A/N: So I've decided to try and write some drabbles. Each drabble will be a different pairing and will stand alone. However, every drabble will be based on the title piece, which is the drabble below.

Thanks to dellaterra for writing so many wonderful drabbles and inspiring me to try them out. Also, for betaing. smallandirritating is my other half and pre-reads everything.

Where I Went Wrong


It only takes one.

One amazing night to outshine all others.

One perfect moment to tell you how I feel.

One right word, or maybe three.

You smile, and I grin.

I say forever, and you say always.

Perfect can't explain the way you make me feel.

Perfection can't describe what we have together.

I don't want this to end. I need this to last forever.

Can it last forever?

After all, it only takes one.

One mistake. One decision.

One moment to ruin all the rest.

I learned this the hard way.

And now I know where I went wrong.


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