Author's Note: Written for the Quartie ficathon! This will be a two possibly three shot...or perhaps more. Who knows? I probably won't go into much detail with all the pairings...but I might. I'm not sure yet. Also, this serves as an intro. It's not too detailed in general. And the title...took me FOREVER to come up with and is really long! Please read and review. Let me know what you want to see, what I could do to improve things, etc.

Based on a prompt/request made at the Quartie forum about Quinn and Artie being paired together for a dance via online profiles.

Impossible to Deny: How Progress, Technology and Fate All Conspired to Bring Two People Together

Part One: Random, or Not So Much, Selection

"You have got to be kidding me."

Hearing Quinn's words, Artie rolled to a stop, staring with her at the bulletin board that displayed the school's announcements for all the school to read. "What is it?"

Jabbing a finger at a yellow piece of paper that had the words "Progress: Technology is Our Future" at the top, she said, "Did you see this stupid idea Figgins has for prom? Progress and techonolgy! An internet themed prom! We have to buy our tickets online and need to go on Facebook and confirm that we will be attending the event."

Adjusting his glasses, Artie frowned. "That doesn't sound too bad."

"Yeah, wait until you hear the next part."

Glancing up at her reddening face, he nodded. "I'm listening."

Facing him, hands on her hips, she intoned, "We need to fill out some survey online so that we can be paired with our date."

Not sure he heard her right, though how could he not have, Artie leaned forward a bit. "I'm sorry, what did you say?"

"We don't get to choose our dates for prom! How lame is that?"

It was pretty lame and Artie was sure that most people in the school would raise a fuss about it. However, he was proven wrong when the majority of students remained quiet on the subject. Artie himself was upset because he had already asked Brittany, even though they weren't technically dating anymore, and she had said yes. It wasn't so much the actually going with her part but the whole going to prom with one of the most popular girls in school thing. He, Artie Abrams, with Brittany Pierce. No one, especially not himself, had ever thought something like that would happen.

Quinn wasn't just upset. She was furious. But for all her protesting, Figgins refused to budge. Not even Coach Sylvester took it up as a cause, thinking it was actually quite clever. Didn't they know that they were ruining her plans of being Sam's date? The future Prom King and Queen should attend the dance together, even if they weren't technically a couple at the moment. Though Quinn was sure that would change once they were crowned and all his doubts about her supposed feelings for Finn faded away (which they would, at the dance...Quinn would make sure of it).

In the end, anyone who wanted to attend had to fill out the survey.

"Are you an early riser or do you like to sleep in?"

"What kind of books do you like to read? Select at least one from the following genres."

"If you were a superhero, which would you be? Select from the following list."

"How would you describe your sense of humor? Select at least one from the following list."

"Do you remember your dreams?"

"Pirates or Ninjas?"

"Describe what you look for in a romantic partner."

The website designer informed those who were taking the survey, in a note underneath the long list of questions, that partners were chosen for each other based on compatibility, which didn't necessarily mean matching answers but finding people who had mostly similar interests and personalities but were not exact copies of one another.

Grumbling the whole time, Quinn filled out the survey, answering honestly, believing that, even though the survey was stupid, she would probably get Sam. They were obviously compatible, picture perfect even.

Sighing the whole time, Artie filled out the survey, answering honestly, even though, in doing so, he knew there was no way he'd get Brittany. They were obviously not compatible, at all really.

The day finally came when the dates were posted, three weeks ahead of time which would, hopefully, give the couples a chance to color coordinate (so Principal Figgins announced on the loud speaker).

The first person to see the list was Rachel, who hoped to get Finn but dreaded she would get Kurt, since the two of them liked the same type of music. Seeing as there had been no option for "sexual orientation" (or "gender" for that matter) on the survey, that very well could be the case. Running her finger down the list, she found her name listed next to - "Noah Puckerman," she read aloud. Spinning around, she caught his eye and smiled a small, shy smile, which he almost returned.

"Wasn't even planning on going," he told her, when she met him on the fringes of the crowd.

"Well," she sang, linking her arm with his. "Now you have to."

"Great," he replied, his tone a complaining one but the glimmer in his eye suggesting that he wasn't actually displeased about being Rachel's date to the prom.

Elbowing her way through the crowd, Santana made her way to the list, a big grin on her face when she saw who she had been partnered with. "Britt!" she cried.

The tall blonde next to her squealed then wrapped her arms around her best friend, almost toppling the other girl in the process.

For once, Santana didn't chastise her friend for the public display of affection but, instead, simply dragged her away from the list so others could see who had been selected as their dates.

Kurt and Tina arrived at the same time, mouths falling open when they saw who they had been paired with.

"This doesn't make any sense," Tina sputtered. "You're -"

"We'll make the best of it," Kurt grunted, before leaving her standing there alone.

Her boyfriend, who she had thought the survey would pair her with, quickly stepped up beside her. Next to his name, Mike Chang, was Penelope Christiansen, a name belonging to the super hot new girl who was thinking about joining glee club. "Sweet!" Under his girlfriend's withering glare, he cleared his throat then said, very matter of fact, "I can get her to join glee club."

"Ugh!" was Tina's annoyed response, as she marched off.

Behind Mike, Mercedes eyes scanned the list, looking for her name. And there it was, next to Matt Rutherford. Confused, Mercedes looked around but didn't spot him. Perhaps there had been an error. Matt Rutherford had switched schools, hadn't he? Feeling glum, since this meant she didn't have a date, she scuffled away, hanging her head.

Sam and Finn bounded together at the same.

"Dude," said Sam. "I really hope I get paired with Quinn."

"Dude," said Finn. "I really hope I get paired with Rachel."

"Uh…" Sam glanced at his friend out of the corner of his eye. "Heard she got Puckerman."

"What?" Finn exploded, turning beet red. "Then I hope I got Santana or that hot new girl Penelope!"

Refraining from telling Finn those two had also already been paired off with others, Sam turned to the list. When he saw his date for the dance, his face fell. "Uh, dude?" Nudging the other boy to get his attention, Sam nodded toward their names, which were side by side. "I think you're my date."

Inspecting the list, Finn confirmed it was true. "This…this is awesome!"

Tilting his head at Finn's unexpected reaction, Sam asked, "How so?"

"We don't need to worry about like…date stuff. A girl would want the perfect corsage and a good dinner and…you know how it goes."

Thinking that Finn's logic actually made some sense, Sam shrugged. "Yeah, I guess so."


Once that was settled, the two boys walked off down the hall together.

Two of the few remaining stragglers, Quinn and Artie trudged forward, neither happy that those who they had intended to go with had been selected for others. Corners of their mouths turned down, they gazed at the list together, both surprised at what they saw.

"It's…you!" they breathed at the same time.

Furrowing her brow, Quinn leaned forward, to make sure their eyes hadn't been playing tricks on them.

Twisting his hands in his lap, Artie murmured, "I know you're probably disappointed," he began.

"Disappointed?" she exclaimed, spinning to face him. "Not at all! I'm relieved! I thought I'd get Sam or, if not him, some moron."

Shaking his head, Artie said, "That could never be possible. You are not compatible with a moron."

"Clearly not," she replied, smiling down at him.

Blushing under her bright eyes, Artie stammered, "I knew I wouldn't get Brittany but I thought I'd get someone…not awesome. I'm glad I was wrong."

Biting her bottom lip, Quinn murmured, "I'm glad you were wrong too."

For a second, the two grew quiet, eyes darting around the now empty hall. Several minutes passed before Quinn mumbled that she should be going. She hadn't gotten far down the hall when she stopped and called over her shoulder, "Oh, and I'm wearing red to the dance."

Eyes on her swaying hips, Artie watched her go, wondering if that meant he should get her a red corsage. He had never gotten anyone a corsage before. So it would be his first time doing that and attending a prom…

With Quinn Fabray at that.

Considering all the other pairings, as well as his own, he had a feeling that the night would prove quite interesting.