Will Solace is not 19 like he is supposed to be; he is in fact fifteen, turning sixteen on January 12th. I just completely made that up, but I needed to in order to write my story like I want to. I do not own anything except for the idea and my OC's (there will be a few of them because Rick doesn't name any other demigods except for the important people in the battle like the head councillors.

To Whom It May Concern:

If you have stayed inside lately and have no idea what is going on, it is probably better. The world is now a war zone, monster dust, dead demigods good and bad alike, and buildings on fire. Well, of course this is only in New York, we've managed to keep the problem inside the borders of Manhattan. 'We' being us demigods. And 'problem' being the Titan army. I am here, writing this in mine and Nico's penthouse suite which is protected by the Olympians with an extra force field of shadow spirits. The hotel is where all of us demigods are currently staying at (at some hotel I can't remember the name of right beside the empire state building) since camp was destroyed. I think this is the third hotel we've been to, the others have been destroyed completely.

If you are a demigod reading this, and trust me, you will know. How, you may ask? Well, im writing this in Greek. Unless you are just a normal mortal who happens to read Greek. But that's beside the point. Anyway. If you are a Demigod, stay away from New York, Québec (Aeolus is not very happy with us demigods. Im warning you, stay away from him, and try not to travel by air.)And especially San Francisco.

If you are approached by any strange people who have an aura of power, run. Run for your life because if they have found you, they will kill you. And, don't trust them. Only trust people your age, or your godly parent. How will you know if someone is good, or if they are your godly parent? Well, you will know if you can trust them by their camp bead necklaces, or, in a special case, if you are indeed Roman, their bar-code tattoo on their right forearm. If they may be your godly parent? They will be one of the twelve Olympians. To prove that they are not liars, they will show you their powers, you must believe them, trust them, and do what they say; whether it's to stay in hiding, or train for your moment in the spotlight. You may be asking; how will I know if I am a demigod? What if I can just read Greek? Well, you will also have dyslexia, and a severe case of ADHD. My ADHD is the reason that this letter is all over the place, I am sorry for that in advance. This is a plea for help, we are loosing numbers, and I know this goes against everything I just told you to do, but if you are brave enough, please come help us. If you are a child of a god, such as Eros, Iris, Nesoi, Aphrodite, or Dionysus, then please keep yourself away from this battle. Its not that you will suck at fighting, but you will/might die. Im saying this for your own good. But, if by chance you are a child of Ares, Athena, Hermes, Hades, Poseidon or Zeus per say … please get here as fast as you can.

Now, you may be asking, who is this person writing this letter? And why should I believe them? Well, I am Avis Dyllan, only daughter of Erebos minor god of Shadows and Darkness. I am fourteen years old, and I was sucked into this life when I was six. I lived in the Hermes for six years, and then Percy disappeared. We found him again two months later, somewhere in Canada with absolutely no memory of what had happened, but he had been trying to find a way to get back to New York. But by then, Kronos had won the war. The entire 'Luke's body is going to burn up' thing was a load of bull. Luke didn't die, in fact, he's helping us now. He knows all of their battle plans, strategies, and all of their allies. They can't make a move without us already being there to stop them. Their army consists of mostly demigods now since during the first war none of us could really bring ourselves to kill them. All of the monsters disintegrated, but they are starting to reform and soon we will be outnumbered. This is why Chiron has asked me to write this letter. I will send out as many copies as we can make, and I will whisper it into the shadows. If you are indeed a demigod, please don't try anything stupidly brave until you have been trained. We have lost too many people to that stupid cause.

If you are coming to our aid, bring as much medical supplies as you can pack, and bring three changes of clothes. You won't really need more than three; you will be wearing full body armour for most of your life in this cavalry. If you are a Roman demigod especially. See, us Greek demigods are better at planning and making battle strategies (Well, other then the Ares cabin, they are pretty much war crazy teenagers. OW! Clarisse just hit me in the head. By the way, keep away from her when she is angry, you might get injured. Severely.). Roman demigods are the children of the other version of the Greek gods. Sure, the gods might be the same in general, but their personalities are way different. The Roman gods are more, how do you put it without getting killed? Ummm …. Not 'war crazy' … but … im not really sure if there is another way to put it. So anyway. Us Greeks are generally behind the lines, figuring out battle plans, and different strategies along with the Minerva cabin. We have as many people out there fighting as we can, and we also have the help of the hunters of Artemis. Ill give you a list of the most helpful demigod cabins:

Zeus Poseidon and Hades are all tied, being children of the big three it would start its own little war if we chose who was most powerful, trust me.



Apollo (Their archers are AMAZING)


Hephaestus (if you are a child of Hephaestus, please come! We need more weapons. Also, if you know any Cyclopes it might be a good thing to bring them along…)

Demeter (if you know any nature spirits …)


Aphrodite (but really only if you are really good with spells, or Charmspeak. We don't need to worry about you breaking your nails on the battle field.)

And that is pretty much all the demigods we could use. I think this is about all that we need to say, oh, wait. My boyfriend Will wants to say something. Erm, write something.


Hey, im Will Solace, son of Apollo and head counsellor. I am fifteen years old, and out of any other guy in the cabin, I have been told I inherit the most traits from my father. My girl Avis has done a pretty good job of explaining everything that we need from you guys, but i wanted to add something. If you manage to get a copy of this, and want to come help, leave immediately, and do not tell your parent. They will most likely try and stop you, and it will probably end up really bad. The best thing to do is just leave them a note explaining the basics. Try not to give away too much information in fear that the note may be found by someone from the titan's army. That is all.

Thank you Will for that amazing interpretation of 'just get the Hades here before we all die'. It was very moving and emotional. As you can see, most demigods have a very well acquired sense of sarcasm. Nico Di Angelo and I are probably the top two at camp. But anyway. This is a plea for your aid, please come help. Wow, might as well put up a sign that says 'recruiting all demigods that don't care whether this is a suicide mission or not.' Ooops. Let that one slip out didn't it? (Yes, yes you did honey. Now come on, we have to go. Chiron is expecting this letter out in five minutes. Then its time for you and Nico to work your magic and spread the message across America. Thank you for the reminder, sweetie, I will be sure to add this into the letter. Oh, I already am. He, he.)


Camp Half Blood & SPQR (trust me, it would take waaaay too long to spell out that abbreviation. But it's other wise known as 'The Greeks of camp half blood and the Romans of SPQR'.)