A/N – Just a few paragraphs in response to another LJ prompt from The bitesize_bones/bones_ga 'Give a Little Love' Comment Fic meme:Parker asks Booth for his advice/help on picking out a present for a girl in his class. Not set at any particular time.

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Something About Apples Not Falling Far From Trees.

"What about some of these hair slide things?" Booth was running his finger along the glass topped counter and missed Parker's exaggerated nose wrinkle. "Here's some sparkly ones with butterflies on the ends. Girls like butterflies." He glanced around at his son, but Parker was now peering closely at a tray of brightly colored bangles, still searching for the perfect present for his little friend. So far nothing was right and they were just edging into their second hour at the mall.

Booth bit down on his exasperation, instead watching his son's expressive face as the little boy's eyes flicked anxiously over the shelves. His heart constricted; Parker had a girlfriend. He could barely credit it. He pulled himself together and strode over to the other counter purposefully; his son had asked him for help. "What about one of those dolls that they're always advertising on TV. The pretty ones, not those awful punk ones."

The look Parker gave him was priceless. "She doesn't play with dolls, Dad." He scoffed, shoving his hands in his jeans pockets.

Booth's eyebrows shot up at the disdain in Parker's voice. "Oh-ho – a bit of a tomboy is she? Maybe we should get her a baseball?

Parker was annoyed, not really understanding what his dad meant. "No, she's not like a boy! She's – she's - " He struggled to find the right word. "- special."

Booth frowned, trying to gauge from his son's face what the boy meant by 'special'. If Parker's dreamy expression was anything to go by, this was true love.

Before he could speak, Parker went on. "She's brave and loyal and super smart. And she knows how to look after herself." Parker's eyes were shining with admiration for his classmate.

"Yeah, really?"

"Uh-huh." Parker nodded solemnly. "She bopped Brandon Kelly on the nose when he was teasing one of the little kids." Parker beamed with pride at the memory. "There was blood and everything."

Booth tried to keep a straight face. "She sounds like a real handful." he muttered under his breath.

But his son heard him and grabbed his arm with both hands to emphasize his point. "No, you don't get it, Dad. She's really really pretty. And when we sit together in science my tummy feels all weird."

Booth swallowed hard. He knew that feeling; boy, did he know that feeling. A pair of blue gray eyes floated into his mind's eye, silky auburn hair, soft pale skin … Parker was looking at him strangely and with a guilty start he realized the direction his mind had headed in. He poked his son in the ribs to make him laugh, shifting his focus. "What, like you're going to barf?"

Parker giggled and tried to tickle him back, but he wasn't quick enough. Then his face sobered and he looked up at his dad seriously, needing him to understand.

"No – like its Christmas and my birthday and the Super Bowl all rolled into one." Parker's face split into a happy grin. "Madison's my best friend in the whole world. Just like you and Dr Bones." As quick as lightning he zoomed off to look at the toys again, back to the microscope he just knew would be perfect for his friend.

Booth smiled ruefully at the little boy, following him at a slower pace. Just like him and Bones.