Confused with Ice and Fire

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Everybody had fun during the countdown to New Year because of the bright and colourful fireworks and firecrackers.

Juvia shyly asked Lucy if she could stay at Lucy's place for the night which made Lucy give her a questioning look.

"Um, Well Lucy-san, Juvia just wants to have some truce with you..." Juvia bowed her head; letting her hair cover the blush that was forming on her cheeks because of embarrassment. Lucy smiled at Juvia, Finally, She has been waiting for this day that Juvia won't consider her as a "Love Rival"

Lucy nodded in agreement as she held Juvia's hand and led her to her apartment.

Lucy prepared the bed for Juvia that was just beside hers. She and Juvia decided to lie down as Lucy turned the lights off and both of them went to bed

before they went to sleep, they chatted for almost an hour from the topic "Magic" to boys.

"So Lucy-san, Do you have a boyfriend?"

"Me? No" Lucy said as she stared at the ceiling with a smile

"But you have love Interest in Gray-sama right?"

"You thought wrong Juvia"


"We are just friends, I guess we care for each other cause were friends"

"Oh." Juvia rolled over to the stare outside the window and think of the things she said to Lucy that was rude.

Especially when she called Lucy as her love rival, which is not true after all.

"I'm sorry Lucy-san" Silence filled the air but Lucy decided to break it.

"How about you Juvia? Have you ever been In love?"

"I guess I could say that"

"Let me guess, It's gray?"

"I think." Juvia wasn't sure if it is really love she feels for gray since there are some feelings that she still cannot comprehend

"Lucy-san, How will Juvia Know if she is In Love?"

" I guess when you care for that person, Well, thats my opinion." both of them kept quiet after what Lucy said

"We better sleep Juvia, Its already Late"


And then she realized.

Juvia's heart started beating rapidly and her face starts to become red as she remembered one Incident that made her a little bit confused about who she really likes.


That was the last thing, or should I say person she thought about before she drifted to sleep because of either she was tired because of the celebration or because of thinking too much about a certain pink haired boy that she secretly likes.

Happy new year! I was thinking of making a One-shot but something different! My first NatsuXJuvia pairing!

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