A/N: So new story. Edward is jerk, just fair warning. This story does contain suicidal thoughts, therefore rated M. This story starts pretty dark but lightens up later. Promise. This whole story will be Bella's POV.

I know I think about suicide more than the average teenager but with everything going on in my life or lack thereof, it's not too surprising.

Renee, my mother left when I was twelve, leaving my dad to raise me. Charlie is a good father but ever since she left he's not the same. You'd think it was Christmas morning every time Renee walked in a room from Charlie's face. I remember when they were happy; when everything was okay. I sort of remember being happy, but most of all I remember Charlie being happy. He's in his early forties now and still hasn't been on a date since Renee left me with him. I want Charlie happy before I go.

The alarm clock startles me awake for the first day back at Forks High School. I pull on my jeans and grab a t-shirt; slip on my checkered vans and grab my book bag to head down stairs. I peer out the kitchen window and see Charlie's cruiser is already gone. Guess he forgot my birthday was today. I sigh and open the cabinets looking for a Chewy bar. I finally find one and head out.

Climbing into my truck's cab brought back memories again. Mom. I remember mom driving this beat up old Chevy. I remember how she would get so frustrated with shifting the gears and whenever it broke down. She always had a short temper.

I shake my head to clear my thoughts and start the truck and turn the heat on full blast.

Pulling up to Forks High has always put this unsettling sickness in my stomach. Today was the first day of senior year, just one more year. I look around the parking lot and see that there was only a few cars, most of the cars belonged to the staff but there was a very nice looking sliver Volvo sticking out from the pack. A new student? New teacher? Perhaps the some of the attention would be more on them than me. Thank goodness.

I shuffle my feet into the main office where Mrs. Cope is steadily reading her sex novel.

"Hello Mrs. Cope, how's the reading?" Mrs. Cope sets her book to the side with a blushed face.

"Hello Bella dear, how was your summer?" She shuffles papers around looking for my schedule.

"It was nice; same as every other summer. How was yours?"

"Just fine dear. Here is your schedule, have a nice day." Mrs. Cope smile was obviously forced and she turned and quickly continued her book. I must have interrupted a very pleasing part.

"Thanks Mrs. Cope."

As I head out I peek at the principal's office and see three heads, all boys, but that's all. I carefully jog through the rain and back into my truck; driving slowly to the student parking lot. Looking at my schedule I sighed and started to mentally prepare myself for the upcoming year.

1st period – Spanish IIIA

2nd period – English 11A

3rd period – Chemistry 11A

4th period – Trig A

5th period – Biology 11A

6th period – Gym

Oh gym. Gym is required for all four years of Forks High. Lovely. I take a deep breath and put up my hood and leave the warmth of my truck. I spot Alice and Rose hanging by the trash can, talking. I move over towards them.

"Hey guys," I say smiling. They nod and take out their schedules. We all compare and we have all the same classes except Bio and Gym. Alice winces at the gym class. I shrug. "I'll be fine Alice."

We all share a locker and shove our stuff in it and gather our books, glasses, tissues, purses, hand sanitizers, and a novel. We all know the first day of school is boring as hell. Teachers just hand out books and go over their syllabus. As for the other stuff, we as a group, are not the cutest looking girls. We all had allergies and we all had issues with germs; I guess that's why we bond, we know each other.

The first half of classes are almost worthy of sleep, however, out of respect for the teacher I don't. When Trig class came that's when the day started to get interesting.

We're all sitting in the back of our Trig class, three in a row against the back wall. Sitting in the back meant you couldn't be seen too much, therefore, ingnored. Which was fine by us.

I could hear Jessica's nasal voice coming from down the hallway. She came into our classroom on the arm of a very large guy. Not large as in fat, but large as in built.

"Holy shit," we all whisper.

I can see Rose is in a daze and her cheeks flushed. "Wow," she says trying to fix her frizzy hair and adjust her glasses. "I've never seen a guy with so many muscles."

I glance over at Alice, who is also staring at Rose. Alice looks to me and smiles wickedly. "Geez Rose, drool much?"

Rose breaks her stare and turns to glare at Alice. "Shut up, Alice." Rose slumps into her seat in defeat.

Jessica lets go of the guy and goes to sit next to Mike. Meanwhile Emmett is introduced to the class.

"Class, this is Emmett Cullen, a new student here at Forks. Please make him feel welcome, blah, blah, blah." Mr. Fore waves his hand dramatically. "Take a seat next to Ms. Hale and we shall get Trig class started!"

Rose looks over to us horrified. I try smile but it falls. Emmett sits next to Rose and begins to doddle on his notebook paper. I can see Rose's chest rising and falling quickly. I look to Alice and she's holding up a sign: Introduce yourself idiot!

Rose's eyes bug out and shakes her head in a panic. I nodded. Rose took a deep breath and turned towards Emmett. "Hi, my name is Rose." She said in a quiet voice.

Emmett looks up and smiles. "Hi, I'm Emmett, nice to meet you." Emmett shakes Rose's hand and flashes a cocked grin.

"Hi!" Alice shouts next to me. I bite my lip to keep me from laughing. "I'm Alice and this is Bella," she says pointing to me. "So how do you like Forks so far?"

Emmett just grins. "It's a bit warmer here than where I used to live. So, so far, I really like it." He glances at Rose for a brief second.

Emmett shook his head to come out of his thoughts and turned to see Alice and I with confused expressions. "Oh! I'm from Alaska." Emmett says chuckling. "Normal conditions are about 10 degrees."

I'm sure all of our eyes were wide. Emmett laughs again. Mr. Fore then starts class. I see out of the corner of my eye that Rose's attention is on what Mr. Fore is saying; Emmett however, keeps sneaking peeks at her. I smile a bit and bring out my novel and begin reading.

By the end of class I had finished three chapters in my novel, thank goodness for Pride and Prejudice. We were all getting ready to leave when Emmett tosses us a wave in our direction. Rose's face turns a bit red and I bump my shoulder with hers.

Rose looks back at me then to Alice and rolls her eyes. "Guys, leave me alone. He was nice." Alice raises her eyebrows. "Anyways, let's go to lunch."

Walking down the hallway to lunch I spot Jessica and Lauren on one of the new guys arm. I chuckled at his misfortune. Alice let out a very unladylike snort and Rose covered her laugh with a cough. We all shuffle to our regular table and set down our backpacks and books and groan as we walk towards the lunch line.

"Do you think this year's lunch will be any better?" Alice asked.

"No." Rose and I replied at the same time.

"Hamburger or meatloaf?" The lunch lady asked.

"What's the difference?" We all whisper and laugh lightly.

I hear a deeper laugh from behind me. I glance behind me and it's a Greek god.

Good lord, a Greek god in our small town high school. He had bronze color hair, startling green eyes and full lips.

"Hello Bella," a voice near the Greek god spoke. I shift my eyes in the direction of the voice. Emmett, I see now is the voice, I smile.

"Hi Emmett," I say quietly. The line begins moving again and I move along with it.

"Ugh, how can you stand her Emmett, she and those other friends of her are nothing. Never will be anything either." I hear Jessica assert her opinion in. I hear the Greek god laugh. I feel my stomach turn and my chest hurt; he agreed with her.

I pay for my lunch and walk swiftly to our lunch table, thankfully not falling. Alice and Rose look confuse but continue eating their lunch.

I push around my food thinking about the great looking guy in the lunch line. And what a jerk he was. I stabbed at my meatloaf/hamburger thing. The bell finally rang and we were forced to go to another two classes.

Up next for me was biology. Entering the class, I saw the room was empty. I sighed happily and sat in the back. I pull out Pride and Prejudice again and begin reading. It wasn't until Mr. Banner called the class to attention that I had to look up.

"Welcome to Biology 11A. If your schedule says something different than you can call yourself an idiot and get out of my class room." I smirked at Mr. Banner's introduction. I think I'm going to like this teacher.

Mr. Banner waits for anyone who needs to leave and then begins to pass out books. They're freaking huge! I think this book weighs about ten pounds. This book will not do well with my balance.

"You don't have to bring the book to class; it's just a reference for homework and such. You can leave it at home if you like." Mr. Banner says smiling. As he passes out his syllabus his classroom door opens.

The whole class looks up to see the Greek god walk in.

"Couldn't fine the classroom I suppose?" Mr. Banner remarks sarcastically.

"I'm so sorry for interrupting I'm new this year and the building or this map for that matter isn't labeled right." I see Mr. Banner roll his eyes. "I am in the right classroom now, I believe. Biology 11A?"

Mr. Banner nods. "Your name?" he asks.

"Edward Cullen," he shuffles his feet and readjust his book bag on his shoulder.

"Alright, go ahead and take an open seat," Mr. Banner gestures to the room.

The only open seat was the one next to me… I'm happy that it's the only seat and then I remember what happened in the lunch room. I frown and move my book bag from the seat so he can sit.

Edward walks over and sighs heavily. "Great," I hear him mutter.

My frown deepens and I pull out my novel. Why can't Mr. Darcy pop out of this book and save me?

"Now, I know it's the first day but I really need you all to do this worksheet to see where you all are at in your biology skills." I feel myself groan at the thought of work on the first day back. "Alright, you can partner up with the person sitting next to you."

I roll my eyes. "Like that's going to help me," I whisper to myself as Mr. Banner passes out the worksheet.

"Oh by the way, I'm also passing around a sign in sheet. It's formatted to the desks in this classroom. Please sign where ever you are sitting now, it's your seat for the rest of the semester." My jaw drops. Mr. Banner just goes back and sits at his desk typing away at his laptop.

I pick up my jaw from the floor and turn to Edward who has already started on the worksheet. I frown greatly.

"Um, we're both supposed to be doing this worksheet." I state.

Edward stops writing and turns his face up to glare at me. "I know most of these answers but if you want you can do half." He begins writing again.

I glare at his perfect bronze hair. Is he calling me stupid? Or am I just not worthy of his attention?

He slides the paper towards me. I quickly look over his answers, just to make sure none of them were wrong. I also see that he had answered seven out of the ten questions. I rolls my eyes and huff loudly. I answer the three and slide the paper in the middle of the table.

I glance over to Edward and spot him looking over my answers. I quietly snort. "Are they up to your standards?" I snap.

Edward smirks at me. "Hardly, but they'll do."

I see red. I take a deep breath and pull out my novel desperately trying not to become violent. I can't even focus on what I'm reading.

Edward takes a deep breath and faces me. "Look, I need you and your friends to stay away from Emmett. He's already getting a bad rep. I've had Jessica and Lauren ask me about his sanity twice now. I can't have my brother hanging out with some wanna-be's." He looks at me up and down. His face holds disgust. "Stay away from him."

I sat there shocked.

I'm not sure how long I sat there, but then I hear the bell ring. Edward is out of his seat and the classroom before anyone else. I can feel the tears rise up in my eyes but I angrily wipe them away. I pack up my things and head for the gym.

I couldn't believe that someone wanted to be so popular that they stepped on anyone who got in there way.

And that's what Edward did. He stepped on me and my friends so his brother could become a bit more popular.

The bleachers are set out so we can go over rules and other junk on the first day of class. I sit on the first bleacher and all the way to the left. I pull out my iPhone and see that I have three texts, all from Alice.

Rose was just hit with a book that Mike threw. Going to the nurse.

Rose has a broken nose! We're going to the hospital.

At the hospital still. We'll see you tomorrow.

I guess they forgot about my birthday too. I sigh and pull out Pride and Prejudice, once again wishing I was living the life of Elizabeth Bennet. Perhaps if I had a boyfriend I wouldn't be this down. Rose and Alice have tried more than enough times to set me up with someone. Forks is just too small of a town to find love in. Everyone has known everyone since kindergarten. I don't want to remember that time when my husband ate glue at the craft table in first grade. Some things should remain a mystery.

Just then Coach Clapp blew the whistle to call the class to order. I look around and see that there are more than thirty students in this class. Great, more people to see me trip. Maybe Coach Clapp will give me a break this year, since it's my final year.

"Okay, okay, be quiet," the gym hushes. "Now this is gym. We run, jump, swim, bat, throw, catch, and lift weights. I know that some of you might not be able to do all of these things but I want you all to make an effort." Coach Clapp hands out his syllabus. "Now, this is a schedule of what we'll be doing day by day. This schedule will never fail because this is Forks so we'll most likely be in the gym most of the time. So you all get three dress out days. I suggest you look at the schedule and figure out now what days you will be dressing out. Dressing out means that you take that day and decide not to partake in the activities that day. You will not have any points taken away from you…"

Coach Clapp continued to hand out uniforms and explain the rules of the gym. However, my mind started wander.—I think if I had a boyfriend, I wouldn't be so depressed. Maybe I should visit one of those dating sites. –Ugh. Even I think that's pathetic.

Some nudged me hard from behind. "Ow!" I shouted and twisted around angrily.

It was Edward. "Hello?" He waved the papers in my face. I backed away sharply to keep myself from getting hit with them. "I've been calling your name and poking you with these papers for the last ten minutes. Why don't you wake up and stop day dreaming about how you wish you had a life."

The entire gym was silent. My jaw drops for the second time today and again because of him. My eyes fill up with tears and I can't stop them. I grab my book bag and run out of gym. I hear Coach Clapp yelling at him but I can't stop the tears and I can't stop the loud humming noise in my ears. I feel hot, I feel trapped, and I feel sick.

I rush out of school and make my way to the parking lot. I hear Coach Clapp yell out my name but I keep running. Finally reaching my truck I start the engine and pull out of the parking spot quickly, nearly missing the van next to me.

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