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It was a beautiful summer day in Los Angeles and Savannah decided to take a walk along the beach. As she was walking along she saw a surfer that looked oddly familiar. So she stopped and waited till he got out of the water so she could see who he was. When he did she took one look at his face and knew two things instantly. 1.) She had never seen this man in her life and 2.)That she just fell in love.

Savannah had never really believed in love at first sight but she was sure that this was it. He was gorgeous. From his blond hair to his soft gentle eyes to the way it seemed that his mouth was permanently curved into a little smirk. She was just standing there, staring at him with her jaw wide open when he saw her. Savannah's feelings were entirely mutual. Except that John didn't just stand there staring, he walked right up to her, smiled, and introduced himself.

"Hey. I'm John Tyree. It's nice to meet you."

"Um. Hi. I'm Savannah Curtis."

"I saw you staring over there and thought I'd say hi." John says with a smirk.

Savannah blushes. "Oh. Um. You saw that? Uh. I thought I recognized you from somewhere…"

"And? Did you?"

"No. It was a mistake. Sry to bother you."

"No. No. No. It was not a mistake. It was fate. Come. I know a small party we can go to. If you're up to it of course. What do you say? Can you stand my unfamiliar presence for a few hours?" John says with a smile.

"Uh, sure. I'd love to. Let me just get my jacket from the car."

"I'll walk you there."

"Thank you but I'm sure I'll be fine. You don't need to do that."

"It's no problem. I'd love to."

He said that right before he landed on the ground and was punched in the face…

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