So, halfway through writing the ending of "To a New Year" I thought about writing a sequel in Naruto's perspective. And after Lord Moldywart The Sock Bandit suggested I write one in Naruto's perspective, the idea was sold... and here you have it ^^

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To A New Year - Naruto Style

Naruto growled inwardly as he continued to be surrounded by, albeit very cute, annoying women. He, of course, didn't show how displeased he was on the surface, as he appeared to be dancing gleefully, but he constantly grew more irritated with the amount of women that joined his circle. He swore that with each one that left, two more replaced her. It was an unrelenting barrier of the female species.

Why were women so aggravating? That's all that seemed to occur to him. The longer he put up his facade, the more disgusted with women he became.

Of course this was undeniably his own fault for leading on these women. Sure he enjoyed dancing with them, they were good dances and he could move freely with them, it was fun. But by no means would he wish to do... anything that they believed dancing semi-erotically would lead to.

He had been perfectly content while inconspicuously dancing near the uptight, quiet, non-party-goer boy of his dreams. Well... perhaps not perfectly content. Perfect would have involved being closer to Sasuke, touching Sasuke and... well... having Sasuke touch him back.

But instead Naruto lay dormant in his secretive closet surrounded by women who craved to rip his clothes off right here on the dance floor.

The surprising thing was that a few were actually trying! He couldn't count the amount of times he had to grab a girl's hand as it snaked up under his shirt and pretend that he wanted her hands to spin her rather than get her grubby hands away from his boy's-only body.

Again, it was his own fault for allowing these girls to believe that he was straight. But, he was too afraid of the consequences if people found out. Okay, that was a lie. He was really afraid of what Sasuke would do if he found out Naruto was gay. Sasuke was all he really had... all he wanted. Sasuke was his best friend, had been since their epic fist fight back in '02.

It had taken all his guts that day to finally go up to the beautiful raven and talk to him... he tried to be nonchalant about it, considering how nervous he was... but all that came out was friendly, concerned advice about some sort of rivalry. God he sounded so stupid, no wonder Sasuke took a swing at him, he sounded like some high and mighty prick... and that was Sasuke's job, not Naruto's (as he would later discover).

But Naruto couldn't help it... he'd had a crush on Sasuke since he first saw him at the back of the classroom. Naruto acted so eccentrically mainly to get the quiet loner's attention. Sure Naruto had always been a loud mouth and he enjoyed being the center of attention but this time he wanted to be the center of Sasuke's attention. So he finally got brave enough... and then their connection started, mainly through the connection of fists.

~Nice Fight... You too~

Man that had been a good time... sure it took the boys a few weeks to properly heal. They hadn't permanently scarred each other but sprains and bruises were suddenly on the list of things they shared, right after good looks and brilliant academics.

There was no way he could lose that connection. He loved Sasuke from that day on, it hadn't been some simple crush anymore. But Sasuke was such a proper man that there was no way he would swing that way, he couldn't see Naruto as anything more than his best friend.

Naruto was lucky enough to get that close to Sasuke. He never let anyone in. It had been a struggle to get the stubborn ass to become friends with the rest of Naruto's friends, but eventually he managed. They weren't as close or privileged as Naruto was, but at least Sasuke wasn't always alone when Naruto wasn't around.

Naruto wanted his love to be happy which is exactly why he always dragged him out to events that seemed to matter. Especially when it was something as detrimentally important as the New Year. This was his time, this was his moment, screw getting drunk and celebrating surviving a whole year and putting on a brave face for the next one. Naruto had one thing on his agenda and neither dancing or drinking or girls were a part of it. His "To Do" list for the night... Sasuke.

Who was currently somewhere else. True it was Naruto's own cowardice to blame. "Promised her a dance my ass," Naruto grumbled inwardly to himself. He was simply too chicken to own up to his feelings... the fact that Sasuke was right there on the dance floor with him was too tempting. Naruto couldn't keep himself in check, he'd slowly inch closer and closer, wanting so much to have Sasuke in his lap rather than these ridiculous women. So he had to make a choice, either grab Sasuke by the wrist and pull him into an erotic dance, or put some distance between them to calm himself down. Damn coward...

He'd always been a coward about Sasuke. Making up excuses to be near him, to touch him. Like his so-called touchy-feely phase of his drinking. Naruto didn't feel the urge to touch everyone at all when he was drunk, he did however feel the urge to touch Sasuke whenever he was around. Thus the lie... and thus the pretending to be all over everyone else to be able to have those moments with Sasuke where he didn't mind Naruto's hand resting on his thigh. And that was all he could do to keep himself from jumping the raven. Pretending to be compelled to touch anything that moved...

He was the worst...

If Sasuke ever found out... that everything had simply been a lie... it would be over. Their friendship up in a ball of smoke. Like some stupid ninja movie escape plan. Poof! Gone.

But then again, what if Sasuke never found out? What if Naruto lived this lie for the rest of his life and never had the courage to own up to his feelings and be honest with his best friend? How much worse would that be?

"TEN!" Naruto was startled from his thoughts as the girls he was dancing with pulled him so that they were all facing the television screen at the bar. The ball was dropping. It was almost midnight.

"NINE!" Fuck! Naruto mumbled to himself and tried to pull away from the girls who were desperately clinging to his arms. They had some motivation too because they weren't letting go for anything but Naruto wasn't going to have it. He tore his arm from the grasp of the girls. They seemed rather perturbed but they didn't have a chance to disagree because Naruto dove into the crowd of people without a word.

"EIGHT!" Where is he? Where the hell is he? Naruto tried his hardest to retrace his steps but there was no sense of direction when you were dancing. Though he did recall they were somewhere in the center. As chance would have it, that was usually Naruto's position on the dance floor.

"SEVEN!" The blonde was getting closer and closer to ditching his happy-go-lucky, people-person, friendly persona in favor of punching his way through the crowd of people who refused to get the fuck out of his way!

"SIX!" Finally in the center of the dance floor, Naruto looked around frantically but there was no sign of Sasuke or even the girls they were dancing with when they left.

"FIVE!" No, no, no. Not after everything! I have to find him! I have to tell him!

"FOUR!" Movement in the crowd drew Naruto attention over to a group of people who were scowling and pushing back someone who was attempting to get through them. Someone who was the certain person Naruto desired.

"THREE!" Naruto bee-lined directly to the raven. This was his chance. All he needed to do was open his mouth and tell Sasuke how he felt. Tell him everything.

"TWO!" Sasuke turned around and was surprised by Naruto's face. The battle between relief and frustration on his face was comical for a moment but Naruto didn't have time to laugh. He had to express himself and before he new it, he'd moved close to the raven and pressed his lips against Sasuke's.

"ONE!" Well done Uzumaki, you used your mouth... not in the verbal way you intended but I'm sure this will get your point across.

"HAPPY NEW YEAR!" Naruto continued the kiss, fearing that it would be the only time this would ever happen. As he pulled away, he braced for impact but hoped for the best.

"Happy New Year." He could feel the blush creeping up his cheeks as he glanced up to gauge Sasuke's reaction but Sasuke wasn't reacting. The raven wasn't doing anything. He merely stared at him like a deer caught in the headlights. No movement, no anger, no reassurance. Was his kiss that revolting and mortifying that Sasuke reverted into a catatonic state?

Fuck I'm so stupid... Naruto averted his eyes, feeling completely worthless and embarrassed with himself for expecting his to go well. He may as well crawl into a hole for the rest of the year because he fucked up his new year royally...

Sasuke's hand, however, had other plans because Naruto was stopped in his tracks by a firm grip on his own hand. Looking back, Naruto felt a wave of anticipation run down his spine from the sheer amount of lust that he found in Sasuke's dark eyes.

Naruto wasn't sure how to proceed but he did know that he wanted to be closer to those eyes... those eyes that hungered... for him as it seemed. Of course, Naruto didn't need to choose what to do because he was roughly pulled into Sasuke's embrace as the dancing around them started up once again. Others dispersed but Sasuke wasn't going to let Naruto go to the bar to get a drink with the others - not like he'd want to. Instead Sasuke's arms tightened around the blonde's waist and his face became incredibly invasive of Naruto's own facial bubble. His hands were trapped, flattened against Sasuke's chest, and he was considerably okay with this, despite the blush that became all the more prominent on his cheeks.

Even if Naruto had a problem with Sasuke's reaction, the following kiss would have made everything... perfect. Naruto couldn't help but sigh into the sensuous and tender feeling that rushed through his body, relaxing it immediately. Shivers ran down his neck as Sasuke's hand cupped his check, deepening the kiss to pull them closer together.

Without planning, Naruto's body relaxed to the point where his lips parted submissively. Sasuke wasn't hesitant in taking advantage of the situation and Naruto moaned softly as his lips were attended to by Sasuke's smooth tongue before it plunged forward. And as much as he'd want to melt in Sasuke's arms at this point... that simply wouldn't be him. His fighting spirit was revived and soon his tongue was pushing back in a passionate battle with Sasuke's own tongue.

By the time the kiss ended, Naruto had forgotten that time and location even existed. All that existed was Sasuke's body pressed firmly against his own, chest moving heavy against his own, and his hands clinging tightly to Sasuke's closing, refusing to let him go for fear of losing him forever.

Sasuke's forehead pressed softly against his own but Naruto's eyes remained tightly closed, savoring every bit of the kiss that proceeded. If this was all a joke or a dream, Naruto was going to drag it out for as long as possible. But Sasuke's flesh against his made him desire more contact and soon he found that he was moving his head against Sasuke's... attempting to kiss him but each move he made to kiss him made him fear waking up.

It wasn't until Sasuke's hand clasped his cheek, steadying him, did Naruto finally open his blue eyes to meet Sasuke's own intense stare that nearly shocked the life out of him. There was so much determination and desire in those dark orbs that Naruto subconsciously moved backwards but found himself stopped by Sasuke's arms which were still wrapped around him and his own hands which refused to let go of the fabric of Sasuke's shirt they were holding captive.

Instead, Naruto was forced to match Sasuke's intensity and stare back, questioning Sasuke's motive and reality. This silent battle continued until Sasuke's eyes softened considerably.

"Nice kiss, Uzumaki." A smirk tugged at Sasuke's lips as he spoke his reminiscent words.

Naruto couldn't help but grin wide at Sasuke's reference and the fact that he chose to acknowledge their kiss in the same way... "You too, Uchiha."

The blonde stared into his eyes as Sasuke's smirk grew, probably due to the fact that he thought he was being sneaky with the hand that crept against his sensitive ears before grasping his sensitive blonde locks. Naruto allowed himself to be pulled into yet another breath-taking kiss and grinned at their conclusion.

Whether Sasuke liked him before or if he was simply taking over the flow that Naruto had set in place, it didn't matter. Right now, Naruto just wanted to be closer to him than ever. Which is probably why Naruto had a problem with the fabric that was currently blocking direct contact with Sasuke's flesh. Easy ways to get around that though... like going under the shirt perhaps.

He felt Sasuke sigh into the kiss as his hands caressed Sasuke's warm back that moved into him with every touch. In turn, Sasuke took his other hand, previously wrapped around Naruto's waist, and snaked it down to cup and lift Naruto's ass. The blonde groaned into the kiss as Sasuke squeezed his ass cheek while gently caressing his sensitive scalp.

With every touch, they tried to move closer into each other and the reality of their public display didn't phase them until a pair of dancers, whether purposely or accidentally, knocked into them and caused them to lose balance. Sasuke steadied them before they fell over and Naruto retracted his hands from under Sasuke's clothing. Naruto breathed heavily in Sasuke's ears as he repositioned his hands on Sasuke's shoulders.

"Let's get outta here." He propositioned, no longer afraid of a negative response from Sasuke.

Sasuke's eyes grinned as he looked down to see the mischievous grin spreading across the blonde's lips and he nodded.

Without hesitation, Naruto grabbed Sasuke's arm and pulled him off the dance floor. Getting out, he noted, was significantly easier than getting into the crowd of dancers. And, although it was the most perfect of locations, Naruto figured he had chosen the perfect of times to finally confront Sasuke on his feelings.

"Unh!" Naruto moaned as he was thrown back against door of Sasuke's apartment. As soon as Sasuke had unlocked the door, he pulled Naruto in and slammed him against the door, enclosing his lips with his own and pinning Naruto there with his own body.

Naruto locked his hands at the base of Sasuke's neck, pulling him in closer to deepen their aggressive kiss while Sasuke took advantage of placement and lifted Naruto up by his ass. Instinctively, Naruto's legs wrapped around Sasuke's waist and he rocked against his hips.

Sasuke panted against Naruto's neck when he broke the hunger driven kiss and Naruto clung even tighter to the raven's body when Sasuke gently sank his teeth into his neck.

"Fuck, Sasuke!" Naruto groaned, grasping Sasuke's dark locks but Sasuke misinterpreted and pulled away with concern in his eyes.

"Sorry, did I hurt you?" Sasuke's eyes searched Naruto's eyes which were glazed over with lust.

"Of course you hurt me." Naruto couldn't help but laugh at Sasuke's attentiveness even when they were both lost in ecstasy.

But Naruto's response followed by a laugh wasn't exactly what Sasuke was expecting or hoping for and his eyebrows furrowed in confusion and frustration.

"Biting someone does that in situations like ours." Naruto grinned, thrusting his hips into Sasuke's, causing the other to bite back a moan.

Through Sasuke's glare, however, he was smirking at his blonde's playfulness and quickly moved in to devour Naruto's tender neck once more. Issuing a soft moan from Naruto's parted lips.

Naruto's hands trailed down Sasuke's spine until they reached their destination at the bottom of Sasuke's shirt, of which he promptly lifted up and proceeded to haul over Naruto's shoulders. It took Naruto quite a bit of encouragement for Sasuke to pause in his efforts to kiss every inch of his neck, but soon Sasuke's shirt was off and tossed to the floor, allowing Naruto to have full access of Sasuke's skin.

Immediately Sasuke's lips clamped back down on Naruto's neck once he was free of his shirt and as Naruto's hands caressed every inch of his back, Sasuke allowed his lips to travel upwards. Naruto shivered at the hot breath on his delicate ears. They had always been the most sensitive part of his body and as he felt Sasuke's lips draw nearer to them, he realized that Sasuke knew they were incredibly sensitive. He'd told him that one day when Sasuke had pretended to scold him for checking out some girl by pulling on his ear... in truth Naruto had been checking out Sasuke's ass until he turned around causing Naruto to switch his line of view to the girl off to Sasuke's left.

"Oh god..." Naruto moaned and lurched into Sasuke's body when Sasuke's teeth grazed his ear, followed by his tongue. He could feel Sasuke's smirk against his ear but he couldn't respond because any time he opened his mouth only moans could be formed.

"You like that?" Sasuke whispered into Naruto's ear.

Normally Naruto would have rolled his eyes if Sasuke or anyone had teased him like that, but he couldn't stop himself from sighing with the pleasure.

"I like everything you do to me." Naruto breathed back, panting from the ministrations of Sasuke's tongue.

Naruto's ear flushed as the cold air replaced Sasuke's hot breath and he opened his eyes to see Sasuke's intense expression once again staring him down. Sasuke appeared shocked, amazed and slightly impressed all at the same time.

"What?" Naruto questioned after shaking himself out of his haze.

Sasuke's head tilted and his lips twitched into a smirk. "Nothing... I'm just glad."

Naruto furrowed his eyebrows. "About what?"

"That this is happening... That I'm with you."

Naruto wrapped his arms around Sasuke's neck, settling into a more comfortable position within his arms and against the door.

"Sasuke?" Naruto asked as he evaded a kiss from the raven.

"Yeah?" Sasuke wasn't entirely too happy with not being able to kiss the blonde but he paused in his tracks.

"How long have you wanted to be with me?" Naruto spoke clearly and smoothly. Sure he felt like whispering it, but he had to be confident in this question, confident with Sasuke like he'd always been.

Sasuke searched Naruto's cerulean eyes and licked his lips nervously. Naruto searched back, unable to read Sasuke's emotions. He found it especially difficult to read Sasuke's eyes when he was suddenly being spun around and pushed down onto the couch.

Naruto gasped when he opened his eyes to find Sasuke's face impossibly close to his own.

"Naruto..." Sasuke's voice was husk and low and incredibly enticing. Naruto shivered at how incredibly sexy he was being.

"I've been in love with you since our first fight."

Naruto's eyes widened at both the certain key word and the similar events.

"I... I've... since the fight too."

"You've what since when?" Sasuke narrowed his eyes coyly.

"I..." Naruto stammered. "I've loved you since our first fight too."

Sasuke smirked and leaned down to give Naruto a chaste kiss on the lips.

Naruto bit his lip as he stared up at the man who he'd been in love with for nearly a decade... Who he finally had in his arms... Who had loved him just as long... And for some reason that didn't matter anymore. He could have spent time wondering what would have happened if they'd told each other sooner and he could have obsessed over all that wasted time wanting to be together but restraining themselves... but in truth. They had a good friendship all those years that Naruto wouldn't trade for anything and right now...

Naruto grinned widely as he wrapped his arm around Sasuke's neck and pulled him down into an intense kiss.

Well... right now there were more important things they could do with their time.