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Chapter One: Mion Sonozaki's Love Troubles

Mion bit her lip to suppress her moan; if she got caught, Shion would never let her live it down. Playing with her very wet folds, she began to visualize the one man who could do this to her.

'Damn you, Keiichi Maebara,' she thought somewhat bitterly. Even as she cursed his name, her lower half began to buck as her fingers slid in and out of her sensitive cunt, imagining that it was the aforementioned male doing it to her instead.

Her sexual life had never been this complicated before. She had never had a boyfriend. She had never wanted one, really. Even with her twin going on and on about Satoshi, she hadn't ever really got what dating and love were all about. But once HE came into her life, things got complicated.

Even at first, she had to admit that he didn't look half bad. Actually, he was kind of cute. In a very hot way. At the time, that last thought had shocked her; she had never said something as daring as THAT before. Sure, she may be a tomboy and was likely to say stuff like that, but she was still somewhat pure.

Mion really had to work not to make any loud noises, her fingers going faster than ever. She really didn't need to have that kind of talk again with her grandmother; the first time she had found out about sex, the elderly woman had taken it upon herself to tell her EVERYTHING. Mion actually had nightmares about some of the things that her grandmother had shown her, the old bat. Still, she had been curious about this thing called masturbation, and so she went and asked some more…reliable sources. Sources that weren't going to try and scare her with talk about rape and such.

Her embarrassment had increased several times over as the middle-aged women at the local beauty parlor (if you could call it that) laughed at her innocent question. They had told her many things, things that she should do, things that she shouldn't do, things she should USE, and so on and so forth. One thing they had said, however, especially caught her attention.

"You should think about the one you like when you do it," they had said. "It makes it that much better, trust us."

Of course, Mion had nobody who she 'liked' at the time, and it was a couple of years went by before she discovered the 'pleasures' of masturbation, courtesy of a young male transfer student.

Mion knew something was special the moment she saw him; for one thing, her heart had started to race. She also noticed a weird sensation coming from her private area; it had become hot and…wet? Her face had flushed red; Keiichi hadn't seemed to notice, though, so luck was on her side that day. Afterwards, she had talked once again to the ladies at the beauty parlor, went through the usual embarrassment of them laughing at her, and listened intently to their response.

Several hours later, she had been in shock on her bed; she, Mion Sonozaki, had a crush on the new transfer student. Every time she thought of him, it brought his face up, causing her to flush, and, much to her discomfort, her vagina heating up again.

Luckily, no one had been home at the time. Her first masturbation session had gone by rather quickly; she was so nervous about accidentally breaking her hymen; according to the older ladies, it really hurt when your hymen is broken. Third time wasn't the charm for Mion that night, for Lady Luck seemed to have abandoned her; she broke through her hymen, causing her a great deal of pain. It took her a good hour to clean up all of the blood.

For awhile, she resisted the urge to do anything of THAT sort for quite some time, although with Keiichi getting closer and closer to her, the urge was hard to resist.

She finally couldn't take it anymore after one day in which she and Keiichi had somehow ended up in a wrestling match. She had taken note of how muscular he was; to her shock, she began heating up again. His hot, ragged breath had hit her neck, paralyzing her on the spot. Her eyes glazed over, and not-so-innocent thoughts of the man who had her pinned kept popping up, refusing to go away. It wasn't until he pulled away after being declared as the victor did she come to.

After the club activities finished, she raced home as fast as she could. Again, her grandmother wasn't home. Mion had rocketed up to her room, slammed the door shut, and locked it.

If she hadn't been muffling the sound of her screams of pleasure, the entire town would've been kept up half the night by it.

'Dammit, Keiichi,' she cursed again, 'Why did it have to be you who could finally do something like this to me?'

The poor young man seemed to be quite dense; she was quite sure that he would only notice if she stripped, tied him down to a bed (after stripping him of course), and molested him several times over. Of course, some part of her had to play the devil's advocate, reminding her that half of the reason he didn't notice was because she never showed it. Sure, the other women in town noticed it (with the exception of her grandmother; Mion was careful not to let her, of all people, find out), but other than that…

Of course, everyone had told her to ask him out. She wasn't ready to do that. They all said that 'they'd be cute together'. This only caused her more embarrassment. They told her that if she didn't move soon, someone else would. She knew this was true; Rena had her eyes on him too, although nobody was quite sure if she planned on doing anything about it.

Mion finally relaxed, her session done; she allowed herself to slightly moan her crush's name before heading to the bathroom to clean up. She could've swore she heard a giggle coming from the room where her twin sister was currently residing, but she found she didn't quite care anymore; after all, she had heard one too many times what Shion and Satoshi had been doing when they thought nobody could hear them…

Safely back in her room, Mion noticed the doll that Keiichi had given to her not too long ago. She looked around her room, mentally smacked herself for being paranoid, then picked it up and hugged it. Even though it had only been in Keiichi's possession for a very short period of time, it still had some of his scent on it. She sniffed it up greedily, realizing as she did so, that she was ready to go another round. As she made her way back to her bed, she had another realization; she couldn't keep this up forever. She needed to get the real deal, and soon.

Maybe she could convince Satoko into getting him caught into a trap so she could have some alone time with him…and get some tips from Shion while she was at it…

Mion was thankful that sound didn't travel through cloth very well; that last coherent thought she had had had sent her over the edge.

'Maybe tomorrow will be the day…' Was her last thought before sleep claimed her.

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