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To A New Year

Sasuke stood stiff in the center of the dance floor. He was literally unable to move due to the vast quantity of people laughing, dancing and sloppily making out. He couldn't believed he allowed his best friend to drag him out to a bar on the busiest drinking night of the year... and now the stupid idiot was no where to be found. The moron had been missing for at least thirty minutes leaving Sasuke defenseless and lonely. The very reason he came out to the bar was so that he could be with Naruto... and not just as his wing-man.

The annoying blonde had arrived at his house earlier that night without any warning. The two were home from University for the Christmas holidays and tonight was New Years Eve. Naruto was pumped because they were both nineteen this year and could go out drinking for the holidays. Sure Sasuke had been suspecting that Naruto would make him do something for this so-called holiday, but he didn't think that Naruto would show up as early as six o'clock.

It took a while for the blonde to convince Sasuke, but eventually the raven caved and allowed himself to be dragged to Kiba's house, their mutual friend since Junior High. A group of people that they all grew up with were there and were already getting drunk. Sasuke got himself a glass of scotch and nursed it the entire time they were there while everyone else had too many drinks to count... that he noticed at least. It wasn't that Sasuke disapproved of alcohol, he just didn't find it entirely necessary to have a good time. Although, he couldn't say he was against the idea of alcohol bringing down his blonde friend's defenses either.

Sasuke had been perfectly content sitting on Kiba's couch next to Naruto as they chatted up a storm with the rest of the group. Naruto was obviously buzzed because was in his touchy-feely phase, which always happened when the boy drank. His hand was constantly on Sasuke since he was the one sitting closest to him, not that Sasuke had conveniently worked it out that way... every single time they drank together... but nonetheless, Naruto's hand was resting on Sasuke's thigh for nearly a half hour. It was nice, it was comfortable, and it wasn't suspicious because Naruto would do that with everyone, male or female.

But, of course, Kiba had to disrupt all this by suggesting they go out to the bar. The girls were all for this since it gave them a chance to dance provocatively to loud, blaring music... as if the music of Kiba's home wasn't already loud enough. Naruto agreed in a hurry, as this would give him a chance to have all the girls dance around him. Naturally, Sasuke had to agree or he would be away from Naruto...

And now that was exactly what he was. The damn, blonde idiot probably had a woman latched on to either side of him, grinding against his amazingly toned body, running their arms up his taut arms and making brief passes of kisses on his slender, tan neck.

Sasuke groaned inwardly at his mental images. He really had to get a handle on his insane crush for his best friend. It had been nearly eight years of school together and still he hadn't gone for it. They had met back in their first year at Junior High school, both boys were twelve years old, although Sasuke's birthday came much earlier than Naruto's, and they were instantly rivals with each other.

Sasuke couldn't stand the blonde boys overt hyper personality. He talked to everyone, pranked the teachers and other students, and still everyone liked him. Everyone in the school knew him by name and smiled at him within the first week.

Of course, with Sasuke everyone already knew his name. It was annoying to be the son of well known people and the little brother of a legacy. All the teachers had taught and been amazed with Itachi's skills and were expecting the same standards from Sasuke.

That was what brought the two boys together. They both had the best grades in the class and this irritated Sasuke. Sasuke had Uchiha genetics, he was obviously going to be the top of the class. They both had popularity as well, but Sasuke was silent, kept to himself and hated interaction with other students. Naruto seemed to crave it. He talked with everyone which made him more popular than Sasuke in a sense. Sure people would have been honored to be in Sasuke's presence and girls would swoon if he spoke to them, but you could always talk with Naruto.

And talk with him they did. Every morning in home room, people were gathered around Naruto as he talked and joked with everyone while Sasuke sat in the back corner of the room. Every day the raven would watch Naruto and the blonde was aware of this. One day he confronted the raven and told him to get over his jealousy, they were both smart and maybe if he was actually social once in his life, he would make friends too.

Sasuke knew Naruto hadn't meant it in a bad way, hell he didn't even say it in a hurtful or down grading tone... it was more like, helpful and concerned advice. Naruto wanted him to be social and have friends, later he would find out that it was because Naruto used to live in the shadows without any friends, but at that moment... something in Sasuke snapped and he lunged at Naruto.

Naruto was taken off guard but he eventually fought back because he didn't know what else to do. They fought for the entire lunch hour out in the back parking lot where Sasuke had gone to get away from everyone else during that time. Everyone knew that this was Sasuke's place of retreat but no one wanted to interrupt his time alone... until Naruto did.

Their fight was evenly matched and when the bell rang they were both laying on the ground next to each other, out of breath, bruised and somewhat bloody. They were late to class that day. But when Naruto got up first and stood over the raven with a small grin on his face, Sasuke smirked and took the hand that was offered him. Naruto clasped his hand around Sasuke's and pulled him to his feet.

"Nice fight, Uzumaki."

Naruto's grin widened, showing his well-defined canines. "You too, Uchiha."

They were best friends ever since and, although Sasuke didn't realize it for three years, that was also the day Sasuke fell in love with the blonde.

For all those years, each day of high school, when Sasuke applied to the same universities as Naruto, when they both went to the same university, Sasuke kept his love for the blonde a secret. He was by his side always, he was his best friend, and he desperately wanted to be his lover.

Now Sasuke was trapped in the center of a place he didn't even want to be without the man he wanted by his side. The raven grumbled as he tried to make his way through the crowd but it seemed to him that he was always pushed back to the place where he'd started, unable to find any exit from the insufferable amount of people.

He just wanted to move, at least if he was able to move he'd feel halfway productive with himself because that would mean he could start looking for the blonde and then 'coincidentally' 'run into him by accident.'

Here he was stuck between random bodies that mashed together in the thrall of drunken excitement for the new year. That was one thing he didn't really understand. What was all this excitement about? Sasuke didn't find anything special about it being a new year. All that it meant was time was continuing and that you'd have to start writing the date differently for a year before it changed yet again. It wasn't anything special. Just another day and apparently another reason for people to drink themselves shitfaced.

But then again, when did most people need any excuse for that? Perhaps it was because he was now in university but it seemed that everyone was using anything and everything as an excuse to drink... or perhaps it was because he was in a generation doomed to a life of alcoholism.

Sasuke grunted as an elbow rammed into his left arm, throwing him off balance and pushing him into the people to his right. No one but Sasuke seemed to notice this action and the unimpressed look on his face grew darker as he steadied himself. Now he was a little more than irritable. He just wanted to get out of this crowd where he had been abandoned.

He had to say he was rather disappointed when Naruto had been pulled away from him. The two girls they had been dancing with, or rather the two girls Naruto was dancing with and Sasuke was swaying with because Naruto had 'forced' him onto the dance floor. Sasuke agreed simply because he didn't want to be away from the blonde.

Tonight he decided that he was going to have a goal, or as the season would deem it, a "New Year's Revolution." This was the night that Sasuke decided to himself to tell Naruto how he felt. After so many years, he had finally worked up the courage to convince himself that it was now or never. He couldn't stand the idea of being his platonic friend any longer. It was killing him. Every moment that he couldn't touch Naruto, it hurt too much. Every time Naruto touched him in a strictly friendly manner, it destroyed him. Tonight he had to tell him and if Naruto rejected him... he would deal with it. The only thing Sasuke was afraid of was if Naruto no longer wanted to be his friend because of this. But it was a risk Sasuke was finally willing to take.

But, as luck would have it, Naruto had been pulled away from him by a strange girl.

"I promised her a dance!" Naruto had shouted to him as he started disappearing into the crowd. "I'll be back after a few songs, wait here!"

Sasuke didn't like this idea but he refused to show it physically, so he nodded to the blonde before he was gone from his sight, leaving Sasuke to dance with the two girls they had originally come to the floor with. It didn't take long before the girls got bored with Sasuke's lack of dancing or refusal to touch or look at either girl. They excused themselves to get a drink at the bar and then Sasuke was completely alone, waiting for his friend.

Once again Sasuke tried to escape the wild crowd, pushing his way through only to be trapped in an entirely new spot on the far right of the dance floor. Sasuke groaned at the realization that he had moved from the center of the dance floor to the far corner of the dance floor. Now he had even less chance of escape.

He ran his hand through his damp black hair, the heat from the over crowded dancers causing everyone to sweat heavily. Sasuke glanced around, trying to make out any of the faces that surrounded him. No one looked familiar to him and no one seemed to notice him at all. They were all so engulfed in their drunken rave to notice the raven refusing to participate in their lust and alcohol driven movements.

Instead he chose to stand back, attempting to get away from the crowd through the back. Maybe then he could slip by, using the wall as an escape route to push others away from him.

The only problem with this plan was that he moved back into the giant speaker. The loud remixed music with a blasted bass drilled into his ears and he took an involuntary step to the left causing him to be trapped between the speaker and the DJ booth when more people shoved into his corner of what little space he retained.

Sasuke groaned again, looking around once more to see that the dance floor was significantly more packed then moments ago and people were jumping up and down more wildly than before.

Stealing a glance down at the watch on his wrist, he noted that it was two minutes to midnight. His new year was going to come while he was stuck in one of the last places on earth he wanted to be and with the man he was determined to confess to no where in sight.

With the new amount of people on the floor and how rowdy they were getting, Sasuke had no chance of leaving until they dissipated. He resigned himself to his fate and slumped against the high walls that protected the DJ booth from inebriated people climbing over.

"TEN!" People suddenly shouted unanimously, their jumping movements ceasing for the purpose of the countdown.

"NINE!" Sasuke sighed and rolled his eyes as he strained to see the television on the far side of the bar that was prompting the countdown.

"EIGHT!" The raven felt the crowd shift in excitement and he wondered if he'd have a chance to escape.

"SEVEN!" Sasuke moved forward a bit, finding no resistance in the crowd but he received disapproving looks.

"SIX!" He moved even further, attempting to escape the crowd when he ran into a group of people who refused to let him pass.

"FIVE!" Sasuke looked around for another escape route.

"FOUR!" He moved to the left, finding himself stuck once more as a group of girls in shiny dress blocked his way.

"THREE!" Sasuke looked around, trying to find a way around the other crowd so he wouldn't have to retrace his steps.

"TWO!" Sasuke turned around to try and get out through the right side to be greeted with the sight of his blonde friend. The dumbass had finally come back to get him after leaving him stranded for so long. He wanted to open his mouth to say something but he honestly didn't know whether to yell at the boy or to happily wish him a good new year. Before Sasuke could make a choice, the blonde moved forward and brushed his lips against Sasuke's in a shy kiss.

"ONE!" Sasuke's eyes widened in shock. Naruto was kissing him. Naruto come back to find him in a crowd to give him a new years kiss... on the lips! And he was too flabbergasted to do anything.

"HAPPY NEW YEAR!" Everyone in the bar shouted and jumped around, smiling and laughing, kissing and hugging each other.

Sasuke, however, was still in a state of shock when Naruto pulled away from him and looked up at the raven with sheepish eyes.

"Happy New Year." He blushed, daring to look up into Sasuke's eyes to gauge his reaction.

Sasuke was left staring at the blonde with wide eyes that refused to return to their natural state.

Naruto took this as a bad sign apparently because he averted his eyes with a saddened and embarrassed expression before he tried to turn away.

There was no way Sasuke was going to let that happen and, despite his nearly catatonic state, he reached out and clasped the blonde's hand tightly. Naruto glanced back with concern and found his eyes locked with the darker, determined eyes. A chill ran down the blonde's spin at the amount of hunger he found in Sasuke's eyes.

Sasuke didn't know what brought on this change, but he had found his new years resolution to be moving quicker than himself. He wasn't sure about Naruto's intentions, but he wasn't about to let an opportunity like this slip away.

Naruto was pulled back immediately into Sasuke's embrace while the others around them continued to dance or move to the bar to get drinks. Sasuke wrapped his arms around the blonde and moved his face dangerously close to Naruto's. Naruto's cheeks filled with a blush as he stared into the raven's eyes, his hands trapped between their chests.

Sasuke smirked at the blonde's reaction and leaned down, capturing Naruto's lips in a sensuous kiss that he'd longed to do for over half a decade. Naruto sighed into the kiss and his body relaxed in his hold. Sasuke snaked one of his hands up to cup the blonde's cheek and deepened the kiss, pulling Naruto in closer.

Voluntarily, the blonde parted his lips before Sasuke had to ask entrance. Sasuke complied to Naruto's invitation and cautiously licked both of Naruto's plump lips before plunging his tongue into the blonde's mouth, feeling every inch of the forbidden fruit he desired. They're tongue mingled throughout this embrace and although Naruto had started off timid, he was now fighting back with as much fervor as the raven.

When their passionate kiss ended, both were left breathless and without a sense of time or place. They clung tightly to each other, refusing to break their hold on the other's limbs or articles of clothing that they grasped.

Sasuke rested his forehead against Naruto's and breathed deeply, his heart pounding wildly. Naruto's eyes were bound shut as he breathed just as heavily as his friend, only he refused to keep his head still. As the two breathed, Naruto continuously rubbed his forehead against Sasuke's, moving his head as though to move in for a kiss before reversing his direction and moving in to attempt to kiss him from the other side before changing his mind each time.

This continued for some time before Sasuke released Naruto's neck and moved his hands up to steady the blonde's head. Finally Naruto opened his cerulean eyes only to find Sasuke's darker orbs staring directly at him with such a firm intensity that it startled the blonde. He would have moved back but he was trapped within Sasuke's grip and his hands remained firmly grasping the front of Sasuke's shirt.

As they stared at each other, Sasuke's eyes began to portray a more questioning tone, despite the lust still present within them. Naruto's own eyes answered the silent interrogation by matching the previous intensity Sasuke once displayed with his own eyes. They were equally matched in the silent fight until Sasuke's eyes softened.

"Nice kiss, Uzumaki." A smirk tugging on the left corner of his lips.

A wide grin spread across the blonde's lips. "You too, Uchiha."

Sasuke's smirk grew as his hands moved to caress Naruto's cheeks up to his ears to finally grasp the blonde locks and pull him in for another breath-taking kiss. Naruto complied and Sasuke could feel the grin on his lips growing wider.

Later. Sasuke thought to himself. Later he would ask how Naruto came to this revelation and how long he'd shared Sasuke's own feelings. Right now, he would rather press his lips firmly against the blonde's and embrace the new year within Naruto's skillful hands that had somehow slipped underneath Sasuke's shirt.

This is far from being my best work, but I had to force myself to sit and write something out over the past few days (since I started this New Years Eve) in order to try and get myself back into my writing vibe, which I sadly lost. Hopefully it works and I can get started on the third chapter of Remain and the long list of oneshots I'm to complete. I hope you enjoyed it regardless.