a/n: Just a little something that has been playing in my mind most of the night. Nothing Major hope you like it. R&R.

"I've always had a small hero complex," She said as the wind blew thru her long black hair. Carrying her scent towards me. Filling my senses. She was all I saw. All I will ever see. She has waken a part of my soul that not even I knew was there.

"What?" I laughed as her words processed. She looked over her shoulder with a smile in her eyes and lips. Her beauty breathe taking. I watched as she uncrossed her legs shifting around. She played with the grass next to her ignoring me.

"Leah," I growled.

"A hero complex," She giggled shaking her head at my impatience, "I've always dreamed of being saved by a hero riding around on his white horse."

"Don't you mean a prince charming?" I pulled her closer to me savoring the feeling of her soft body against mine.

"No a hero," She played with my fingers, " I don't need a rich man, I just need one willing to deal with me."

I snorted, "Good luck with that."

She punched me playfully. Her face an expression of mock disbelief and I wanted to nothing more then to kiss her. I cupped her face and drew her close. A soft sigh passed her lush lips before I tasted her. A sweet kiss. I will never tire of kissing her. She was everything. And I was going to take her for all she would give because she was doing the same with me.

She pulled away her eyes still closed. But I knew our love weighed on her. She would never admit it but she was scared. Even I was scared. We had both been burned before. Even now when Bella calls I still get a little moody and when she runs across Sam or Emily she breaks something. There was so much that could go wrong with us but I knew I was going to do it anyway. Because she was worth it. And the love we shared wasn't something I was willing to miss.

"Jacob," She whispered my name softly running her hand through my shaggy hair.

"Would it be bad if I said I wanted to be your hero," I kissed again softly.

"No," she chuckled, " But it would be extremely gay."

She was up and running after that. Letting me chase her through out the woods. Even not phased she was fast. Every time I would get close enough to grab her she moved away from my grasp. She was like a wood nymph that the ancient Greek gods fell in love with. Her heavy breast swayed with each step she took. Her hair flying around her and the only thing she wore was her smile. Leah was truly something to see. She was wild and untamed. She understood the beast in me. Because she had a beast in her also.

She leaned again a tree trying to catch her breathe. Her hooded eyes watching me. Taking me in. As if she knew every thought I was thinking. She bite her bottom lip and arched her eyebrows. She was done playing with me for now. But there was the promise of next time.

I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder laughing. "Jake!" she screamed and wiggled out of my grip pulling me down to the ground with her fall.

We laid there with intertwined limbs the only sound was our breathing. She placed a tender hand on my chest and kissed my jaw. Her eyes full of love. Her mouth pulled in a soft smile.

"You are already my hero Jacob," She said never taking her eyes from mine.