Even though he displayed a façade of silent rage, strange sensations of euphoria rippled his insensitive demonic heart. He was to be Ciel Phantomhive's butler, and to remain so for eternity as long as they continued to journey in the mortal world.


Please forgive my seemingly unfeeling responses to small conversations. I am most apologetic. To me, Bocchan is always my first priority. I will not deny the fact that the one who once again filled my dead heart with emotions is the teal-haired, blue-eyed thirteen year old boy named Ciel Phantomhive.

Bocchan, you must probably regret ordering me to stay your butler for the rest of eternity. I will do my best to heed your orders even though the chance to dine on your most exquisite and enticing soul has scattered with the wind.

Please grant me more time to find my emotions once again. I promise that one day I will return all of Bocchan's feelings sufficiently with my own.

Your faithful butler,

Sebastian Michaelis

There was the sound of a drawer opening.

The sound of the drawer closing echoed throughout the dimly-lit, bare room, ricocheting off the walls.

In the suffocating darkness, a pair of red rubies glistened with a single drop of clear liquid.

He sat at his desk, his sapphire blue eye staring unblinkingly at the sheet of parchment before him, and set his pen down.


It must have been selfish of me to have you subject the rest of your eternity to my command, as my butler. Maybe that is why you will not converse with me like you used to. Maybe that is why you will not even show the slightest beginning of a smile whenever you comply with my orders.

Do you hate me?

If you do, I have no authority to take that emotion from you. Hate me all you want.

However, I still wish you to be my butler forever. I have gotten too used to your enigmatic yet comforting presence by my side. It has become something that I cannot live without. That is quite the only selfish part in my request.

I most sincerely hope that you will be able to revert back to Sebastian Michaelis, the demon butler I was so familiar with some day in the near future.

Ciel Phantomhive

If the boy had been more aware, he would have noticed that the sound of his desk drawer closing was in harmony with the one a couple rooms down the hall outside.

He let his head fall into his hands, not knowing how to feel about the perplexing situation he had brought down upon himself.

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