People always bitch about their families, how they drive them screaming to the padded room in a straitjacket. They don't have the right in my opinion. They have normal lives. I ein't got that option. I'm on the road all the time with my family you see. When I say family I mostly mean my older brothers, Sam and Dean.

My family don't do normal. We go all around the country searching and hunting the supernatural. Crazy much, you don't know the half of it. It has been this way since my Mom got killed by a creature when I was six months old. Dad took revenge and raised me and my brothers to be hunters. I was twelve years old when I first blasted something with a shotgun. Most kids my age, hell even some adults would pass out at the things I have seen.

Oh by the way my name is Christina Winchester. People call me Chris for short.


We were heading for California and the Impala pulled into the parking lot of a cheap motel. I observed my surroundings from the passenger seat and I let out a groan. My brother Dean looked at me as he turned off the car engine and climbed out. I pointed over to a building across the road from the motel.

"Really Dean?," I complained grabbing my rucksack as I got out the car, "Hooters!"

"Aw come on! ," he chuckled, "I'm hungry."

"Hungry for food?," I questioned with folded arms as we stood in the parking lot, "I know the real reason."

"Which is?"

"Hell I ain't saying nothing," I said giving him a shove then I smirked as I turned on my heels "Just don't bring no chick back."

Being alone gives me time to reflect on things. Mostly on family. Last month I was on a hunt with Dad and Dean in North Dakota. Then we got up and headed to Washington for a werewolf case. It was awesome! I shot the bastard clean in the gut. I swear I saw a look of pride in Dad's eyes when I did, even though he wanted me to stay back and let him and Dean to the job. Like hell was I staying behind for that! In the end I saved their asses from being chewed up. They gave a gruff thanks and a clap on the shoulder. That was the thanks I got. Sam would have been more thankful. I missed my brother Sam a lot. Him and Dad had a fight four years ago and Sam got up and left. He wanted to go to college but Dad hated the idea. Still he's gone. Living the life of a college boy. And I'm stuck in the back of the Impala with Dad and Dean.

Dad went on a hunting trip and hadn't come back. That was two weeks ago. I was worried and so was Dean. I tried calling him thousands of times but it kept going to voicemail which pissed me off. Where the hell was he? Why wasn't he answering me and Dean's calls? Dean assured me that he was fine and that we would find him in the long haul. Still two weeks was a long time. I collapsed onto the bed and stared at the ceiling. "Dad where are you" I whispered to myself.

I was literally drag out of bed the following morning. By the ankles! I'm telling ya growing up with Dean as a brother can be a real pain in the ass. He used to do that to Sam all the time. Least Sam was more gentle and he would shove me out of bed. What can I say I'm used getting wrestled to the floor. My escape method was usually a swift knee in the crotch then I would crawl out the way as fast as I could. Come to think of it. I still do that. I'm small for my age but what I lack in height I gain in strength and stamina. I reckon I could still beat Sam at a sprinting race.

The Impala roared down the highway and the trees and sky sped past like lighting. Put it this way Dean didn't drive like a grandma.

"You never said why were in California," I said to Dean , "Are we headed for Jericho to find Dad?"

Dean was silent. I scanned my brains until my eyes lit up and the penny dropped.

"It's Stanford ain't it," I said with a small hint of excitement in my voice, "Where going to see Sammy."

Dean was still silent. I sighed and a hunched down in the passenger seat, I was plucking up some courage. Then I said it to which I regretted in bringing it up. This was going to be awkward

"I know what your thinking Dean. You're hoping that Sam comes with us to find Dad."

I could see him grip the steering wheel tightly. I bit my lip. Crap. I was so busted for bringing up Sam. I wasn't allowed to bring him up in conversations. Not like we had many that didn't involve blowing things up with rock salt. Sam leaving home upset Dad and Dean warned me never to bring it up. I couldn't blame Sam though. I couldn't blame him for wanting a normal life. Shame Dad and Dean didn't see it that way. I just kept my mouth shut. Well this time I wasn't going to hold back. I wasn't ten anymore.

"I know that's what your thinking. Don't go and deny it. You're my brother and I can read you like a book."

At that point I noticed we had pulled into the side of the road. I was going to get lectured or yell at. By the pissed off expression on Dean's face, I knew he was going to yell at me.

"You listen to me," he growled, his eyes hard, "When Sam left he made it clear he didn't want to be part of this family."

"That's bull!" I cried out in Sam's defence, "He didn't abandon the family. He wanted to see want being normal was like. I don't blame him."

"You don't understand anything," retorted Dean, "You were only a kid when Sam left anyway."

"And by you and Dad's attitudes I still am a kid! I'm fourteen Dean! You know something?"


"Sammy cares more about me than you and Dad. He doesn't hide anything from me. He doesn't lie about the truth. He talks about things with me. I ask him questions about Mom and he answers. Not like you and Dad. You act like I'm a liability."

"That's a lie!" hissed Dean, "You know it is!"

"Do I?" I responded unfastening my seatbelt and climbing out the car.

At that point I felt like running away and seeing if Dean would come after me. Instead I climbed into the back seat of the Impala. I huddled in the corner trying to avoid Dean's gaze. I hated arguing but I had to make my presence and point known. I wasn't going to sit back and be miserable. Thinking about again made my eyes sting.

I'm a sucker when it comes to arguments. I can never stay mad at someone for a long period of time. The only person I ever argued with was Dean. We have never rowed before. Not like him or Dad. Annoyingly Dean always seemed to win me round one way or another. We were pissed at each other for a good hour and a half then Dean started playing his Bon Jovi cassette tape. I smile and we were then singing along to Living on a Prayer.

I was woken up around 3.00am. I climbed out and I realised we had arrived at Stanford.

"Dude it's 3.00am," I yawned stretching "Wait till morning."

Yet as always he ignored me and walked right in the building. I huffed still half asleep.

"Dammit Dean" I groaned in annoyance as I followed him into the apartment building.

I was lagging behind a little but I was soon aware of a commotion so I rushed in to witness Dean tackle Sam to the floor.

"Whoa, easy, tiger" Dean laughed.

"Dean?" Sam said in shock, "You scared the crap out of me"

"That's cause you're out of practice" Dean smirked, Sam then flipped him over "Or not…Get off me."

At that point Sam noticed me, his eyes narrowed. I was ten when we last saw each other. That was four years ago and I had grown up since then.


"Sammy" I beamed happily as we embraced, "Long time no see."

"What the hell are you doing here?" Sam said, turning back to Dean. "Well I was looking for a beer" he grinned to which I rolled my eyes.

Sam wasn't amused. "What the hell are you two doing here?"

Dean put his hands up to calm him down. "Okay, all right, we gotta talk"

"Uh, the phone?" Sam said, shaking his head.

"If I'd have called, would you have picked up?" Dean asked.

The lights flicked on. "Sam?" said a voice. It came from girl, who I assumed was Sam's girlfriend.

"Jess, hey" he smiled. "Dean, Chris, this is my girlfriend Jessica"

"Wait, your brother and sister?" she asked.

"I love the Smurfs" Dean smiled, pointing to her shirt. "You know I gotta tell you, you are completely out of my brother's league" I rolled my eyes again.

"You see what I have to put up with 24/7," I said "I can't go anyway with him."

"Just let me put something on" Jess smirked.

"No, no, no, I wouldn't dream of it…Seriously" he finished. I elbowed him in the ribs in an attempt to shut him up. "Anyway, me and Chris gotta borrow your boyfriend here, talk about some private family business, but, uh, nice meeting you"

"No. No. Whatever you wanna say you can say it in front of her" Sam insisted, putting an arm protectively around her waist.

"Okay. Um…dad hasn't been home in a few days" he replied to which I nodded to Sam.

Sam just shrugged. "So he's working over-time on a "Miller Time" shift; he'll stumble back in sooner or later"

"Dad's on a hunting trip," I said simply ,"And he hasn't been home in a few days."

"Jess, excuse us" Sam said gravely. "We have to go outside"

Dean started as we trekked downstairs. "We need your help, Sammy"

"No," Sam chuckled. "I mean come on; you can't just break in, in the middle of the night, and expect me to hit the road with you."

"Why not?," I asked slightly disappointed. I knew he would say that.

"Because it would be stupid."

"You're not hearing me Sammy," Dean butted in. "Dad's missing; We need you to help us find him."

"You remember the poltergeist in Amherst, or the devil's gates in Clifton?" Sam said. "He was missing then too, he's always missing and he's always fine"

"I wish I had your optimism Sam" I mumbled.

"Not for this long. Now you gonna come with us or not?" Dean asked.

"I'm not" Sam sighed.

"Why not?" Dean asked, frustrated.

"I swore I was done hunting for good"

"Come on, it wasn't easy, but it wasn't that bad" said Dean.

"Yeah? When I told dad when I was scared of the thing in my closet he gave me a .45" Sam said.

"Didn't he do the same with me?" I asked aloud to which I was ignored.

"What was he supposed to do?" replied Dean.

"I was nine years old" added Sam bluntly, "He was supposed to say don't be afraid of the dark"

"Don't be afraid of the dark!" said Dean "Of course you should be afraid of the dark you know what's out there!"

"He's got a point Sam" I added truthfully.

Sam looked at us both "Yeah I know but still the way we grew up after Mom was killed and Dad's obsession to find the thing that killed her, but we still haven't found the damn thing. So we kill everything we can find."

Sam was right on the money with that. Dad was obsessed. He never talked about that night or even about Mom. Sometimes I even felt that I somehow reminded him of her. I've seen photos of her and Sam told me stories about her in order to get me to sleep when I was little. I look nothing like her. I have the same dark wavy hair as Sam and I have green eyes like Dean. I don't feel anything when Mom is mentioned. Or at least I think I don't. I didn't even known her.

"Do you think Mom wanted this life for us?" I asked quietly awaiting and hoping for an answer.

Dean glared at me and marched away, Sam put a hand on my shoulder and came me a comforting smile which ease my tension a little then Sam went to follow Dean. They then started on how Dad raised us like soldiers and how Sam wanted to life a normal and as Dean would put it "apple pie life"

Then Dean stated "Yeah well Dad's in real trouble if he's not dead already, I can feel it."

He caught the worried look in my eyes and he whispered to Sam "I can't do this alone."

"Oh thanks," I said sarcastically "What have I been to you then huh?"

"A pain in the ass" responded Dean punching me in the arm.

Sam sighed and asked "What was he hunting?"

The trunk of the Impala was lifted up to reveal the Aladdin's cave of weapons. There was guns and knives galore. I remember being amazed as a kid the first time I saw all those weapons. I was always told to stay away from it and I was forbidden to touch them until I was trained.

"So when dad left, why didn't you go with him?" Sam asked as Dean rummaged through the trunk.

"We were down in New Orleans on a hunt," I said burrowing my hands in my jean pockets.

"You went on a hunt?" said a stunned Sam.

"Yup," I remarked "I'm fourteen. Man I even keep a gun under my pillow every night."

Dean emerged from the truck with a book stuffed with papers in his hand "All right, here we go. So dad was checking out this two-lane blacktop outside of Jericho, California. About a month ago this guy" He pulled out the newspaper clipping. "- they found his car but he'd vanished, completely M.I.A."

"So maybe he was kidnapped" Sam shrugged.

"I doubt that Dude," I said with raised eyebrows "Dad wouldn't be gone this long over some bozo who got himself kidnapped."

"Yeah well, here's another one in April, another one in December '04, '03, '98, '92; Ten of them over the past 20 years, all men, all same 5-mile stretch of road. Started happening more and more so dad went to go dig around" He looked to me.

"That was about three weeks ago" I said in response.

"We hadn't heard from him since, which is bad enough. Then I get this voicemail yesterday" said Dean handing Sam his cell phone.

"Voicemail!" I said diving for the cell "You never said you got a voicemail from Dad!"

Sam gave the cell to me to which we listened to the message. My brow furrowed in concentration.

"There's EVP on that?" I murmured thoughtfully to which Dean nodded.

"All right. I slowed the message down, and ran it through a Gold Wave took out the hiss," he said, "and this is what we got."

"Never go home" I said in confusion, repeating the message again to make sure that's what I heard.

Dean turned to Sam "You know in almost two years I've never bothered you. Never asked you for a thing…"

"All right. I'll go. I'll help you find him" Sam stated. "But I have to get back first thing Monday. Just wait here"

"What's first thing Monday?" I quizzed hugging Sam's arm giving him my trademark puppy dog eyes.

"I have this…I have an interview" Sam said nervously trying to make sure Dean hadn't heard.

Dean smirked. "What, a job interview? Skip it"

I gave Dean a small brisk kick as he passed by "Ignore him Sammy I do."

"It's a law-school interview, and it's my whole future on a plate" continued Sam

"Law school?" I smiled up at Sam but I was disheartened for Sam's sake by what Dean would say.

"So we got a deal or not?" Sam asked, going back inside. Dean nodded and motioned me to get in the car.

He jumped in and sat in silence until Sam came back with his bag which he dumped in the truck. Sam gave me a quick glance before he sat in the front passenger seat. I decided to lay back I try to catch up on the hours of sleep that I had missed. I was desperate as Dean starting prodding questions about Sam's sex life.

"Ew Dean!" I groaned sleepily rolling over "Tell him Sam."

I didn't catch the rest of the conversation as I was overwhelmed by exhaustion.

I woke with a start around five hours later. Daylight almost blinded me as I sat up. I looked and noticed we were at a gas station.

"Where's Dean?" I asked Sam leaning forward and rubbing my eyes "He in the station?"

Sam nodded and turned to face me " Chris what would you say if I went to law school?"

"It's your choice Sammy," I said simply laying my chin on his shoulder "You have my blessing."

"Thanks Chrissie" smiled Sam.

I saw Dean coming back to the Impala and I cleared my throat "Though I know what he'll say about it."

"Hey, you want breakfast?" Dean asked us.

"Yup, Gimme a soda and a breakfast bar," I answered to which I received "Thanks."

"No thanks," Sam said, glancing up. "So how'd you pay for that stuff? You and dad still running credit card scams?."

"Yeah well…hunting ain't exactly a pro-ball career" Dean smiled. "Besides, all we do is apply, it's not our fault they send us the cards."

"What are you and Dad called this time then?" I asked chewing the breakfast bar.

Dean got back in the driver's seat. "Uh…Bert Aframian and his son, Hector. Scored two cards out of the deal"

"Hector!" I laughed almost choking.

"Sounds about right" Sam smirked.

Sam was at this point showing an interest in Dean's music. Or should I say disgust.

""I swear man; you gotta update your cassette-tape collection" he said ruffling through the collection.

"Why?" asked Dean looking snubbed.

"Well for one they are cassette tapes, and two—"he said, pulling a few out. "Black Sabbath? Motor-head? Metallica? It's the greatest hits of mullet rock"

Dean grabbed a cassette out of his hands and put it in the player. "House rules, Sammy. Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cake hole"

Sam rolled his eyes. "You know Sammy is a chubby 12 year old. It's Sam, okay?"

Dean increased the volume of the player to which the music blared. "I'm sorry, I can't hear you" he remarked, pulling out of the gas station. "The music's too loud."

"Turn that crap off!" I howled cradling my ears "I can do Led Zeppelin and Bon Jovi but not this!"

Dean shot me a goofy grin in the rear view mirror to which I buried my head in my hands in irritation.

"Why me!" I moaned.

"All right, so there's no one matching dad at the hospital or morgue, so that's something, I guess" stated Sam as he hung up on his cell phone.

"That's good to hear at least" I replied.

"Check it out" Dean said.

Ahead, there was a bridge swamped with police.

"Uh oh looks like there's trouble" I said observing the situation from the back of the Impala. Dean pulled up and produced two fake IDs, giving on to Sam. "You're an intern" he said to me. I nodded. "Come on."

"Did you guys find anything?" a police officer asked, calling down to a guy off the bridge.

"No, nothing!" he yelled back.

Another officer came out of an abandoned car. "No sign of struggle, no footprints, no fingerprints. Spotless, it's almost too clean"

"So this kid Troy, he's dating your daughter isn't he?" one questioned.

"Yeah" another answered.

"How's Amy doing?" he asked.

"She's putting up missing posters downtown."

Dean approached the car. "You fella's had another one just like this last month, didn't ya?" he asked.

"Who are you?" the officer asked, narrowing his eyes.

Dean gave a smirk, and showed the officer his fake ID, "Federal Marshals"

"You two are a little young for Marshals, aren't you?" the officer asked.

Dean just smiled. "Thanks, that's awfully kind of you" he said. "You did have another one just likes this correct?"

"Yeah, about miles up the road" he pointed. "There have been others before that"

"So this victim, you knew him?" Sam asked.

The officer nodded. "In a town like this, everybody knows everybody"

Dean circled the car, trying to appear professional as possible. "Any connections between the victims besides that they're all men?" he asked, "No, not so far as we can tell" the officer said shaking his head.

"So what's the theory?" Sam asked, walking towards Dean. I followed, checking the car for signs of anything suspicious. I have a keen eye for that sort of thing.

"Honestly? We don't know" he replied. "Serial murder? Kidnapping ring?"

Dean rolled his eyes. "Well that is exactly the kind of crack police work that I'd expect out of you guys"

Sam stomped down on Dean's foot. "Thank you for your time" he smiled at the officer. We headed back and Dean suddenly smacked Sam over the head. "Ow! What was that for?"

"Why do you have to step on my foot?" Dean asked.

"Why do you have to talk to police like that?"

"Come on. They don't really know what's going on. We're all alone on this. I mean if we're gonna find dad we've gotta get to the bottom of this thing ourselves," said Dean

I tugged on Dean's jacket as two officers and agent were approaching us. "Can I help you?" asked the sheriff.

"No sir, we were just leaving" Dean smiled as we went back to the Impala.

"Now what" sighed Sam looking a little defeated.

I said as I clambered into the back seat "We can go find the chick the cops were on about. They said she was downtown somewhere putting up posters. I heard some officer on a radio when I was checking out that car."

We arrived downtown were we met the girl Amy who gave us her story. Then a strange story about a girl on the Centennial Highway came up in the conversation which got us thinking. The library was our next destination. Dean typed up on the search engine "Female murder hitchhiking". Nothing. Then he tried "Female Murder Centennial Highway" and once again no results were found.

Sam moved the mouse away from Dean. "Let me try"

Dean slapped with Sam's hand . "I got it"

Sam sighed and pushed Dean out of the way which obviously annoyed him. "Dude," Dean said, "You're such a control freak"

"So angry spirits are born out of violent death, right?" Sam asked to which I grinned and chuckled to which Dean shut me up with a death glare.

"Hey what if it isn't murder," I said standing between them looking at the computer to which they both looked at me.

"It could be a suicide victim," I added as I typed in "Female Suicide Centennial Highway" to which a result appeared on the screen "See."

I read out the result "This was 1981. Constance Welch, 24 years old; Jumps off Sylvania Bridge, drowns in the river."

"Does it say why she did it?" asked Dean.

I continued to read "An hour before they found her, she calls 911. Her two little kids are in the bathtub, she leaves them alone for a minute, she comes back, and they aren't breathing. Both die."

Then Dean pointed at the screen "Does that bridge look familiar to you?". I noticed that Dean was smiling. I sighed.

"I known were this is going" I grumbled as we left the library.

There was a creepy feeling waiting on that bridge at night. It was the same bridge that was surrounded by the cops that same morning. It was second nature to me now, sneaking around in the dark. I would be ready with my gun and knife. Dad and Dean had taught me well.

"So this is where Constance took the swan dive" Dean said, as me and him peered over the edge of the bridge.

"So you think dad would have been here?" Sam asked, looking over at us.

"Well he's chasing the same story and we're chasing him" said Dean with a shrug of his shoulders.

He glanced at me for a second then returned to the present situation.

"Okay so now what?" Sam wondered aloud.

"Now we keep digging till we find him" explained Dean then he sighed "It might take a while"

"Dean, I told you, I've gotta get back by—"

"Monday." said Dean abruptly. "Right, the interview"

"Yeah" Sam sighed with a look of sadness in his eyes.

"Yeah, I forgot" Dean said. "You're really serious about this aren't you? You think you're just gonna become some lawyer? Marry your girl?"

"Maybe" said Sam shrugging his shoulders. "Why not?"

"Does Jessica know the truth about you?" asked Dean. "I mean, does she know about the things you've done?."

"Aw Jesus," I groaned moving away from them "I knew this would come up."

"No and she's not ever going to know" Sam stated coldly.

"Well that's healthy" said Dean scornfully. "You can pretend all you want, Sammy. But sooner or later you're going to have to face up to who you really are" He moved beside me.

Sam followed. "Who is that?"

"One of us" Dean said, indicating me and him.

"No, I'm not like you. This is not going to be my life" said Sam.

Dean gave a sigh. "Well you've got a responsibility".

"To dad and his crusade?" Sam asked in disbelief. "If it weren't for pictures Chris wouldn't even know what Mom looks like. What difference would it make? Even if we do find the thing that killed her, Mom's gone, and she isn't coming back!"

I gasped in horror and both turned and faced me. Then Dean turned to face Sam. A look of fury flushed his face.

Dean grabbed Sam by the shirt and rammed him against a bridge rail. "Don't talk about her like that" he snarled.

"Stop it!" I whimpered as I wasn't keen on seeing Sammy get a busted nose, and I hated it when Mom was brought up in their stupid arguments.

Dean let go of Sam and turned to face me and I realised he wasn't looking at me. I turned my own head to see a woman with long dark hair dressed white standing on the side of the bridge. She suddenly turned and let go of the rail, plummeting into the water.

I leaned over the bridge to see if there was any moment. Nothing. Dean and Sam joined me.

"Where'd she go?" Dean asked.

"She's just gone" I said in disbelief gazing into the water.

Suddenly there was a roar of a car engine. I looked up and tapped on Dean's shoulder.

""Who's driving your car?" Sam asked.

Dean reached into his pocket and I stared in horror as he held his car keys in his hand. The Impala became animated was driving in our direction.

"Aw come on!" I cried as we charged along the bridge as the Impala was ready to plough us down.

Then I was aware of Sam and me vaulting over the bridge railing.

"SHIT!" I yelped.

I managed to grab hold of the side of the railing to prevent me falling down into the water. Sam pulled me up and over.

"Where's Dean?" I asked breathing heavily.

Sam leaned over and called out for him. We waited several seconds.

"What!" came a frustrated reply.

Dean had pulled himself onto the bank. He was dripping wet and cake in mud. For his sake I hope it was mud.

"Hey, are you all right?" Sam called back.

"I'm super" shouted Dean, collapsing on the bank.

"Hey man! Don't come near me" I warned Dean when he finally made it back up. "You're making my eyes water."

"Shut up" he said wiping a hand over my face with hell I don't even wanna know.

"You suck!" I shouted at him to which he just laughed which pissed me off.

"Car all right?" Sam asked him.

"Yeah whatever she did to it, it seems all right now," he sighed, then he yelled "That Constance chick—what a bitch!"

"Well she doesn't want us digging around, that's for sure" Sam added sitting on the hood of the Impala beside me.

"So where's the trail go from here, genius?" asked Sam. Dean threw his hands up which signalled that he didn't have a plan. Great.

Sam thought for a minute then scowled at the stench that was coming from Dean.

"Dude, you smell like a toilet" he said making me laugh that resulted me in being shoved off the hood by Dean.

"Asshole" I hissed rubbing my bruised ass.

I waited by the Impala while Sam and Dean got us a motel room, I gazed around me as I always did with new surroundings. I also noticed another thing. A tear on my jeans at the knee.

"Bitch" I mumbled picking at it feebly "Stupid bridge."

"Chris" called Dean

"What?" I replied jogging over to were they both stood.

"Dad was here"

After I fiddled around picking at a lock with a near blunt bobby pin. That's usually my job. Lock picker. I have also gotten very good at staying behind in the Impala. Not. Anyway we entered a wreck of a room.

"I don't think he's been here for a couple days, at least" said Dean picking his way about.

"Salt, cats-eye shells" Sam sighed. "He was worried. Trying to keep something from coming."

In the long haul it turned out the Constance woman was a woman in white as always it was about finding the location of the remains in order to burn them. I was in the bathroom while Sam and Dean were talking yet I managed to catch the tale end of it.

"Hey Dean-What I said earlier, about mom and dad, I'm sorry" Sam said.. I rolled my eyes as I came out the bathroom.

Dean held his hand up. "No chick flick moments" he stated.

"All right, jerk" said Sam with a smile on his face.

"Bitch" replied Dean entering the bathroom.

I gave Sam a look which made him laugh.

"You guys say I'm the kid" I giggled flopping down on the bed. Sam did the same.

"Sammy?" I asked him curiously snuggling into him "Do still have nightmares?"

He tensed up but I didn't need a reply. I knew he did. He then asked me a question.

"Do you still support the Atlanta Braves?"

"Hell yeah," I said "I try and catch a game whenever I can. Dean and Dad took me to one of their games when we were in Atlanta for my last birthday."

That was a lie. Well we were in Atlanta. That was true but I spent my thirteenth birthday alone in a hotel room with a cupcake watching the game on TV while Dad and Dean were on a case. I didn't tell Sam that though.

Later me and Dean were venturing to the diner across the street for food until we stopped in our tracks. Cops. I was ushered into the bushes by Dean and after he warned Sam he was approached by two officers.

"Problem officers?" he asked smiling.

"Where's your partners?" one asked.

"Partners? What—what partners?" lied Dean.

"So. Fake US Marshal, fake credit cards" the officer listed. "You got anything that's real?"

"My boobs" smile Dean.

Crap. That dumbass had landed us in trouble. Again. Yet I skulked away and met up with Sam.

"Where's Dean?" he asked scanning about for cops.

"Would you be surprised if I told you that the cops booked him" I replied irritably to which Sam rolled his eyes.

Me and Sam visited Mr Welch in order to gain information about Dad's whereabouts and hopefully the location of Constance's remains. He said that Dad dropped by three or four days previous and we discovered where Constance was buried. In a plot behind his old house over on Breckenridge according to him. Then Sam got carried away and upset the him by bringing up the whole woman in white story and how they are victims of unfaithful husbands. Which was true in Welch's case. As we were driving back, Dean rang Sam on his cell phone. Somehow he gave the cops the slip and me and Sam used a fake 911 call as a diversion.

"Listen, we gotta talk" announced Dean from the other end.

"Tell me about it" Sam sighed. "So the husband was unfaithful, we are dealing with a woman in white. She's buried behind her old house. So that should have been dad's next stop."

"Sammy would you shut up for a second" said Dean trying to interrupt him.

"I just can't figure out why he hasn't destroyed the corpse yet" continued Sam.

"Well that's what I'm trying to tell you. He's gone" said Dean. "Dad left Jericho"

"What? How do you know?" Sam asked.

I was listening in on the conversation as best I could. Like hell was I being left out of family matters.

"I've got his journal" I heard Dean say.

"He doesn't go anywhere without that" I muttered.

"Yeah, well he did this time"

"What's it say?" Sam asked.

"Same old ex-marine crap when he wants to let us know where he's going" Dean replied.

"Coordinates?" Sam asked Dean. "Where to?"

"I'm not sure yet."

I sat back in the front passenger seat scratching my head trying to make sense of things myself. I was soon aware of a ghostly figure standing in the middle of the road.

"SAM!" I screamed

Sam slammed down on the brakes and the Impala halted .

"What was that!" panted Sam gripping the steering wheel with both hands.

"It was that crazy bitch Constance!" I gasped in shock "Dude we drove through her!"

"Take me home" said a chilling voice "Take me home."

I turned my head slowly only to recoil in fright as Constance Welch was in the back seat of the Impala.

By her own forceful control the Impala raced along the road no matter how hard me and Sam tried to stop her and the car itself. The Impala pulled up outside a derelict house. Constance was home. The car stopped.

"Don't do this" pleaded Sam.

"I can never go home" she said staring at the house.

"Sam?" I said my eyes wide and afraid "What are we going to do?"

Sam didn't have an answer and Constance advanced on him. I tried everything to help him. Then I could hear Dean shouting and then glass flying everywhere as Dean blasted the car window with his gun.

Sam was now able to move and so he turned the car on again.

"I'm taking you home" he winced.

"Sammy!" I roared in fear and outrage as Sam floored it and rammed the Impala right through the house.

Once we got inside Dean gave me a gun while he went to help Sam and me. I was first out and with a gun Dean gave me a watched Constance, with hawk eyes, who was examining a picture.

The house lights then flickered on without a warning. I followed Constance's gaze. At the top of the stairs were two kids staring down at her.

"You've come home to us mommy" they spoke in unison. They reminded me of those twins in The Shining in a way.

"Kay. That's just creepy" I said still holding the loaded gun in my hands.

All of a sudden they appeared behind her and embraced her in which she cried out in pain and melted into the floor.

"So this is where she drowned her kids" Dean spoke, indicating at the wet spot on the rug.

"That's why she could never go home" said Sam. "She was too scared to face them"

"You found her weak spot. Nice work Sammy" said Dean smiling, clapping him on the back.

Sam just laughed, "I wish I could say the same for you. What were you thinking shooting Casper in the face, you freak?"

"Hey, saved your ass" Dean smiled.

He walked to the car and inspected it. "I'll tell you another thing. If you screwed up my car, I'll kill you" He began to move wood off the Impala, and Sam and I helped him.

"Okay here's where dad went" Sam spoke reading the coordinates Dad had given us, under the guidance of my faithful flashlight since the Impala had a busted headlight. "It's called Blackwater Ridge, Colorado"

"Sounds charming" Dean smirked. "How far?"

Sam calculated it mentally. "About 600 miles"

Dean nodded. "If we shag ass we can make it by morning."

I sat back in the back seat with my arms behind my head with closed eyes, I smirked "Suit's me"

Sam fidgeted in his seat. "Dean, um…"

"You're not going" he said sadly. My eyes were open, I was upright and the smile was gone.

"The interviews in 10 hours, I gotta be there" explained Sam.

"Yeah. Yeah, whatever" Dean said quickly trying hard to hide his disappointment. "I'll take you home."

A few hours later we arrived back in Stanford. I hated the fact that Sam was leaving again. I wanted him to stay, but he had a new life with a girlfriend, that had always been his dream. I sympathised with him, Dad and Dean gave him grief about him going to college, but I had also felt mad at him too, like he was abandoning me for a second time. Dean still dropped Sam off outside his apartment and I climbed in the front beside Dean. As we pulled away, Dean stopped around the corner unexpectedly.

"What is it?" I asked as Dean got out the car and headed back for the apartment.

By his behaviour it was clear he was ready for another argument with Sam. I followed him. He was so damn stubborn. Sam had made it clear.

"Face it Dean he's not coming with us. You heard him. He's done hunting," I said chasing him as he marched up the stairs "Let it go!"

Suddenly we heard the cries of Sam coming from inside and Dean shoved me back and ordered me to stay put as he booted down the door with a swift kick and charged in to find Sam.

"Sam!" I heard him shout as smoke billowed like clouds everywhere "We gotta get out of here!"

"Jess! No!" screamed Sam.

I wanted to help so badly and as always I disobeyed Dean and entered the room. I gasped, smoke entering my lungs. Poor Jess was pinned on the ceiling with a bloody gash along her stomach. So that is how my Mom died. Dean grabbed Sam shoved him out and into the street. He didn't know I followed him in and as I stared up at Jess and just before the fire raged the room. I was yanked to safety by Dean. I won't forget how pissed off he looked as he dragged me outside beside Sam. He looked ready to kill me. I wasn't caring about him, I hung onto Sam, comforting him as best I could until he helped me back into the Impala were I just sat in Dean like silence. Sam loaded a pistol. He sighed, threw it in the trunk. "We got work to do" he stated.

Then they both looked at me in the back seat then at each other.

Sam stole one last look up at the building and with a heavy heart climbed into the Impala with Dean.

"Guys" I asked leaning forward with an inquisitive look in my eyes "Where are we going now?"