I was reading some articles about ghosts so... I came up with this. I've read and watch documentaries that say children and animals are able to see spirits. Mikey is not a kid but he acts like one so... that's the reason why he could see this ghost.

I know, I know; it looks like the serie "Ghost Whisperer" and certainly it has some things about that serie but I hope you still enjoy this new fic of mine.

I don't own the turtles or the serie "Ghost Whisperer"


"Guys, wait for me! It's not fair!" Mikey yelled at his brothers.

"Too slow, Mikey!" Raph yelled mockingly.

The four masked ninjas were now playing tag like when they were toddlers. Their little game had carried them to an old abandoned building in the north of New York. This was supposed to be a normal night for them, but somehow this night would change the life of a certain orange masked turtle… forever.

"C'mon Mikey, ya can run faster than that!"

"Hey guys, what about a change of game, huh?" Leo asked

"Hide and seek?" Don proposed.

"Hehe, I'm gonna enjoy this. Hey Mikey! The game is now Hide and Seek! " Raph yelled at Mikey as the others ran into the old building and found a place to hide.

"Aww man! GUYS!" Mikey yelled angrily.

By the time Mikey got into the building, his brothers were already out of his sight. The place had several rooms; it looked like a burned hotel because there were marks and signs of a fire that could have happened years ago. Mikey was a little scared but he had to find his brothers.

"Guys? Are you there?" Mikey asked. The silence was his only answer.

"I'm gonna find youuuu" Mikey entered into a room. There were many burned books all over the floor.

"Hmm… nothing here" He said as he closed the door.

The place was scary, the wind could make everyone shiver and it was strangely freezing cold. That's a bad thing when you are a cold blooded reptile with no fur or scarf to protect you. Mikey rubbed his hands trying to heat them.

"Brrr… this place is like a fridge, maybe worse" Mikey thought.

There was no sign of his brothers yet and the orange masked turtle was worried, scared and freezing.

"Guys, enough with the playing thing!"

Minutes passed and he hadn't found his brothers yet. He started to think that they had left him on purpose. He opened and closed doors but there was still no sign of the others.

"That's it! I'm tired of this; you wanna play hide and seek? Fine, do it… without me! You heard me? WITHOUT ME! I QUIT!" Mikey yelled to the air and started to go downstairs.

Suddenly, he felt something moving behind him and a cold breeze too.

"Hmm… so you finally decided to play, huh?" Mikey said smirking devilish. He heard a noise coming from a room that he hadn't checked yet.

"Hehe… ready or not, I'm gonna get you!" Mikey opened the door slowly.

"Raph? Leo? Donnie? Whoever is here, I suggest you to surrender!" Mikey said taking his Turtle Titan pose.

"Quién está ahí?" The voice of a woman echoed all over the room. Mikey couldn't saw her though.

"Oh-oh! Eh… are you ok… Miss?" Mikey asked hiding behind the door.

"QUIÉN ESTÁ AHÍ! LE EXIJO QUE SALGA!" the woman said with a terrified voice.

"Eh… Do you speak English miss? I can't understand you" Mikey asked.

"Y-yes… a little. Espera, can you listen to me?" the woman said with an accent clearly marked.

"Y-yeah, but I can't see you; it's kinda dark here"

The woman walked next to an opened window. She looked like a 30 years old woman with a pink shirt and a blue long skirt. Her hair was long and brown and she had a rosary on her neck.

"Now can you see me?" she asked.

"Yeah, are you ok?"

"I'm fine, creo… Let me see you" she said

"Eh… I guess is not a good idea" Mikey said hesitantly.

"Por favor… I have to see you" she insisted.

"Ok… but don't complain later" Mikey sighed and walked into the room. The woman gasped as she saw the giant talking turtle that stood in front of her.

"I didn't expect this… en verdad. Bueno pues, I think is better that nothing. I am Teresa, Teresa Ruiz"

"I'm Michelangelo but my bros call me Mikey… wait, aren't you scared?"

"A little, how old are you?" the woman asked again.

"Eh… 15"

"Hmm… this is strange, you are a teenager and still you can see me. I thought children were the only ones with that capacity"

"What are you talking about Miss Ruiz?"

"Mrs. Ruiz, por favor. I was married"

"Ups! Sorry"

"Well, it is good to meet someone who can see me after all this years" Mrs. Ruiz said cheerfully.

"Well, being here all alone… it's normal that not many people have the chance to see you"

"That is not the problem, Mikey; even if people came here… I think no one could see me now"

"And you say that because…?"

"Come on… not everyone can see dead people" Mrs. Ruiz said smirking friendly.

"Hehe, this is funny. For a moment I thought you said dead people… HAHAHAHA!" But Teresa remained in silence with a serious face.

"You're not… kidding, are you?" Mikey asked with fear.

"Unfortunately, no Mikey. I am not kidding"

"Y-you're… a… g-ghost?" Mikey asked stuttering.

"Yes, I…" Mikey disappeared before she could say something.


Mikey ran as fast as he could, trying to escape from that place. All his body was cold, his face was pale and he was nearly about to faint; his heart pumped furiously and his bandanna was soaked in cold sweat.

"Do you think it was a good idea leaving him alone in that place?" Don asked.

"Yeah, I feel bad for that. Poor Mikey; that place was creepy" Leo said.

"C'mon guys! It wasn't that bad. It's not like he's gonna see a monster or a ghost" Raph said.

"Hey, isn't that Mikey?" Don said as he saw the orange tails of his brother's bandanna flying in the air as he ran.

"Yeah, I think it's him. C'mon, we have to follow him" Leo ordered.

"Aww! I was havin' fun!" Raph complained.

The three masked ninjas ran after his little brother trying to follow him but it was almost impossible. Finally, Mikey collapsed on his knees trying to catch his breath.

"C'mon Mikey…You… didn't… see… a g-ghost! I-it was… your… imagination, just that!" Mikey said between breaths with his eyes closed. After a few second he stood up and opened his eyes just to see his red masked brother in front of him.

"Boo!" Raph said teasingly.

"AHHHH!" Mikey yelled and it was the last thing he did before the darkness surrounded him.

"HAHAHAHAHA! This is priceless! Little Mikey here fainted! HAHAHAHA! C'mon Mikey, get up" Raph said laughing. But Mikey didn't get up.

"Mikey, enough with the dumb act. I said get up!" Mikey didn't answer.

"Oh my…! Mikey!" Raph kneeled beside his little brother and tried to wake him up.

"Raph, what happened?" Leo asked in concern when he arrived to the place.

"I don't know! I just stood in front of him and then he fainted!"

"His pulse is accelerated. We have to take him home and soon!" Don said. The turtles ran to the next manhole and ran as fast as they could through the sewers.

Well, what do you think?

Yunuen, if you're reading this: I want Teresa to be Mexican with your permission ^_^