Rise of Noob Sabiot

Chapter 1: A Mysterious Intruder

It was a typical scene late at night in a museum in Jump City, yet for a shadowy figure lurking about the roof, the shadowy figure was more interested in taking the amulet from down below in the museum itself. Using a shadowy-like power, the shadowy figure managed to slip through with ease through the window and literally evaded the lasers that were protecting the amulet. But that would soon all change, as light was shown on the shadowy figure to which the figure turned noticing five figures ready for a fight.

"I don't know who you are, but you're not getting your hands on that amulet" said Robin, "this exhibit is closed."

"And it looks like I'll be happy to renovate your own face" added Cyborg.

"So, this is who challenges me?" laughed the shadowy figure, "I once worshipped a master who was a thousand times stronger than you all put together, and you think you can take me down? Bring it on then."

"Titans, go!" ordered Robin.

The shadowy figure dodged from being captured by Raven as she tried to use her powers against it, Starfire tried to use her star bolts targeting the shadowy figure, but the shadowy figure was too crafty and managed to be unscratched from the fight. Beast Boy changed into a large gorilla and attempted to literally show some wrestling moves against the shadowy figure, yet the shadowy figure grabbed poor Beast Boy and threw him toward both Starfire and Raven knocking them out of the sky.

"This guy looks like an amateur" said Cyborg as he was readying his sonic cannon prepared to fire.

But as poor Cyborg was about to fire on the shadowy figure, the shadowy figure was quite quick into literally punching the sonic cannon, making it inoperable.

"Hey, you can't do that?" cried Cyborg, "Now I got to do some repairs on it!"

"Looks like you'll have to do more repairs than just on that" replied the shadowy figure as he then gave Cyborg a good punch, then grabbed him and swung poor Cyborg around until he was let go where he smacked right into a wall.

It was then Robin's turn, as he chased after the shadowy figure as it grabbed the amulet and leaped on the roof of the museum.

"I just took down your four friends with ease, what kind of tricks will I have to do to make you stop me?" laughed the shadowy figure.

"Want to beat?" asked Robin.

"Bring it on" replied the shadowy figure.

Both Robin and the shadowy figure charged at each other, yet the shadowy figure was able to go behind Robin and pull his cape right over his head making it harder for him to see. It gave the opportunity for the shadowy figure to literally knock Robin unconscious as he got his cape out of the way.

"Pathetic, and I thought you Titans would actually have been a threat to me and my agenda, oh well" laughed the shadowy figure.

But apparently, someone else was watching the fight, Raiden, the Protector of the Earth wasn't pleased to how easy the Titans were defeated. Fuijin, the God of Wind was also watching the fight.

"I know we're not suppose to really disturb things, but this calls for an intervention" said Fuijin.

"Agreed" replied Raiden.

About an hour later, the Titans soon found themselves back at the T Tower, and two figures were glaring at them in the center as they got up from their resting place.

"Who are you?" asked Robin to the two figures.

"I am Raiden, and this is Fuijiin, we are both Elder Gods who thought we could think that mortals such as yourselves could take on someone as crafty as Noob Sabiot" replied Raiden.

"Yes, ever since Shinnok was defeated, Noob has gone rogue and has been on his own" continued Fuijin, "he's been stealing a variety of magical amulets ever since then."

"We may think he might even become a threat some day to even us" added Raiden, "which is why we thought since he was coming to your neck of the woods, he'd be running into some trouble."

"Apparently, we were mistaken, sadly" continued Fuijin.

"Hey, don't blame us" said Cyborg, "if that was the guy we'll facing, we wouldn't have had a chance against him."

"Of course you wouldn't" added Raiden, "which is why we're instructing you to seek out help, you have connections to other Titans, do you?"

"Yes, why?" asked Starfire.

"Only those who know who Noob Sabiot was, will be able to finally defeat him" replied Raiden, "we can only provide you with a few hints on how to stop him, and go no further. Look for Sub-Zero and Scorpion, I am sure they know plenty about who Noob Sabiot really was."

"The rest is up to you" said Fuijin.

Just as mysteriously as the two Gods had arrived, they disappeared. Robin immediately wanted to get contacts from the various Titans they had encountered over the years to help track down the whereabouts of the people that once knew who really was Noob Sabiot.

"You're going to be up all night and all day trying to do just that" sighed Raven who was still tired from the failed fight against Noob Sabiot.

"We have to do this" said Robin, "I'm putting an all points bulletin to look out for some of the names that the two Gods had given us information on Noob Sabiot."

"In the mean time, I think I should do some of those repairs" sighed Cyborg.

"I wonder if there are any animals that can grab shadows" said Beast Boy.

"You might want to check on Raven with that" replied Robin.

As the Titans were trying to reorganize themselves, Noob Sabiot in his secret temporary lair in Jump City was well prepared to acquire the last two amulets.

"Those mortals were foolish enough to think these amulets were just mere antiques" laughed Noob as he placed the amulet in its place, "even Quan Chi, Shinnok's right-hand man didn't even bother with the sort of power these amulets had, he only cared about one amulet that my former master had."