(καιρός) the right or opportune moment; a moment of undetermined time in which something special happens.

One. Lily Evans/ James Potter- I Don't Care

Hey, playboy, it's about time, and your time is up. I had to do this one for my girls, you know. Sometimes you gotta act like you don't care. That's the only way you boys learn.

I Don't Care- 2NE1

She doesn't care.

That's the mantra she plays over and over in her head whenever she sees that Potter lad. He's forever tormenting everyone, but he's still quite popular, really, and now he's decided that he wants her. Which should be flattering, really. But somehow it's not. Unlike most other girls, she's never fancied him, never even thought about him that way.

But after she hears that he thinks of her, y'know, that way, she can't help but consider her feelings for him. The very idea scares her. Her having feelings for James Potter? Impossible.

"Hey, Evans," James calls one day, brushing a piece of shaggy black hair out of his grey eyes. "Wanna come play a game with me and my friends?"

"The Git Group? No thanks," Lily snorts.

James blinks, unaffected. It's one of the things she loathes the most about him- no matter what she throws at him, his pride is still unaffected. "It's the Marauders, actually. And it's not as much of a game as it is a problem. We can't figure it out, and we figure you're the only girl smart enough to help us out."

"Flattery will get you nowhere, Potter," Lily informs him. Her eyebrows go down as she glares at him.

"Well, what will get me somewhere?" James laughs. He doesn't care, either- doesn't care that he's annoying her to death, doesn't care that one day she might just give in and say yes. To him, that would be the best thing since prank stores.

"If you go away, I might hate you a little less," Lily offers, knowing he won't take her up on it. One of his 'best qualities' is his perseverance- something she hates right now.

"That's okay," James tells her, grinning in that stupid way of his. "I like being here."

"Of course you do," Lily sighs. One of her friends, Rylie Carson, comes up. Resting an arm on Lily's shoulder, she glares at James. "Hey, Lil. What do you want, Potter?"

"I was talking to Lily," James explains. "I need her to help me with a problem."

"There's no problem our Lily can't solve," Rylie grins, elbowing Lily in the gut. Lily wants to protest, but she knows it's true. The Gryffindor has always had a knack for solving whatever problems come their way. Some teachers (especially the Head of Ravenclaw) contradict the Sorting Hat's decision, saying Lily should have been in Ravenclaw. Beside her, Rylie nudges her again. "She'd be happy to help you- um- children with your problem."

Rylie loathes James and the Marauders; this is a known fact. However, she thinks that Lily and James look good together, so she takes every opportunity (even this one) to attempt to get them together.

It never works, and Lily wishes she'd realize this.

"She would?" James' eyes light up with pure happiness. Lily groans internally. This won't end well.

"Sure, she would," Rylie chuckles. "Go, Lily. Go help widdle James and Remus and Sirius and the worm lad."

"The worm lad?" James asks, confused.

Rylie raises an eyebrow. "Isn't that what you call him? Wormtail? I don't know his given name, sorry. I don't pay much attention to any of you." Tossing her dark brown hair over her shoulder, Rylie struts away, going to talk to her boyfriend of the moment.

"What is her problem?" James mutters in undertone before turning to Lily. "Come along, Lily. I'll show you what our problem is."

I don't care about what your problem is, Lily thinks furiously. Rylie signed me up for this. I don't want to do it! I don't care about you!

But she does care just a little bit about James' feelings and she does want somewhere deep inside to keep that happy (not smug, for once) grin on his face, so she follows him down the corridors to where the rest of the Marauders are gathered. Remus, the one of the group who is the least irritating, grins at her and James. "Wow, Prongs, you got Lily! We didn't think you could actually get her to come, Padfoot and Wormtail were placing bets-"

"I lost," Peter cries.

"I have more faith in you, mate," Sirius Black tells James, walking up and putting his arm around James. "But, y'see, Lily, we've got a pretty tough puzzle to solve that we need a little help with. Of course, we've got Moony, but the more the merrier."

"What do you need me to help you with?" Lily inquires quizzically.

"Just this little map here," James answers breezily. Slowly, carefully, he removes the map from the hands of Sirius and Remus. He then (still so carefully) hands it over to her.

At first, the map seems like a normal map. Then she notices the intricate handwriting that decorates the cover. "The Marauder's Map." Her head jerks up in shock. "You made this?"

"You sound surprised," James snickers.

"We're sort of smart," Sirius grins.

"I'm sort of smart," Remus contradicts. "They are pretty much incompetent in everything except getting girls and Quidditch."

"And Defence Against the Dark Arts!" James cries out.

"Yeah, they're okay in Defence Against the Dark Arts," Remus winks.

"Moony!" James exclaims. He turns to her, obviously wanting to impress her. "Lily, I'll have you know that my score on the OWLs in Defence Against the Dark Arts was higher than Remus' score."

"That's nice," Lily murmurs, not really caring. Or at least that's what she tells herself. She is actually a little bit impressed that incompetent James Potter gets higher than Remus, who at least got an Acceptable. Which means that James probably got an Exceeds Expectations or Outstanding, possibly higher than her Exceeds Expectations. And that means he isn't as stupid as she thinks him to be. If this is true, then it is possible she should reconsider her feelings for him.

That is something she does not want to do.

Because she doesn't care about him.

Really, she doesn't.

Even though no one believes her.

"Lily!" James' annoying voice yells. "Earth to Lily Evans!"

"I'm still on Earth, James," Lily sighs. "And sadly, so are you."

Remus tries to hide a snigger behind his hands, Sirius laughs out loud, and Peter looks shell-shocked. James just shrugs. "What happened to you? You zoned out for ten minutes or so."

"I was just thinking," Lily tells him. "Something that you obviously never do."

James puffs out his chest. Disappointment floods Lily as she realizes that she still hasn't hurt his pride a bit. "Why the sudden need to insult me, Evans?"

"No reason," Lily shrugs. "Just felt the need to speak truth for once."

"Good one," James rolls his eyes. "Anyway, since you're finally back, we need your help to find all the secret passages of Hogwarts."

"Oh, that's easy," Lily blurts. "I've already found three, when I was upset."

All of their heads turn to face her. Remus' face is happy, Sirius' and Peter's surprised, and James' is proud and excited.

"Four?" Sirius exclaims. "We- even with Remus' help- have only managed to find one!"

"Three, meathead," Remus smacks Sirius' head. "She's found three."

Sirius blushes, embarrassed. "Oh, yeah."

"Well, aren't you going to show us where they are?" James exclaims again.

"I suppose," Lily shrugs. "Follow me."

Excited as little kids with a pile of candy, the Marauders traipse behind Lily down the dark corridors of Hogwarts. Smirking, Lily tells them, "You know I could be leading you to your death."

"You're not a Slytherin, Evans," James sniggers. All of the other three laugh too.

"Slytherins aren't so bad," Lily growls. Finally, she stops at a corner. "See, this wall, it's a passage." She knocks on it twice, and then the brick falls apart. Grinning, she taps her foot twice more, and it puts itself back together again.

"That's terrific!" Sirius exclaims.

"How did you find this?" James asks, bug-eyed.

"I have my ways, Potter," Lily laughs. "So, who's going first?" She knocks on the brick again and it crumbles at her feet.

All of them being brave Gryffindors, they all raise their hands at the same time. Rolling her eyes, Lily states, "I'm going first. All of you, follow me."

She steps in carefully, James following her. Suddenly, Peter trips and the wall closes off.

"Oh, Merlin!" She curses.

"What's going on, Lily?" James asks, worried.

"Nothing, except we're kindofsortofstuckinhere," Lily mutters quickly.

His eyes widen. "What?"

"We're kind of sort of stuck in here," Lily repeats, stretching out her words.

"What do you mean, we're kind of sort of stuck in here?" James asks.

"We're stuck, all right?" Lily hissed. "This is a secret hiding spot I discovered a while ago. It doesn't open from the inside, only the outside, if someone knows the password."

"Didn't you just show them the password?" James asks.

Lily sighs at her own stupidity. She'd always written off James as the stupid one- but hey, she'd never have guessed that she'd ever be in this situation! "No. The clapping was a distraction. I was doing something else."

Green eyes lighting up with interest, James questions, "What did you do?"

"I'm not telling you, Potter," Lily sighs, leaning against the door. "But anyway, this won't open for a good hour. That's the downfall of this hiding spot."

"And you didn't tell us beforehand because...?" James wonders.

Leaning farther down against the door, Lily whispers, "I wanted it to be a surprise."

"Some surprise," James grumbles, but somehow he is able to keep grinning. He's always been a cheerful one, which bothers Lily somehow.

You don't care, Evans, she reminds herself. But that's only on the outside. On the inside, she knows she really does for some reason. "Why are you always so cheerful?"

"For what reason should I be upset?" James replies. "I'm stuck in here with a beautiful girl, aren't I?"

Lily sighs. "Don't go doing that conceited prat thing on me now, Potter. I was actually starting to think you were decent."

"Fine, fine," James quiets himself. Finally, he asks, "How long now?"

"Forty minutes," Lily replies. It's quiet for another five minutes before James speaks up again.

"I'm bored, Evans."

"So?" She crosses and uncrosses her feet to keep them from falling asleep.

"Entertain me, won't you?" He requests.

"What do you want me to do, do a dance in this little enclosed space?" She sniggers.

"Can't you at least talk?" he begs.

"What about?" She frowns.

"I don't know," James crosses his legs too, to mimic hers. "How much you fancy me?"

"I don't fancy you, James," Lily growls.

James smirks widely. "Ooh, you said my name. But why don't you ? Fancy me, I mean? I fancy you."

"Obviously," Lily grumbles. "I don't know. I don't go for conceited gits."

It's quiet again, and Lily learns to savour the silence before James says something else. "I'm not just a conceited git."

"You aren't?" Lily answers in false surprise.

"No!" James exclaims. "I'm also funny, and good at defending myself, and romantic-"

"And that's all great," Lily frowns. "But you have no respect for others' feelings."

"I respect yours," James says quietly.

And then it is quiet again.

Lily is the first to speak. "Do you?"

"Do I what?" James asks.

"Respect my feelings?" Her voice is harsh. She sees the wince on James' face, and she feels like wincing too. You don't care, she reminds herself. Even she finds that hard to believe now.

"I do," James tells her. "I've fancied you since first year, did you know that? I watched you as you went through boy after boy. None of them were good enough for you, I knew that. But you seemed happy and as long as you were happy, so was I. I tried to stay out of your life; I knew I wasn't good for you. But I couldn't do it. I'm sorry."

"Wow, James," She looks up at him. "That was surprisingly deep- for a Marauder."

Then he laughs, breaking the tension, and she does too. Finally, he leans over and gives her a quick kiss.

"And that was surprisingly deep, for a Evans," He replies.

You don't care, she says to her fluttering heart.

And she wonders when she's going to stop lying to herself.

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