for a moment.

"Wait...Really?" Lakilester said.

Bowser stomped his foot and shook his head angrily. "Like I care about you stupid side-characters! I was just following orders! But now, I'll have to destroy you!" he said.

Bowser slipped into his shell. "Look out!" Kooper exclaimed, and everyone dove to the side to get out of the way.

Bowser threw himself forward, and missed the buddies...Then found himself busting straight through the wall.

"Hey, thanks man!" Goombario said, running through the hole that was now in the wall. Everyone else followed. Outside, they could see Bowser lying on his stomach, dazed from slamming through the wall.

As everyone ran, Kooper stayed behind and knelt beside Bowser.

"Hey man, you should know that Skolar is just going to get rid of you when your job is done!" Kooper told him.

Bowser didn't respond for a moment, then he recovered and jumped back.

"Yeah right! That star gave me everything I wanted! Once the Princess comes back, she's surely going to be mine!" he said.

Kooper sighed. "Whatever. Just leave us alone from now on." he said, turning to run after his friends.

"Hey! This isn't over, get back here!" Bowser said, but Kooper was already gone.

"Now what do we do?" Goombario asked.

The group was sitting at the bottom Shooting Star Summit. Up above, the Lava Piranha could be seen towering up into the sky.

"I don't know...I'm not sure how we can defeat that thing." Kooper admitted.

"Without Mario, it's going to be a lot tougher!" Bow said.

"Where's Mario when you need him?" Goombario said glumly.

Everyone began to have doubts about the battle ahead...Kooper thought about how he could cheer them up, but there seemed to be now way.

"Don't forget about me!" a familiar voice said, and the group turned to see none-other than Luigi run up to them.

"Luigi? How'd you find us here?" Kooper asked.

"Well," Luigi began to explain, "I was able to fool Bowser into thinking I was on his side. He sent me to find some fish that was causing him trouble up at Shooting Star Summit, but I spent most of my time looking for you guys!"

"Fish? Wait a second..." Lakilester said, "I wonder if that's Sushie!"

Kooper nodded. "If she's up there, we need to help her!" he said. The group turned and began to follow Kooper, but they stopped when Luigi shouted, "Hey! Don't forget about me!"

"Oh, uh, sorry Luigi. But are you sure you can really help us?" Kooper asked.

Luigi struck a pose, and said, "You betcha!" Kooper raised an eyebrow, then shrugged.

"Alright I guess. Let's go!" he said...

And the group headed up to the peak of Shooting Star Summit to save the Star Spirits.

Next Part: Part Three – An Unexpected Hero!