I'm back! So, i know i haven't updated my stories in a very long time, but to be honest i kinda lost the urge to write them. But i made myself promise that one day this summer i'd sit and finish every single one of my stories that i haven't yet finished, so here i am finishing Let Darkness Come!

Avis's POV

Packing: I'm not good at it. Even when i have help, i can't ever think of anything to put into those endless bags! But thankfully, Chiron's only letting us bring a backpack that has a charm on it, to be endless. So i guess in a way it's still like all those other bags. Ugh.

"Avis? You having trouble or something?" asked Coda as he searched through his dresser to find good clothes to bring with us.

"Yes, now leave me alone," i grumbled, sifting through a large pile of mixed clothing. I finally picked out a good pair of jeans and a shirt i'd only ever seen Will wear. Why was it mixed in with my clothes? Oh well. Finders keepers, i guess.

I shoved the clothes into my backpack, and looked at the list i'd quickly created back in the penthouse.

"Ok, four changes of clothes, check. Necessary toiletries? Check. Good shoes, check. Demigod stuff? Yup. Money? Some. Medical supplies kit? Stolen by the Hermes kids, yes. I think I've got everything. You?" i asked, looking up from my list to see that the green eyed boy was already looking at me.

"Yeah, I'm packed," he said, zipping up his backpack and tossing it near the door. I zipped up mine, and checked my watch: 8:32.

"I uh, have to get going," i told him, slipping my backpack on my shoulders. He nodded grimly, like i was going off to my death. "Look, I'm only going to hang out with Will before i leave, you can take that look off your face," i exploded, then i did one thing I've been known to do: i ran out of the room.

I heard a door slam behind me, but i could honestly care less.

"Will is my boyfriend. You're not," i heard myself whispering as i jogged down the hallway, twisting and turning around the corners and making it to the staircase. Will's only on the fourth floor, and a run would cool me down (hypothetically).

I found that taking the stairs wasn't actually that bad, and that i should do it a lot more often then i do. But who knows when I'll get another chance? I don't.

When i knocked on Will's door, he opened it with a surprised expression on his face.

"It's only 8:45," he said, glancing at his watch, then noticing how slightly out of breath i was. He grinned, "Took the stairs?" he asked as he put an arm around my shoulders and led me into his room. I slipped the backpack off of my shoulders, and dumped in near the door, having a feeling that i wouldn't be sleeping in my own bed tonight. I likes that feeling.

"I needed to get out of there," i panted slightly.

"Why? What happened? What did he do?" demanded Will, getting possessive again. His grip tightened around my shoulder, and i found myself stepping out from under his arm. He seemed to notice i was becoming uncomfortable, and his expression softened. "Sorry," he muttered.

"Nothing. Nothing happened, he just gave me this look, and it rubbed me the wrong way," i said, rushing through my explanation. "I don't want to talk about him, though. I'm here, so let's do something fun," i said, taking the short walk to the bed, and plopping down on it.

Will grinned at me from the entrance to the room, and said something that made my heart flutter:

"And this is why i love you,"

i blushed slightly, and stood up again as me walked towards the bed. His arms snaked around my waist, and mine found their way around his neck.

"So what do you wanna do?" he asked me. I shrugged.

"Something fun, before i have to leave ... tomorrow," i finished, slightly put out by the thought that i wouldn't be seeing Will for probably an extended period of time.

"Wanna go for a walk?" he asked suddenly, taking me by surprise.

"Uh, sure. But how? Chiron doesn't let anyone out of the hotel after like, 7 o clock," i realized.

"Just cause I'm a son of Apollo doesn't mean i can't act like a Hermes kid," he replied, giving me a wink and taking my hand, leading me towards the window on the other side of the room.

"Ah, smart kid," i commented as Will pried the window open, and climbed through, sticking a hand back in to assist me.

Once we were out on the fire escape, the night seemed surreal. It was cool outside, but nice for mid-April in New York. As we climbed down the fire escape stairs, trying not to kill ourselves, i got a good look of the city. It seemed ominous, instead of lit up and busy, like it would if this were any other Thursday night. It was kind of sad to see such a great city, come down to something like this.

All over the place there were fires burning, bodies lying, and cars smoking. The only thing you could hear throughout the entire city were the sounds of injured enemy demigods, and one fire alarm was blaring off in the distance, somewhere near the Williamsburg bridge, which brought a thought to mind,

"Hey, Will?" i asked, stopping mid-stair. The blonde turned to look at me with a dazzling smile splayed across his face.

"Yeah?" he asks, like my question will have no impact. But I'm sure it will.

"What do you think every time you hear that one of your friends, or siblings died?" i ask, remembering Michael Yew, previous Apollo head counsellor. Well, until he fell off the Williamsburg bridge almost three years ago.

Will's eyes dropped to his shoes, and he visibly deflated.

"I'd honestly hoped you'd never ask that question," he told me, but looked back up into my eyes, "i feel like crying every time i hear more bad news. It's not like i want to cry, like i want to show weakness, but it gets to you after a while, doesn't it? We're so young, and so affected when the littlest thing happens, so how do they expect us to deal with death? Of our friends and siblings?" he expresses to me in the darkness, his eyes look sad, even in the dark.

"I get what you're saying," i told him, "honestly, i do. But haven't you ever felt like jumping off a building, just to get away from all of this?" i said, gesturing around to a silent Manhattan.

"Everyday, Avis. I think about it everyday," he says solemnly, looking me directly in the eyes. For some reason, i found this uncomfortable. Will and i have never talked this much about death before, not even when we were cracking jokes, back when everything was alright. Not even when Nico walked by, with a whole bunch of skeletons chasing after him, asking him to get revenge for them and whatnot.

Honestly? It scared me to talk about death. But then i remembered; i asked this question.

I took a shaky breath, and felt a warm hand on my waist.

"Just promise me, Will, that it won't ever come to that. Promise me that we'll never let it get to that point," i whispered, trying to keep my cool.

Can't keep what you never had, teased a voice in my head.

Shut up, i told it- whatever god it was.

"I promise," he whispered back, pulling me down so i was only one step behind him. It was sad though, if you think of it: I'm a step above him, and yet he's still like, two inches taller then me. I find that depressing, actually.

He chuckles, as if reading my thoughts, and placed his lips on mine, but only for a short moment before speaking,

"We should get going on that walk, otherwise we won't have any time for anything else," he says, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. I smacked his arm, laughed, and kept on making my way down the fire escape.

Our walk through Manhattan was actually pretty dangerous, if you think about it. We could've been jumped at any moment, but i think that everyone -yes, event he titans- were just taking a moment to relax, feeling like the wars only really getting started, and that all the battles in the past three years have been scrimmages. It felt like a real, live, dangerous game of survivor. Only the strongest survive. What a load.

We walked through the city, talking, laughing, holding hands, looking pretty much like a normal couple, but then things got a little frightening: we heard footsteps coming from just up the sidewalk, from an alley. And who else could it be, but enemy soldiers? It's not like anybody else should be out this late. But of course, stupid as we were, Will and i stood frozen for a moment. A moment too long, too. It was the just the perfect window of opportunity for the first young demigod to come around the mouth of the alley, and spot my retreating figure as Will pulled me behind an abandoned car.

"There!" the girl shouts, pointing in what i assumed was the car we were hiding behind. I heard some shuffling, and then running footsteps of maybe three or four demigods before Will and i had the brilliant sense to run. So we did.

The demigods chased us for only about three minutes, before I'd lost Will. The last thing I'd heard him yell, was:

"Plan C!" as he took off around a corner, hoping for me to follow i hoped. But of course, i didn't.

Plan C: divide and conquer.

So did he mean to split up? What? I was so confused, running through the streets of Manhattan in the dark. I knew my way around, but not all that well. I'd never really lived in Manhattan; only at camp.

I could hear my footsteps becoming slower, and the demigods catching me. If only i'd had the sense to fight this out in the first place, i probably could've gotten away without any severe injuries.

"She's slowing!" i heard the girl from before shout to her goons.

Yes, I'm slowing down, would you also like to point out the very uncomfortable wedgie that I've had since the chase started? I thought back bitterly.

I turned a last corner, and found that i'd run into a dead end alleyway full of huge garbage bins, and stray alley cats. I don't like cats. But i pushed the thought out of my head as i dashed behind on of the bigger bins, cursing myself silently for not bringing my good knives. I slapped myself silently as i pulled out a Swiss army knife from my back pocket, and got ready to flip the blade out, which incidentally causes a pronged hunting knife to pop out of nowhere, ready for use.

Footsteps echoed down the alley, near where i was hiding as i heard the enemy soldiers discussing their plan of attack. Not really something you should do when you know that your enemy could possibly be overhearing this conversation, but I'd bet you twenty dollars that they were just amateurs.

Once i was sure they'd passed my garbage bin by a good amount, and were somewhere in the middle of the alley, i stepped out, popping open the Swiss army knife. There were three of them, i saw. Two boys and one girl, but it was made obvious the girl was in charge of the group. I sized them up as best as i could in the dark. The boys looked around my age, maybe a bit younger, but the girl; she was definitely older then me. Maybe fifteen or sixteen. But still, from the way she carelessly held her sword, made it clear she was just what i thought: an amateur, which means that the boys weren't very handy with weapons, since she was still in charge of them. But as I've been taught: do not in any circumstances, let your guard down, even if they may be amateurs, they've still been trained to kill you. No questions.

They turned, just in time for my knife to pop out, and i sure enjoyed their faces wen they saw it. I could hear them whispering to each other, too: That's her! Omigod, i didn't think it was her!" hissed the girl in the middle. I gave them a confident smile, and spoke in a loud voice.

"Yeah, I'm me. Now, would you like to explain why you ruined my date?" i asked, cocking an eyebrow, and dragging my 16 inch hunting knife on the pavement, acting bored.

"U-Uhh," stuttered the boy on the left. Possible son of Athena, i noted. Not good.


"You were on our territory," spoke the boy on the left. Probable son of Ares, though really young and scrawny, i assessed. The girl, on the other hand, looked like she could be a daughter of a wind god. She just had that certain air to her presence. Ok, i did not mean to put that pun in, thank you.

I chose to ignore Ares boy's comment, and pointed straight at the girl,

"Wind god?" i asked. A smirk lit up her face, making her light blonde features look sinister.

"Aeolus himself," she sneered proudly, "Yourself?" she asks me, but i can tell she really doesn't care.

I scoff. "Oh, you should know that, Honey," i say sweetly before tugging at the darkness around me, and pulling it down like a cloak of invisibility. And poof, just like that, i was gone. Well, not really. Shielded from untrained eyes, is perhaps a better description, but hey, whatever works, works.

I left them there, stunned and completely confused. I think the Athena boy muttered "Hades?" as he looked at the girl, but i couldn't be quite sure. If only, i was a Hades kid, then I'd finally get Nico off my back.

I ran down the streets for a while before deciding that nobody was following me, and released the shadows from around me, thanking them for doing their work well. I figured i must've been somewhere near Times Square, so far away from the hotel. I walked for a while, before spotting a bench and sitting down.

I rested for a while, before it finally occurred to me that Will might be in trouble, after i left those other demigods. I smacked myself in the face a few times for my stupidity, before i ran back the way i came.

Will had it way worse then i did, apparently. Because when i found him, he'd been playing dead. At least, i found that out after i'd started freaking out and crying. I sure hate him sometimes. He claimed he did it to 'see what would happen' but i know he really wanted to scare the crap out of me. How mean.

After i told him his wounds were slightly less severe as he'd originally though, and that he was probably ok to walk back to base, i wrapped an arm around his waist, and helped him up off the cold cement.

As we walked back towards the hotel, he told me what had happened. So basically after he'd turned that corner and lost me, the two demigods chased him until he was back at the Queens- midtown tunnel, and cornered him at the entrance. From there on, it was basically an unfair fight, because he told me that the two demigods were probably both kids of Ares from their blunt fighting style, but the girl seemed a little less sure of herself with a sword. Whatever. But no, he'd finally figured that they'd keep beating on him, until he feigned dead, so when the boy got him in the head with the hilt of his sword, he fell to the ground and played dead, until i found him there about half an hour later.

I called him stupid, and then we kept walking.

As soon as we stepped into the lobby, we were mobbed by campers, but then the real trouble came. Chiron. Uh oh. We're gonna get our asses kicked.

I'm going to spare you the really ugly part, and just tell you that Will was swept away by his siblings, as Chiron chewed me out for being off of base after curfew, and for being so stupidly foolish as to be separated from Will and yadda, yadda, yadda. I wasn't really paying attention until he told me to go straight to my room and get some sleep before i left in the morning at the crack of dawn.

I spent most of the way back to my hotel room mocking and mimicking Chiron yelling at me in a high squeaky voice, which gave me some satisfaction, but drained me out by the time i reached the penthouse.

Once i'd showered, put on my pyjamas and climbed into bed, did i realize how tired i really was after the encounter. My head hit my pillow, and my eyes closed, but no matter how tired i was, i just couldn't sleep. For some reason, something Will had said to me this evening bugged me:

We're so young, and so affected when the littlest thing happens, so how do they expect us to deal with death? Of our friends and siblings?

It bugged me now though, because the more i thought about it, the more i found he was right. How do the gods expect us to deal with the death of our friends and family, when we know that we're only significant in their lives for their own entertainment, to do their dirty work, everything they didn't want to do themselves.

Which got me thinking: was it really the Titans that started this war?

Or was it us?

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