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Chapter 1. The unexpected visitor

Erza Scarlet couldn't get to sleep.

She was walking nervously across her room.

It was getting on for midnight and nothing broke the silence in the guild. It seemed that everyone was fallen asleep.

Suddenly some quiet laughter came to her ears on the Natsu's room side.

"Oh, Happy, this is so funny!" Natsu's voice sounded. Erza heard it absolutely clear in the silence.

"Aye!" exclaimed the little cat and they laughed again.

Erza sighed. She suggested that the Fire Dragon Slayer and Happy were still not tired enough to sleep and couldn't stop talking. It seemed strange to her that somebody in the world could be in a mood for laughing…

"I need some fresh air…" the red-haired girl thought and opened the window. The night was charming. All nature was so quiet… It was in contrast with the chaos in Erza's soul.

She felt the cool night breeze. It was very pleasant. Unfortunately, the breeze wasn't enough to clear her mind. One and only though had embedded there and gave her no peace. She was unable to think about anything else.

Jellal Fernandes…

While she had been thinking that he was dead, her grief hadn't been so unbearable.

Now she knew that he was alive. And she knew that she would probably never see him again. He was taken away in the prison by the army of the Magic Council…

The worst was that she wanted so desperately to see him! Oh, she wanted it so much…

She would probably never see him again… That thought was breaking her heart. And there was no comfort for her…

"Why is this so painfully for me? Why can't I stop thinking about him? Why?"

Erza sighed again. She closed the window and fell back on her bed.

"I must not think about him any more! I must not think about him…" she ordered to herself.

The S-class mage buried her face in her pillow and closed her eyes.

She finally fell asleep. But even in her dream she couldn't free of the face that haunted her.


She saw his face, his blue hair, his dark eyes…He smiled to her…


When she reached her hand, the vision disappeared…

Don't leave me… Please don't leave me alone…


Erza suddenly woke up.

How much time did her dream continue? It was impossible for her to say. In any case it was still night. Oh, that night seemed endless! Time dragged heavily on. She had no patience to break the morning. She didn't want to sleep any more because her dreams were a torture for her…

And it was then she saw it. There was somebody in the room. She was not alone.

A dark silhouette was standing near to the window. It was definitely a male figure.

At the first moment she was scared but that fright passed immediately. The girl jumped to her feet, ready to fight if necessary. Her shining magical seal appeared around her and Erza got her sword. She directed her weapon to the unknown man.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" she asked in a menacing tone.

The midnight visitor made no reply.

"Answer me!" ordered she. "Answer or you will regret, I swear!"

The unknown man took a few steps forward. The pale moon-beams illuminated him. The light was enough for her to see and recognize him.

Erza was so shocked that she dropped the sword. She couldn't take her eyes off the man. She expected everything but this.

"Mystogan?" exclaimed she. "Why are you here?"

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