Don't Leave Me

Chapter 30: Anniversary


It's been several months since Kagome and I began to date one another. A lot of people were shocked that we started to date aside from our friends. They seemed to have known that we would end up with one another sooner or later. Koga didn't seem too happy about it, but he didn't matter. Over the course of the months that have passed, a lot has happened. Rin had tried to commit suicide that night she had called me saying that she was sorry. Jumping off of the roof of the dorm didn't really do her justice since the trees and bushes underneath broke her fall. She was still badly injured, but not bad enough that she could have died. Though she forced me to fall for her, I still wouldn't wish death upon her. Somehow the leader of her covenant found out what she was doing and placed a confession spell on Rin as punishment for doing harm to others. She had no choice but to tell the truth. Rin told me until she learned her lesson will the spell break. It still seems she hasn't learned but I am sure in time she will.

I had went with Kagome when she had her court date dealing with the attempted murder that Jini had tried to do. Funny enough, Jini actually had the nerve to plead not guilty even when the police had recordings of her saying that she wanted to kill Kagome. Her lawyer tried to play it that Jini had temporary insanity and didn't know right from wrong. She felt threatened and tried to defend herself. Of course, the judge saw right through her act since she had been in court several times and the judge was tired of seeing her face. On her past cases, she actually managed to be seen as not guilty, but the jury did not believe that Jini was temporary. They thought she was insane. She was thrown into a mental hospital and was labeled to not be released from the hospital. It may have not been what Kagome and her Aunt had wanted, but it was better than nothing. At least we wouldn't see her walking around in the outside world. I am sure Jini could have been a nice person if she wasn't such a bitch.

Over winter break, my family and Kagome's aunt had gotten together to reminisce on there past. It was amazing to see my parents interact with Xio. They had finally reconnected with an old friend and were keeping Kagome's mother presence alive by just talking about her. The smile that was beaming on Kagome's face proved that she was enjoying what was going on. It was all fun until they started to talk about us and how we would act when we were younger. It was so embarrassing. There are just some things that are better left unsaid. Sad to say that my mother wouldn't keep her mouth shut about it. Also didn't help that she was drunk so everything was just flying out. That probably explains where I get my drunk side from. Hahaha.

As soon as the new semester started, it was now ending. I honestly couldn't wait to go on summer break. So far, everything was going right. I passed all my classes and managed to get on the Dean's List. Today was our last day to move off campus. After getting back to town, Kagome and my friends said that we were all going to go out and celebrate my achievement tonight. I was excited to go out, not only to celebrate my good marks, but also because it was my anniversary with Kagome. We had been together for six months and I wanted tonight to be special for us. I had went out and bought her a diamond heart shaped necklace with a pearl dangling in the middle. It cost a fortune, but I know she would love it. I wanted to cater to her after the celebration, to show her how much I care and love her. I looked over the necklace one last time before I placed it back into the box. It was about time for me to start heading over to pick up Kagome and head over to Benihana's. I placed the box in my pocket and looked over myself one more time before I grabbed my car keys and headed out the door.

I arrived at Kagome's house in about thirty minutes. She was already walking up to my car before I had a chance to get out. She slid inside and gave me a smile. She looked beautiful. She wore a knee length midnight blue strapless dress with matching heels that crisscrossed around her ankle. Her hair was curled lightly and her make-up made her eyes pop out. My eyes trailed over her and I was happy with what I saw until I recognized the necklace she was wearing. Hiten's necklace still hung from her neck. I never told her it bothered me that she wore it, but I would have to tell her tonight when I gave her her present. I brushed it aside and smiled back as I leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips. "Hello, Kagome. Were you waiting outside?" I asked as I started the engine once again and headed towards the restaurant.

"No. I heard you pull up and walked out the door."

"Couldn't wait to see me, huh."

"Conceited much?" She said laughing.

"Oh, you know it." Kagome huffed and I smiled. Though we were together for only six months, we have known each other longer than that and whenever people saw us bicker, they would say that we act like an old married couple. I took that as a compliment. To be with Kagome till I am old and wrinkly sounded perfect to me. I chuckled to myself lightly as I drove.

The parking lot at Benihana's was packed but I managed to luck out and snag one when someone was leaving. We got out the car and headed towards the doors, opening it for her. She whispered 'Thank you' and we walked in, talking to the hostess to find where our table was. I heard someone calling out my name and saw our friends. We walked over to them and took our seats.

"Finally you guys made it. We were about to order without you guys. I am starving!" Sango said as she rubbed her stomach.

"I am sure the restaurant would kick you out by the time they figure out that you have a black hole for a stomach," I said as I started to look at the menu.

Sango hissed at me and we began to laugh. "Well don't you look pretty Kagome," Kaede said as she looked over Kagome.

"Indeed you do," Koga said.

"Thank you. With my aunt gone, I was able to rummage through her closet. I have had my eyes on this dress for awhile. Now I finally get to wear it."

"Just make sure you don't get any stains on it," Kaede teased.

"Let's ask for extra napkins then." They both laughed. A waitress came by and handed Kagome and I a cup of water. She had let us know that our chef would be on his way. I really couldn't wait to dig in. I hadn't been to Benihana's in forever. Bankotsu tapped my shoulder.

"Here," he said handed me an object that was wrapped.

"You didn't have to get me anything Bankotsu."

"I know, but I think this will be helpful." I began to open it. "Uh, open it later."

"Why? What is in it?" Kagome asked.

"That is for him to know and for you to find out later." Bankotsu winked and I had a feeling I knew what he got me. Good looking out, Bankotsu. I sat the object next to my chair. The waitress had returned and handed everyone a bowl of their delicious soup. As I took a sip, I felt the warmth take over my body. This restaurant had the best soup ever. A few minutes later, the chef came and started to do a little show with his knives and spatula. After he bowed we all clapped. He asked us one by one what we wanted to eat and right before our eyes he cooked our food. I don't care how old you are, seeing them do tricks with the food will always be entertaining. In no time, everyone had what they ordered in front of them. The chef bowed, we clapped again and he went on his way.

"This is the best tasting shrimp ever," Inuyasha said as he dug into his food.

"You don't have to eat it so fast Inuyasha," Koga said.

"I know, but it's just so … uh!"

We all laughed at Inuyasha. "So what are you two love birds gonna do afterwards?" Sango asked as at a spoon full of rice.

"What are you talking about?" Kagome asked.

"Isn't it your guys' six month anniversary?" Kaede asked. Kagome dropped her fork and looked at me.

"Oh, Naraku, I am so sorry. I was too busy with helping my aunt out that I forgot today was our anniversary."

I smiled and took Kagome's hand in mine. "It's okay, Kagome. I knew you would remember eventually." I gave a gentle kiss on her hand. She smiled at me tenderly. "I have a surprise for you anyways. Just wait till we get back to your place."

"Ooooh. Sounds like someone plans on getting it on tonight," Koga said elbowing Bankotsu and Inuyasha. Kagome blushed. I was a bit surprised that she didn't say anything, but I wasn't going to press on it. I squeezed her hand. She looked up at me and then back down onto her lap. I hope she didn't think she was obligated to have sex with me.

I leaned towards her ear and whispered, "Don't worry about it, okay?" She nodded her head and I kissed her ear. We continued to eat our food and enjoy the company of our friends.

Eating good food, we all felt stuffed. Bankotsu and Sango took care of the bill for everyone as we departed. They didn't have to do that but it was nice of them to. Kagome fell asleep in the car when I took her back home. Most likely she stuffed herself to a food coma. The car ride was quiet which gave me time to think on how to cater to Kagome. Since her aunt was gone, it made it a lot more easy to do. I pulled up into the driveway and tapped Kagome on the shoulder. "Kagome, wake up." She groaned as her eyes opened.

"I'm home already?"

"Yeah. Come on, let's get you inside." I got out the car, walked over to Kagome's side and slid my arms underneath her. I closed the door behind me and locked it as I headed up towards the door. I placed Kagome down on her feet as she searched through her purse to find her key. She found it and we walked inside. I picked Kagome back up again, surprising her a bit.

"N-Naraku, what are you doing?"

"I'm going to take care of your before I leave."

"Take … care of me?"

"How does a hot bubble bath sound?"

She smiled softly. "It sounds nice." I smiled back as I walked up the stairs and headed towards her bathroom. I sat her down on the stool that was in front of the sink and headed towards the tub and started to run the water. As the water started to fill the tub, I poured in the soap for the bubbles and watched they form. The smell of jasmine hit my nose. Filling the tub more than half way, I stopped the water flow. I looked back at Kagome and said, "Your tub awaits you, my lady." I bowed and Kagome giggled. I walked over to her and extended my hand out. She took it and stood up, looking into my eyes. I smiled as I walked over to her backside and started to undo the latch of the necklace. I sat it on the counter and began to unzip the back of her dress. She stopped my hands.

"Y-You don't have to undress me."

"I said I was going to take care of you. Let me do just that." Kagome nodded her head and let me slide the dress down and off her body. I lightly slid my hands over her shoulders as I undid her bra. I could tell she was nervous. "You don't have anything to worry about, Kagome," I said as I started to pull her underwear down. The shape of her butt caught my attention and the smell of her hit me hard. Was she getting turned on by me just taking her clothes off slowly? I smiled to myself. As much as I wanted to squeeze her butt and run my tongue against her, I fought the urge and asked her to step out of her panties. I picked up her dress and placed it on the counter while throwing her undergarments into hamper. I went through a drawer and found a hair tie. I grabbed Kagome's hair lightly as I started to place it in a bun.

"W-Why are you good at this?" Kagome asked.

"You know I have a little sister. My mom would ask me to do Kikyo's hair for her when she didn't feel like doing it."


"Time for you to step into the bath." Kagome walked over to the tub. Before she got in she told me to cover my eyes. I did that until she said it was okay. I looked and she was covered by all the bubbles. I grabbed the hand towel and soaked it in the water. "Can you hand me the soap."

"You don't have to –

"Ah ah ah. What did I say?"

"That you were going to take care of me," Kagome said shyly.

"Exactly." Kagome passed me the soap as she looked down at the bubbles, her face turning bright read as I started to wash her back.

Kagome relaxed under my touch as I watched her body. She didn't protest when I washed her chest. She finally trust the fact that I wasn't going to do anything to her. As I rinsed her off, I reached over for the towel and asked for Kagome to stand. She stood and I wrapped the towel around her damp body. I pulled the stopper and let the water drain out. I positioned myself behind her and started to dry her off. Kagome wrapped the towel around her when she was completely dried as we headed towards her room. I told her to sit on the bed as I walked over to her dresser.

"Which drawer is your underwear drawer?"

"The top middle."

I pulled the drawer open. I pulled a pair of black panties out and closed the drawer. "And your pajamas?"

"Bottom middle." I opened that one and pulled out a purple tank top and purple checkered shorts. I placed them next to her.

"I'm going to go grab your lotion in the bathroom. You can put your underwear and pajamas on." Kagome nodded her head and I left to go back into the bathroom to grab the coconut lotion. I came back and saw Kagome still sitting oner her bed dressed. The towel was folded next to her. I walked over and knelt in front of her, opening the top of the bottle. I squeezed some of the lotion onto my palm, rubbed it and started to rub it on Kagome's legs. After her legs I did her arms. She smelled so good. I took her hand in mind and pulled her onto her feet. I pulled her covers back and sat her on her bed. "Ah, before I go, I have one last thing to give you." I dug in my pocket an took out the box, handing it to Kagome.

She took it and opened it, her eyes wide. "N-Naraku, it's beautiful."

"You like it?"

"I love it." She pulled it out of the box and looked over the necklace. "But, whatever happened to the one you gave me when we were kids?"

"I still have it. Did you want that back?" She nodded her head. "Would you rather have that one then this one?"

"I want both. This necklace represents our new relationship and the cowrie shell necklace represents our childhood."

I smiled. "I will give it to you tomorrow. For now," I said as I took the necklace from her hands and placed it around your neck, "it is time for you to sleep."

"But I am not tired."

"You will be soon enough." I placed Kagome's legs underneath the covers and wrapped them around her body. I placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. "Good night, Kagome." As I pulled back, I felt her hand encircle my wrist. I turned around and looked at her.

She was staring down at the floor, her cheeks flushing as she said, "Don't go." I raised an eyebrow. She looked up at me and said, "Stay the night with me." Her eyes held, what I thought, was lust. She sat up on her bed, swinging her feet onto the floor. "Y-You took care of me, so now, I want to take care of you."

I smiled softly to myself. "You don't have to do that, Kagome. You being next to my side shows me how much you care. You –

I stopped shortly when I felt her hand touch my lower body. She started to rub it softly and I closed my eyes, giving into the touch. "You haven't hassled me at all about sex and I really appreciate that of you," she said as she pressed a bit harder, rubbing. "I can tell by the way you look at me that you … want me, but you don't say anything about it. You keep it to yourself and let the pleasure subside or you take care of it yourself." Kagome unzipped my pants and fished her hand inside to pull out my dick. "Oh … my." I opened my eyes slowly and saw the look of shock on her face. Now I was embarrassed. I bit the inside of my cheek and decided to put my dick back inside my pants. Kagome caught my hands. "No, don't put it away. You're just … a lot bigger than I imagined." Kagome placed my hands on the side of me and kept staring at my lower region. I felt like she was analyzing it. My dick was throbbing and my mind was spinning. Kagome lowered her face to the tip and sniffed. "It kind of … has a bitter yet sweet smell to it." She took a hold of my dick. "I wonder how it taste," she said softly.

"K-Kagome, you don't have to do that. Don't you find giving head to a guy disgusting?"

"I did, but now," she said as she let her tongue fall out and lick the tip of my head. My dick twitched. She licked her lips. "You're wet at the tip." She looked up at me as she started to stroke me softly. I fought hard not to get lost into the pleasure. "Are you enjoying this, Naraku?"

"Y-Yes, very much. B-But you don't have to give me a blow job. If you just continue stroking me like that, I will cum eventually," I said in a whisper.

She stopped stroking me. "Just let me take care of you, okay Naraku?" I nodded my head as I watched Kagome tuck a strand of her hair behind her ear and open her mouth, taking the head of my dick between her lips. I gasped as she sucked and pulled on it. I entered her mouth again and felt her tongue roll around the head. For this being her first time giving head, it felt amazing. I struggled to not thrust my dick in her mouth. I bit my lip as I balled my hands into fist. Kagome slowly pulled my dick out of her mouth and started to lick me. Her hot tongue trailed up and down my shaft and down to my balls. As she continued to stroke me, she took one of my balls into her mouth and sucked.

"Ah … Kagome," I said in a short breath. She took me again in her mouth and started to go faster. I felt my eyes start to roll to the back of my head. I was losing it. I grabbed two fistfuls of her hair and started to thrust my dick in her mouth. I didn't want her to choke, so I didn't thrust all of me; just enough that she could take. I could feel myself getting close as she rolled her tongue around. "Shit, I'm … gonna cum." I pulled my dick out her mouth and came on top of her shirt, a bit landing on her thigh. "I'm sorry, Kagome," I said breathing hard.

Kagome wiped her finger against her thigh, taking a bit of my semen on her fingertip and inserted it into her mouth. "You're sweet."


"Let me clean you up," she said as she took my dick back into her mouth and licked the semen off. I flinched from the extensive pleasure of feeling her tongue. My dick popped out of her mouth and she smiled. "Now I can understand why girls enjoy giving guys head."

I put my dick back into my pants and zipped it up. "What … made you want to do that?"

"I have been thinking about it for some time honestly. After seeing you take care of me, I decided that I wanted to go all the way."

"Are you saying … that you want to have sex?"

Kagome nodded her head. She stood up and pulled her shirt off over her head and pulled her shorts down. Kagome stood in front of me with just wearing the black panties I pulled out for her. I smiled as I wrapped my arms around her waist and held her close to me. We stared into each other's eyes as she whispered, "Make love to me, Naraku." She closed her eyes and I placed my lips on top of her, kissing her passionately and roughly. I had wanted to do this for the longest time and now it was happening. I was going to make this night the best night for Kagome. I kissed down her neck as I brought my left hand up to her boob and started to squeeze it. I moved the soft small mound around before I tugged at her nipple. She moaned softly. I walked Kagome back until we fell on the bed, my hard on pressing against her. I lowered my kisses and took her right nipple between my lips, sucking on it hard. "Aha." I continued to tease the nipple with my tongue, lips and teeth as I tugged and rubbed the other one with my fingers.

"Mmm, does Kagome like to have her nipples messed with?" She responded with moans. I continued my kisses, trailing them down her stomach until I reached the brim of her panties. I took them at the hem and pulled them down her legs slowly. I tossed them to the side as I opened her legs to me. She was already soaking wet and the smell was hypnotizing. I brought her lower half down to the edge of the bed and sniffed. "Oh, God Kagome. You smell so good."

"D-Don't talk like that."

"I think you like it." I took a finger and rubbed it against her, causing her to flinch. "You're so wet." I opened her pussy with my fingers and looked inside. "Mmm, this looks appetizing."

"S-Stop staring at it. It's embarrassing."

"Oh?" I lowered my head to her clit and flicked it with my tongue several times. She cringed and flinched from the touch, her moans reaching my ears. I sped up my tongue as she struggled underneath me. I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked on it, causing her moans to get higher. I let go of the nub and slid my tongue into her opening. She arched her back, her pussy leaning into my mouth. I rolled, lapped and darted my tongue inside her. I placed my hands underneath her butt as I forced my tongue deeper inside her. Kagome wrapped her legs around me and I knew she was close. I went up to licking her clit and licked the underside. I flicked my tongue faster.

"Nghah! I-I'm cumming!" I felt something squirt into my mouth and knew it was her orgasm. I swallowed it down and felt her collapse back onto the bed, her breathing ragged.

I wiped my mouth on the back of my hand and smiled as I crawled on top of her. "I didn't know you were a squirter."

"I-I'm sorry. It just felt so good."

"No apologies. I like that you are a squirter." I got off of Kagome and stripped out of my clothes, stroking my hard member. "And now I have something that can make you feel even better." I pulled a condom out of my pants pocket, opened it and placed it around me. Thanks to that little gift Bankotsu gave me, I had enough condoms and lube that could last me a year. I crawled back on top of Kagome, opening her legs wider as I rubbed myself against her. "This will hurt a bit, Kagome. Now, are you sure you want to do this?"


"Okay." I teased her opening to get her extra wet before I started to push myself inside. Kagome was really tight and it took me awhile to get the head in. Kagome sounded like she was moaning from pain and I stopped.

"N-No, don't stop." I grabbed her right leg and pushed it up further so I could slide in more. I felt her hymen break and Kagome scream a bit. "I-I'm okay. K-Keep going." I continued pushing myself inside her until I reached her at the base. "I-I can feel you all the way inside me, Naraku."

"You like that?"


"You ready?" I said as I pulled myself back.

"Yes." I smiled down at Kagome as I pushed myself back inside her slowly, letting her get more used to me. Her moans were quiet as I did her at a slow and steady pace. "Harder."

"As you wish," I said with a cruel smile and began to go inside her harder. Each thrust was hard; base to base. I was really starting to feel it and I knew she was too. Her walls started to tighten around me. "Fuck." I stopped what I was doing and pulled out of her.

"W-Why did you stop?" I didn't answer her. I flipped her over onto her stomach and brought her ass up. I slide hard and fast back inside her. "Oh my God!" Kagome screamed as I rammed her from the back. I watched her fingers curl into the sheets as I pounded inside her. She felt even more tight in this position and I was able to go in deeper. I grabbed both of her arms and pulled them back, pounding more. "Aha, I-I'm cumming!" I felt her cum against me. I was on the verge of cumming but I want Kagome to cum many times before I let my load go. I pulled out of her again and sat on her bed, placing my back against the bedpost.

"Come and ride me."

Kagome straddled me and slowly lowered herself onto me. "Oooh, you feel so good Naraku," she said she started to work me, her boobs bouncing a bit. I took hold of her breast and messed with them as she moved her hips. "Mmph." I took her nipple into my mouth again and held her tighter to me. I slouched a bit and started to thrust inside her. "Ooooaaaaha!" I pinched and rubbed her clit as I started to go harder. "N-Naraku!" I felt her cum against me, squirting against my chest a bit. I smiled at that. I grabbed her butt and spread it open as I slipped deeper in. "Fuck." I was getting closer and closer the more I thrust inside and the more she came. I slipped a finger inside her ass and felt her tighten more. "N-No, not there. Not my ass." I moved my finger around as she rode my dick. Her ass clamped my finger. The second orgasm that I was waiting for was coming.

"Ah, I'm cumming … Kagome."

"Naraku!" She screamed out my name as she and I came together. I pulled out of her and let my dick throb against her butt. Kagome placed her head against my neck, our breath matching to one another. I rubbed her head as I pulled the condom off of my dick, throwing it into the trash bin that was next to her bed. I smiled to myself as I kissed the side of Kagome's face. "T-That was, amazing."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it."

"I love you, Naraku."

"I love you too. Also." I pushed Kagome up so I could look into her eyes. I kissed her gently as I said, "Happy anniversary." Kagome smiled and kissed me back, wrapping her arms around my neck. Today was the best day that I could ever ask for. I was finally able to make love to the woman I loved. Found out more things about her, but as that saying goes, everyman wants a lady on the streets and a freak in the sheets and Kagome was the full package. We snuggled against each other and let sleep take over our body. Kagome was mine and I was hers. I couldn't ask for anything anymore.

The End

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