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Chapter 11. Erza's confession

Three hours later

When Erza and the others entered the guild hall everyone's eyes turned to them.

Makarov breathed a sigh of relief.

"Thank goodness, you are here! Erza, Mira!" exclaimed the guild master. "I was so concerned! What happened? Where is Mystogan? Did you find who the impostor is?"

"Yes, who is he? Do you know?" added Bisca and Alzack at the same time.

"I'm very curious! Please tell me!" said Cana.

"And how was the mission? What was the reason for the non-ending thunder storm? Was Laxus involved?" continued Makarov.

"And what is going on with him? He doesn't look well!" Macao pointed at Gajeel. Levy and Gray were supporting the Iron Dragon Slayer who was too exhausted to walk on his own.

Erza sighed. She was too tired to answer all these questions. She had an unbearable headache.

"Natsu, Gray, please explain in my stead," said she. "I will be my room. It was a long day and I need some rest."

"What did you say? Does it mean that Natsu was with you?" Makarov didn't believe his ears. He stared at the Fire Dragon Slayer. "Natsu! Didn't I forbid you to go after Erza?"

"Goodness! Now we must explain to the master!" thought Lucy.

"Well… Master… You see, we…" started the pink-haired mage for a second time that day.

Without waiting to see what would happen next, Erza has already turned her steps to her room. She really needed to be alone. She had to think about many things… and more importantly, she didn't want anyone to see her tears.


Five hours later

It was getting on for midnight.

Erza was extremely tired but she couldn't get to sleep. She was sitting next to the opened window.

"What a day…" the red-hired mage said to herself.

She had rethought all events again and again during the last few hours. Her nerves had already steadied down… and yet she wasn't absolutely calm.

"Something remained untold between me and him…" she whispered unconsciously.

"Yes, I think the same too," a male voice answered.

Erza raised her head. Jellal was standing in front of her.

She looked him up and down. He was still dressed like Mystogan. The black cloak enveloped his body but he didn't wear a mask and a hat. The night breeze dispersed his blue locks. Erza noticed that his face was very pale.

"I expected you," said she. Her voice was touched with emotion.

"I know that I shouldn't be here but I wanted to see you in private," answered the man. "I still don't know if you forgive me for my deception."

The girl made no reply. In fact, she didn't know herself if she forgive him or not.

The silence dragged on.

"Do you remember the night when I came here and asked you to go on a mission with me?" asked Jellal.

She smiled gloomy. "How could I forget it?"

"Then I asked you: "What is Jellal Fernandes for you?" You didn't answer me. Well, then you didn't know that you were speaking with me. But now you know my true identity… So let me ask again." He fixed his eyes on her. "What is Jellal Fernandes for you, Erza? Or should I say… What am I for you? Yes, that is the right question."

Erza swallowed with difficulty. What should she say? She didn't want to tell him a lie… But how could she confess her feelings?

"Do you want to know the truth itself? I told you… I wish I could hate you indeed but it is impossible for me. I was absolutely serious when I said that." Erza remained silent for a minute, and then continued with an effort: "The truth is that I love Jellal Fernandes. Yes, I love you… This love is painful for me but I can't stop thinking about you. This feeling is stronger than me." The red-haired girl stopped talking and looked at the man.

She expected him to answer but Jellal didn't say anything. Instead he just stared at her. His eyes sparkled.

Erza sighed and dropped her eyes. At the next moment she felt his lips pressed against hers. The kiss continued less than a second; after that he drew back immediately.

For a moment the red-haired mage was so shocked that she remained stone-still. She hadn't expected that action of his. A tear streamed down her cheek.

When she collected her faculties, she raised her head but there was nobody in front of her. She was alone in the room. The night silence surrounded her. Jellal had disappeared without any trace… as if he had fused himself with the darkness.

"Even Mystigan himself couldn't disappear so mysteriously," thought Erza.

And who knows why, that thought made her smile.

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