Janelle swirled the potion around in the flask, eying it drearily. She had been waiting for this moment for seventeen years, and could not believe it was almost upon her.

The antidote had taken a few weeks to brew, and with a simple slip-up she would've had to begin all over again. It was a dangerous, tricky little potion.

It also smelled horribly.

Taking another glance into the flask, and gagging at the sight of the thick, mucusy green color, she closed her eyes and downed the potion quickly. As soon as she swallowed, she felt just a bit lighter, though the lightness was completely in her mind.

For nothing had changed for her; just for everyone else.

A man with sandy brown hair and chocolate-colored eyes had just finished his quiet dinner alone, and was washing the dishes when he got a sharp pain in his head.

The pain wasn't too strong, but enough to have this man find the nearest chair and collapse into it.

Slowly but surely he recovered memories he never knew he had lost to begin with.

When the pain subsided, he only had woman on his mind, and he had to see her immediately.

Grabbing his worn, dirty cloak he rushed out the door of his one bedroom flat in muggle London, and began his search for her.

Two adults, one man and one woman, both with silky, bleach-blond hair were chatting in their study when they both experienced the same pain, although much, much greater.

The woman cried out. The man gripped his armrest with such intensity that his knuckles turned white.

The pain vanished as quickly as it appeared, and the couple locked eyes.

The woman's eyes were filled with tears of pain and joy, remembering her friend.

The man's were wild with excitement and some anger; how dare she disappear from his mind!

The man gathered his crying wife into his arms and helped her to the fireplace, and from there they floo'd to where they believed this woman to be.

A man with long, seemingly greasy hair did not usually experience emotion, but had experienced his fair share of pain in his lifetime.

He also got the sharp pain in his mind, though his was by far the worst. Collapsing to the floor, he began to scream in agony. He was flooded with the most memories, the most joy, the most sadness out of everyone else.

His eyes were shut tightly, and it took many minutes for the pain to subside; minutes that felt like hours, or even days.

Opening his eyes, he sat up, sobbing and clutching his head, in a state of panic.

He remembered her, and began to cry harder, realizing that he actually forgot her.

His one companion. One true love. One real reason for happiness.

His best friend.


To be continued...

Anything in this story that you may also find in the world of Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling. Everything else does, indeed, belong to me unless otherwise stated.