It was nearly dawn and the first golden hues of morning highlighted the cobblestone sky. Morning birds were already shrilling in the oak trees swayed by the nightly breezes as they blew they're way out of the city streets. Aside from the handful of workers returning home from the fifth shift, the streets and houses were quiet, still, and dark; not yet signaled into life by the approaching sunrise. One man had beaten the sun. He sat atop a roof with a bundle held tightly to his chest.

The bundle was not a package of sorts, but a red-haired teenager, wrapped tightly in soiled bedsheets. The sheets were seeped in a dark burgundy around the boys legs -blood- along with the stains of the initial action that had caused his injuries. The boy was unconscious in the arms of his captor, who was silently thankful for the boy's state of mind. Had the boy been awake he would have been able to see the distraught and guilt weighing down on the face of the man who was responsible for his defilement. Both men, one in the warmth of the other, sat there for what seemed as hours with nothing but the rustling wind and ever-rising sun at their backs.

Just as the sun was beginning its ascent over the horizon, a stern voice broke through the chilly silence of the early morning, followed by it's speaker's body at the edge of the roof.

"How long do you plan on sitting up here? I smell blood. Return Ichigo to me immediately!" Rukia's small frame and silky black hair gleamed around the edges, accented from the sun's first rays reaching over ratted rooftops, causing her to look like a ghost come to haunt. The man holding his human bundle merely pulled the teen in closer to his body, claiming his property. Rukia growled in disgust and hatred for the man before her. "Grimmjow! Hand him over! I don't even want to TRY to think of the putrid things you must have done to him."

Grimmjow rose slowly making sure to keep his bundle balanced. He walked past the short woman who continued to speak harshly towards him spouting phrases and curses even the devil would cover his ears over. He stepped off the gutter of the roof and tapped lightly down to the ledge of Ichigo's window below. Soundlessly, Grimmjow laid the teen's motionless body, still wrapped in the soiled sheets, on top of the unmade bed. For only a second's time, he let his fingers that had been supporting the boy's neck rest softly on his cheek. Rukia slid into the room from the window as well, guard up and ready for a fight even though the Espada's demeanor presented no threat.

"Wake his father, he needs immediate medical care. Don't let him go to school for the next three days either. I'll kill him this time if you do." Grimmjow sounded off his warning like a monotone death toll before looking back at Ichigo's peaceful face. He looked at Rukia, her eyes wide and mouth gaping, then he slipped out the window and disappeared into the nearby neighborhoods.