Update: Since so far I have got really good reviews for this story I will be making it into a full story. Hopefully I can have the first chapter out by today but I don't make any promises. I don't believe the story will start out where the one-shot left off but probably a little before. When I read it, it felt like I rushed through a lot of explanations and there were a lot of time gaps. The story will most likely start around the time she realizes that she's imprinted on Jacob. It will probably be all in Leah's POV and later on could contain lemons (depending on how brave I get).

Comments on Reviews:

SchnarfBlack- In all honesty I was crying a little when I wrote it. The story will ultimately end up Blackwater, the whole Nessie and Jacob thing is kind of weird in my opinion.

Jada91 and brankel1-Yeah but Leah's one of my favorite characters so it won't be poor Leah forever

HDfan89-Your wish is granted, it is becoming a full story!

A thank you to anyone who comments after I have posted this update.


The story that is spawning from this one-shot is called Fireworks.