New York

13:30 pm

Location: The Kitano Hotel

The Wedding Day

The musicians started to play the Wedding March as the bride entered into the place. Everyone admired and commented Deborah's beautiful dress and jewels. All Mr. Ruiz's relatives were there… including Mr. Ruiz's "cousins"; Raph had switched places with Mikey so his ghost friend could be there too. Ann was behind Mr. Ruiz; Deborah didn't accept Ann as his maid of honor so Mr. Ruiz suggested her to be his "best lady".

"Ready, Mr. Ruiz" Ann asked.

"Yeah… well, maybe…, eh… not at all but… ok, I give. I'm not ready for this" Mr. Ruiz sighed.

"Relax, everything's gonna be ok. Just stick to the plan and don't be nervous" Ann calmed him.

"I'll try, dear" Mr. Ruiz said. He took his bride's hand and the Minister started the ceremony.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered together here in the sight of God, and in the face of this company, to join together this Man and this Woman in holy Matrimony; which is an honorable estate, instituted of God, signifying unto us the mystical union that is betwixt Christ and his Church: which holy estate Christ adorned and beautified with his presence and first miracle that he wrought in Cana of Galilee, and is commended of Saint Paul to be honorable among all men: and therefore is not by any to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly; but reverently, discreetly, advisedly, soberly, and in the fear of God. Into this holy estate these two persons present come now to be joined. If any man can show just cause, why they may not lawfully be joined together, let him now speak, or else hereafter for ever hold his peace" No one said a word.

"We shall continue, then" the Minister said. When he was about to talk again, Mr. Ruiz whispered something to the Minister's ear.

"Oh! Dearly beloved, the groom has prepared his own votes" the Minister said. Mr. Ruiz faced his bride and took her hands.

"Deborah, you have been a great woman and I'm honored you accepted to be with me forever. I love your beauty, your intelligence, and most importantly… your sincerity. I know I can trust in you and for that…" Mr. Ruiz said pulling out the ring… Teresa's ring.

"… I give you this ring as the symbol of our trust in each other" Mr. Ruiz said.

"Aww sweetie! You didn't have to" Sandoval said. But when she looked at the ring, her face became pale.

"H-honey… where did you get that ring?" Deborah said smiling nervously.

"I bought it" Mr. Ruiz said innocently.

"Yeah, well…obviously! But… how did you g-get it?" Deborah insisted.

"It is something the matter, love?" Mr. Ruiz asked softly. The guests had started to mumble about the weird scene.

"N-no… I… is just… er…" Deborah started sweating cold. She lifted her gaze to see Mr. Ruiz but she saw something else… or should I say… someone?

"N-no… not you!" Deborah mumbled looking at the figure behind Ruiz.

"Deborah?" Mr. Ruiz asked again.

"Mikey, what's going on?" April whispered.

"Eh… April? Seems like I'm not the only who can see her now" Mikey said noticing that Deborah could also see Teresa.

"Is everything ok?" the Minister asked in concern.

"Yes, Minister. She's just… nervous, right honey face?" Mr. Ruiz asked

"Y-yeah… yeah could be" Deborah said. When she was about to take the ring…

"No te atrevas" Mrs. Ruiz said angrily.

"AHHHH! Leave me alone!" Deborah screamed in fear.

"Mr. Ruiz, I suggest you to…" the Minister interfered but was cut off by an angry Deborah.

"No! We're gonna get married now! And YOU are NOT gonna stop me, Teresa! … …*gasp*…" Sandoval gasped realizing what she had just said.

"Gotcha!" Mikey murmured.

" … er… eh… I mean…" Deborah tried to excuse herself.

"Mommy?" Danny said happily.

"Danny? Sweetie, what are you saying?" Danny's grandma asked.

"It's mommy! There! Behind Miss Sandoval!" Danny said pointing at Deborah's place.

"Deborah, do you want to tell me something?" Mr. Ruiz asked. He already knew the truth but he needed her to talk.

"Me separaste de mi hijo!" Mrs. Ruiz said.

"No! Leave me!" Deborah yelled covering her ears.

"¿Por qué, Deborah? Por qué?" Mrs. Ruiz insisted.

"Ann, call the security now" Mr. Ruiz ordered to his secretary.

"Why Deborah?" Mrs. Ruiz asked with pleading eyes.

"Wanna now why, huh? Wanna now WHY? Because YOU took what it was supposed to be mine! You took Teodoro away from me, you ruined my life! And I ruined yours! HAHAHAHA! I RUINED YOURS!" Deborah yelled to the place in the corner of the wall where Teresa was standing.

"Deborah! You're talking nonsense!" Mrs. Dávila said angrily.

"He was mine, he was always mine! But you had to appear on his life; his mother chose ME, not YOU! When you married him I had to do something so he could be mine again!" Deborah yelled.

"Deborah, you have gone mad! Who are you talking to?" Mrs. Dávila asked.

"Grandma, she's talking to mom" Danny said.

"Your mom? But she's…"

"DEAD! YES, YOU. ARE. DEAD. TERESA! DEAD, DEAD, DEAD! And you know why? Because I killed you! I caused your death!" Deborah said dryly with a smirk on her face.

"Jesus Christ!" the Minister exclaimed, horrified by the woman's confession.

"D-Deborah… y-you… but…" Mrs. Dávila stuttered in shock.

"That's right, Mrs. Dávila! I solved your problem! I erased her from our life!" Sandoval said causing the guests to gasp and mumble comments of disagreement.

"You started the fire?" Mrs. Dávila asked still not believing Sandoval's words.

"Heh! It was easier than I thought…"


"Teodoro, el pediatra llamó. Quiere ver a Danny para su chequeo / Teodoro, the pediatrician called. He wants to see Danny for his chekup" Teresa said.

"Es un poco tarde para un chequeo, no? / Isn't it a little late for a chekup?" Teodoro asked.

"Sólo son las 5:00 pm. No es tan tarde / It's only 17:00. It's not that late" Teresa said softly.

"De acuerdo, de acuerdo. Regresaremos pronto. Danny, dile adiós a mamá / Alright, alright. We'll be back soon. Danny, say bye to mommy!" Teodoro said taking the baby in his arms and waving his tiny hand.

"Hehehe… adiós Danny. Ve con cuidado, cariño. Te amo / Hehehe… bye Danny. Be careful, honey. I love you" Teresa said and kissed his husband.

"También te amo, Teresa / Love you too, Teresa" Teodoro said kissing her back.

Two hours later, Teresa was reading when a strange but familiar smell surrounded the place. The woman started to cough and gasp for the lack of fresh air; Teresa stumbled and fell the floor. Before she closed her eyes, the door opened revealing Sandoval's silhouette.

"Eso se ganan por no escuchar mis advertencias. Adiós para siempre, Teresa / That's what you got for not listening to warnings. Farewell forever, Teresa" Deborah hissed.

Before this, Teresa's body went limp. Sandoval bent down, took off Teresa's ring and left the room. Once she closed the door behind her, the blond woman lighted on a cigarette and dropped it near the door. Three weeks later, the ring was sold to a local jewelry in New York.


"I wouldn't have done that if you had read my letters!" Deborah said.

"Wait… the letters were for… me?" Mr. Ruiz asked in shock.

"All of them! I was destroyed when your mother told me about your marriage! I had to take my revenge!" Sandoval yelled.

"Killing the mother of my grandson is your idea for revenge?" Mrs. Dávila interfered.

"You hated her!" Deborah argued.

"I never hated her. I was… just trying to protect my son. I thought she wanted him for his money but she proved my theory wrong" Mrs. Dávila said with little tears on her eyes.

"And now… I regret all the things I told her. She didn't deserve a death like that" Mrs. Dávila ended.

"If you wanted to kill Teodoro then… why did you accept to marry him?" Ann asked.

"Guess who wanted your money, darling?" Deborah said with an evil smirk on her face and looking at Mr. Ruiz.

"Is everything ok, sir?" the police man asked as they entered into the scene.

"Take that woman to the police station. The charges? Murder; and don't worry… I have plenty of proves" Mr. Ruiz ordered.

Two policemen took Sandoval who struggled with them trying to free herself from their grips, failing miserably.

"Take your hands off of me! Let me go! Let me go… CURSE YOU, TERESA!" Deborah yelled, her voice fading as the policemen took her out of the room.


17:45 pm

Once the guests left the hotel; only Ruiz, his mother and son; Ann, April and Mikey stayed in the now empty ballroom.

"Well, I guess is over now" Mr. Ruiz sighed in relief.

"Not yet. You know what we have to do now, Mr. Ruiz" Mikey said.

"Daddy, mommy is behind you. She's smiling at me!" Danny said cheerfully.

"Is she still here?" Ann asked. Mikey nodded.

"So… what now?" Mr. Ruiz asked. One hour later, they found themselves in the place where all started.

"Oh dear… this place… poor Teresa!" Mrs. Dávila exclaimed, horrified by the creepy scene she was seeing.

"It's ok, mom. She'll be ok now" Mr. Ruiz calmed his mom.

"What are you talking about, son?" Mrs. Dávila asked in confusion.

"You'll see it soon, mom"

"Well Mrs. Ruiz, as I promised… your family is safe now" Mikey said.

"Thank you so much, Mikey. Sorry for all the problems I caused you and your family" Teresa thanked him.

"No biggie… I'm happy to help" Mikey said smirking.

"What is she saying, Mikey?" Ann asked.

"Mommy says she loves you, daddy! And she loves me, too!" Danny said.

"Seems like your kid is better giving his mom's messages" Mikey chuckled.

"What else, Danny?" Mr. Ruiz asked to his son.

"Grandma, mommy says she loves you too and thanks you for taking care of me" Danny added.

"Ann… Teresa wants to thank you, too… for being there for her family" Mikey said.

"You're welcome, Teresa" Ann said wiping little tear on her cheek.

"Mr. Ruiz, your wife wants only one person to use that ring" Mikey said placing the ring on Ann's hand.

"M-me? But…" Ann stuttered.

"Ann, you will be a great woman for Teodoro. I know it" Mrs. Ruiz said.

Suddenly, a light illuminated the room and after a few seconds… Teresa's human form appeared; she was dressed with her pink shirt and the blue long skirt. Her hair was long and brown and she had a rosary on her neck… just like the first time Mikey saw her.

"TERESA?" everyone exclaimed in surprise.

"B-but… how?" Mikey stuttered.

"It is my time to leave, Mikey" Teresa explained softly.

"Teresa… my Teresa…you're as beautiful as always" Mr. Ruiz said, his voice breaking a little for the mixed emotions he felt in that moment.

"Thanks honey… but now… you have someone else who might want to hear those sweet words of yours" Teresa said looking at Ann.

"Ann, please… take care of them. You two will be a great couple" Teresa said. Ann and Teodoro looked at each other for a moment before holding hands.

"Mrs. Dávila… thanks for everything" Teresa continued. The latter nodded, tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Danny…" Teresa kneeled in front of his son and gave him a lovingly smile.

Mommy… please don't go" Danny said.

"I will not go, sweetie. I will be always watching you, ok? I love you" Teresa said a kissed his son's forehead.

"Love you too, mommy" Danny said.

Teresa walked near the window and looked at them for the last time. Just after the sunset, a white door opened in front of her. Teresa waved at her family and friends and entered.

"This place is so beautiful!" She exclaimed before the light disappeared. Teresa Ruiz was now in peace.

"Farewell… my love" Mr. Ruiz whispered letting the tears roll down his face. Ann hugged him trying to sooth him. That night, the family prepared for going back to Long Island.

"I'm gonna miss you. Thanks for everything" Ann said.

"Take care, Ann" April said. Ann and the Ruiz family entered into the car and made their way to the airport.

"What now, Mikey?" April asked.

"I don't know… but one thing is for sure… I won't go to an abandoned house for now. I'm done being a ghost whisperer! Such an exhausting job… makes me hungry. Speaking of that… how about some pizza?" Mikey asked cheerfully.

"You'll never grow up, will you?" April chuckled.

"Never in the life! Besides… being a kid has its advantages!" Mikey said with a wide smile on his face.

"Like talking to ghosts?" April asked teasingly making Mikey's smile to disappear.

"Eh? Aww shell! I NEED TO GROW UP!" Mikey yelled in despair.

"Oh really?" April raised an eyebrow.

"Nah! Hehe!" Mikey laughed. Both, human and turtle made their way home were the others waited… impatient to hear the whole story and of course… with a big slice of pizza.


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