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"She won't remember us in twenty years. Her mind is like a sieve. She'll have moved on and have a husband, a family, and she will grow old and pass on," Edward stated.

I was silently brooding in anger. He was talking about Bella and how he wanted her to stay human. That's when I realized that he had never had any intentions of changing her. The more she wanted to spend eternity with him, the more he pushed to keep her human.

"Edward, you can't do this to her. You are taking her choices away from her," Esme said softly.

"Esme, I am doing no such thing. She shouldn't have walked into our world. I let this get too far; I should have listened to Rose and Jasper," He replied, referring to months ago when we said she was a threat to our family.

Did I feel that way now? No. To me, it was refreshing that Bella had come into our life. I had become more selfish in my nature because of Bella. Would I willingly admit that to Edward? No. When she walked over the threshold of our home, I basked in her emotions.

"Edward, is this is best for her or best for you?" I asked. I already knew his answer but I wanted the family to hear it.

"It's what is best for all of us," He said pacing back and forth. He stressed the word "all", but his emotions told a different story. He was silently telling me that this was my fault because I'm the one who snapped my jaws at the smell of a drop of blood. I felt guilty enough for trying to attack Bella, but Edwards behavior was becoming a problem as well. He was becoming even more controlling; not just with Bella, but with the family also.

"If you have something to say to me Edward, just say it…" I said, while looking him in the eyes. This was a dangerous game of cat and mouse for him. He knew my past and he knew not to fuck with me. The determination that was flooding out of him should have put me on my knees. He was trying to get me to fear him, well his emotions at least. I've battled newborns giving off more than he was right now. After decades of living together, he should not be testing my limits. I knew right then, I was going to be testing his in a matter of moments.

"You are our weakest link. You can't control yourself and every time you slip we have to leave. I'm tired of having to bend to your needs. I can't have your…" he didn't get to finish. I had him up against the wall within a nanosecond. The plaster was crumbling under the force I expelled.

"Would you like to finish that sentence? You can't have what, Edward? Finish it…" I growled.

I was seething with anger. I wanted him to finish that sentence so I could have my way with him. This battle has been a long time coming over the decades. It was a constant struggle for me and my thirst; that I will admit. But, this was by no means all my fault.

"You aren't wanted here in this coven anymore. It's what every one of us is thinking. I'm just the one who has the guts to say it," He said with a fire burning in his eyes. A new anger had flared up from somewhere. "You were a human drinker and all of a sudden you and Alice show up on our doorstep, claiming that you wanted to be part of this coven. I've had enough with taking in the strays, Bella included."

The rumble in my chest told him he was treading in dangerous waters. His demeanor changed all of a sudden. He went from a compassionate person to someone who nobody recognized. His emotions were all over the place; anger, rage, sadness and guilt. They were all cycling so fast that I could barely keep up; it was like being around Bella again. Something was strange with his emotions.

"Your emotions are telling me differently. You're brooding inside because you have to let your mate go. You're using my weakness as your escape," I was calling him out on his suspicious emotions.

"Jasper, let Edward go." Alice said.

With one final shove, I released Edward. I turned to the rest of my family who had been silent through the whole interaction. I wanted to hear from each one of them that I was not welcome in the family anymore. But, before I let them speak their minds, I had something to say that I had been holding in for some time now. If I was out, I wanted them to know exactly how I had felt.

"For someone who is supposedly the patriarch of our family, you sure as hell don't have a fuckin' thin' to say right now," I said pointedly to Carlisle. "I'm not going to express my gratitude for this family cause it's apparent that y'all feel the same as Edward does. Not one of you has said a fuckin' word. Y'all just let him run this damn coven like he actually has some sort of say. He's almost a hundred years old and he still acts like a childish seventeen year old boy," I stated while looking back over at Edward.

I watched Alice's eyes become unfocused from my peripheral vision. Someone had made a decision that affected our future. I wasn't worried about it; she would tell me eventually.

"Jasper, I don't think you understand what you are saying…" Carlisle trailed off. "I stand by the choices that we have made as a family. Yes, you may feel the disappointment when you have slipped, but we don't love you any less. You are still my son in every way. Neither, Esme nor I want you to leave." He spoke quietly. Esme agreed with a small nod towards me.

"Bro, come on now. You know you are always welcome in this family. There is no doubt you are a Cullen. I don't blame you for your slips. It's natural, we are vampires." Emmett chuckled. Leave it to Emmett to make light of the situation, but closed doors he was a very sentimental being. "Rosie and I want you to stay."

"I can't believe this…" Edward screamed. "All of a sudden you are faced with the wrath of 'The God of War' and you bow down like a bunch of pansies!." He sounded exasperated. "Now who's making the choices for this coven?" he asked.

"Son that is enough. We have made our decisions and we want Jasper to stay. He is just as much our son as he is your brother," Carlisle said firmly. I groaned; this was becoming my own personal hell. The emotions swirling around the room were astronomical. I had to get out of here and fast before I lost it. I needed a break from it all.

"Jaz, would you like to go for a run with me?" Alice asked breaking me out of my inner misery.

"I'm not finished here!" Edward screamed. That was the final straw for me. The anger that was flowing off of him was changing my temperament. My posture straightened, my shoulders squared, and I strode purposefully across the room to where he was. He wanted 'The God of War', he was going to get him. My instincts took over and my emotions took a seat on the back burner. My focus had become the threat to my family. Edward's appendages were fair game now. His head would be the first to go.

"You don't want to do that Jasper. Carlisle will never forgive you," Edward taunted. He had heard my thoughts but I was to the point where I didn't care.

"He can always fuse you back together. I don't give a fuckin' shit what anyone thinks right now. You have become a threat to my family; and I deal with threats accordingly." The Major was coming out to play. I was completely in strategy mode; my opponent must be dealt with. "If you have threats you want to make…" I looked over at Alice. She gave me a small nod which gave me the conformation that everything would work out okay. "You better make good on your promises. I don't break mine."

In less time than it took to blink, I had Edward screaming in pain. He writhed on the floor, begging me to release the emotional hold on him. He didn't know that I had been in the woods hunting that day when he took Bella to talk to her. In my mind, I flashed back to the emotions that were coming off Bella when he said that he didn't love her anymore. I wanted Edward to feel exactly what he was doing to her. She deserved that much.

"You are playin' a very dangerous game, little boy," I said in a commanding tone. "The emotions that you are feeling now are just a taste of what Bella is feelin'. I was there that day you took her in the woods and left her for dead. You left her there feelin' desperate to belong somewhere." A odd sensation in my chest stopped me dead in my tracks. "Bella…" I whispered.

The rumble of her truck coming up the driveway alerted us to her presence. Why was she coming back here when Edward told her we were leaving? Surely, she had to believe we were gone already. Everyone stood stoic; nobody had expected her to actually show up. We had decided that we would stay behind for a few more days to monitor the threat of Victoria. We started the rumors of our absence at school and work. As far as the town knew, we had a family emergency out of the country so we didn't expect anyone to show up at our house.

I could feel her confusion coming in from outside. She was curious as to why we hadn't left yet. I could hear her heartbeat rapidly increase and her breathing had become labored as her panic started to set in. The squeak produced by her vehicle door told us that she had made the decision to come inside. All of a sudden, I felt a burst of determination coming from her. She had something to say and she sure as hell was going to say it now. The crunching of gravel under her feet was like the seconds on a clock. Tick, tick, tick…then there was nothing. A very timid knock on the door scared the living shit out of everyone. We actually jumped. I looked at Alice again, silently asking if this is what she saw. She shook her head no rapidly.

"I'll get it," Emmett said skipping down the entryway. I rolled my eyes. Leave it to Emmett to skip-to-my-loo in a time like this.

"Bella, what are you doing here?" I heard him ask her.

"I thought you were leaving. At least that is what Fuckward told me." I turned slowly towards the entryway. Bella and Emmett were heading toward us. A fierce look on Bella's face told me this was not going to be good. There was so much hatred rolling off of her, that I was down on my knees in a matter of seconds.

"I think we should leave," Carlisle stated firmly.

"No, I think you should stay for this conversation," Bella piped in. "I have something that I want to say to each and every one of you." If I thought vampires should be feared by humans, I was wrong. I actually feared this human. "First, I would like to speak to Jasper privately," she said while looking directly in my eyes. I was in trouble.

"No, Bella. You will do no such thing," Edward commanded. In response, Bella huffed.

"I don't think you are remembering clearly, Fuckward. I was there the day you told me that you didn't love me anymore. I was there the day that you clearly broke it off with me. You have no say anymore," she said with an evil smirk on her face. I was laughing on the inside for the little term of endearment she was using. When had she become so feisty? She never back talked to him. She shrunk in his presence, letting him make all the decisions for her. I sent out a wave of pride at her. She sent back her courage. I was impressed.

Over the last few months Bella and I would have silent conversations with our emotions. It was a little game we had developed since Edward had never let us become close. I wasn't expecting her to even play. I would throw her some happiness and she would counter with sadness. She would throw out curiosity and I would give her mischief right back. I never took it to the extent that I had to manipulate her emotions, she rapid cycled enough. One night while Alice and I were hunting, she questioned me about it. I told her that I knew the real Bella. Alice just giggled.

"Darlin' why don't you say what you need to the family first. We can talk afterwards. I promise." Edward growled at my term of endearment. I growled right back. I wanted to see how this was all going to go down. I didn't want to miss an instant of the new Bella. The look in Bella's eyes said that she was grateful for my suggestion.

"Okay. Where to begin…" she looked thoughtful. "I'm going to go down the line with each of you."

"Carlisle, you have always been a second father to me. For that, I'm grateful and I love you," She said to our father. "You are compassionate and kind…" she trailed off. The tears were beginning to form in her eyes. I shoved some courage back her way, realizing she needed to get all of this off her chest. "Thanks Jasper," she whispered. She cleared her throat and continued.

"Again, you are compassionate and kind; accepting me into this family like I was your own daughter. When you decide to leave, just do me one favor?" she asked, her eyes glistening with unshed tears. Carlisle nodded in response. "Make sure you are the one to make decisions for your family. Don't let others make those decisions for you." I stared at her in shock. She was going to pick my family apart. She turned to Esme.

"Esme, you are my mother in every sense. You have been more of a mom to me than my own. Your gentleness and love for your family is unsurpassed. I have never seen someone love as much as you do. Your forgiving nature makes it easy to admit mistakes. A favor also?" Esme smiled. "When mistakes are made, make sure that there is an acceptable punishment. People are quick to take advantage of a good heart."

Bella was struggling with her emotions. It was like someone was shooting a machine gun, rapidly firing; never letting go of the trigger. She was becoming unstable and losing it quickly. I sent her some happiness and she sent back despair. She didn't want her family to leave; she wanted us for eternity.

"Rosalie…I don't even know where to begin. I know that you saw me as a threat to your family. I know that you think that I was chose wrong when I decided that I wanted an eternity with Edward. I am grateful for your loyalty. I know you were just trying to protect everyone involved; that I understand. Regardless what you feel for me, just know that I always thought of you as a friend."

Rosalie would never openly admit that she thought of Bella as a friend, but her emotions were giving her away, she glared at me when I shot her a pointed glance. "May I ask a favor?" Rosalie nodded. "I know you long for the things that I have as a human, but you have to let people make their own choices. Keep this in mind when you start spewing on about humanity. And remember, you didn't give Emmett a choice." Everyone in the room stared at Bella in shock. Nobody had ever mouthed off to Rose and got away with it.

"Emmett..." Bella giggled. "I love you. I'm going to miss you and your childish banter. Even when the situation didn't call for a joke, you always had one waiting on the tip of your tongue. Your ferocity when something needs to be protected is…" she stopped as though she was trying to put her thoughts back together. "…Um, I can't think of how to describe it." We all laughed at her loss for words, and the tension in the air dissipated a little. "I need a favor from you as well. Would you please take down a bear for me? After all, my eternity is no longer that…I will always be human."

All of a sudden I felt some mischief come from Bella. I had a feeling she was up to something. Whatever it was, I had a feeling it was going to be drastic and change all of our futures. When did Bella become such a good actress? Her face showed sadness but her emotions were saying something totally different.

"Alice, you and your evil pixie ways…" she thought for a moment. " You are my best friend; my sister. As much as I hate shopping, you will always be rated high in my own fashion book. I can't thank you enough for the sisterly bond we have created. You know my decisions have already been made for me, so my eternity as your sister is no longer an option. I will always think of how you wanted to play dress up with me. A favor, sis?" Alice squealed in delight after seeing Bella's decision. "Thanks." Bella muttered under her breath.

"Wait a minute," Emmett butted in. "How come we don't get to know what you asked Alice?" he questioned.

"I decided that when I go to college, I'm going to call her to come and replace my wardrobe." she replied.

Bella straight face lied to Emmett. Alice clearly knew something that Bella had decided, but she wasn't saying a peep. Bella looked at Alice, asking for a silent conformation. Alice just nodded. Bella's emotions had been cycling so rapidly, that when they came to an abrupt halt, I questioned my own ability. Finally, I felt Bella experience relief. What the hell was going on?

"Fuckward?" Bella growled. She actually growled at him. I started laughing because it was quite comical to watch Edwards face.

"Bella…" He trailed off as she put her hand up to stop him from saying anything more.

"When I told you that I loved you, I meant it. When I said that I wanted an eternity with you, I meant it. When I said that you could have my soul because I didn't want it, I meant it. I meant everything that I said to you. You on the other hand, are a controlling, manipulative, and childish asshole. You will always be stuck in a seventeen year old mind frame. I pity you actually, because when you do find your mate you are going to have your head so far stuck up your ass that you won't realize it." Bella's anger was on the rise and I was not going to do anything about it. He deserved everything that she gave him.

"Don't stand there like you're actually surprised…" She was angry and my anger was on the rise again too. "I know about the whole mate thing. I was never your mate and you knew it. My blood called to you and my mind was intriguing because you couldn't read it. One thing you are right about though…" That smirk was back and the evil glint in her eyes said it all. "It will be like you never existed."

There was a deep intake of breath from across the room. Everyone just stood there, not saying a word. With those last seven words, Bella went from an innocent child to a woman. She had just shoved Edward's words right back at him. He stood there looking like a deer in headlights. The emotional climate in the room was becoming overbearing again. I scanned the room quickly; Esme looked appalled, Carlisle looked hurt, Rose was scowling, Emmett was shaking and Alice just had a smile on her face. I needed to defuse the situation.

"Darlin', why don't we go have that chat now?" I suggested, turning back to Bella.

"Sure. Do you mind if I hop on?" She smiled.

"Nope, not at all Darlin'," I replied. She ran as fast as she could and jumped straight onto my back. I caught her with ease. Excitement flowed from her as I took my first steps. I knew that she had done this with Edward many times over, but I had never felt excitement come from her like this about it. This was a new journey for the both of us, it showed just how much she trusted me. Edward came out of his stupor and stepped in front of me, so I growled at him.

"Fuckward, I suggest you move or the Major will come out and play." Bella spoke with authority. I chuckled at her assertiveness.

"How do you know about the Major, Bella?" Edward asked, glaring at me.

"There are a lot of things I know, and plenty you don't know," she said, tapping her temple.

"Darlin', that's enough cockiness. I'm about ready to lose my cool if you don't stop," I drawled out. Bella giggled in response. She was throwing off happiness in buckets and she knew it was affecting my ability. "Bella…" I trailed off.

"Fine, I'll stop. Let's go, Cowboy." Bella smirked while looking evilly at Edward. Her childish banter was going to get us all in trouble. She dug her heels into my sides and pretended she was actually riding a horse. Everyone in the room was in hysterics, except for Edward. He was brooding in self-loathing. I took another step towards Edward and shoved him shoulder to shoulder as I walked past.

"Jasper, that wasn't nice," Bella scolded me.

"Neither is the little act you're puttin' on. Besides, he deserves a hell of a lot more than what either you or I have given him tonight," I whispered back, knowing well enough that Edward had heard me.

With one last step off the porch, we were off into the night.

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