It's cold, and the moonlight is barely peeking through the wooden slits of the barn. I can see several blood trails painted along the dirt floor. One belonging to Sam, and the other belonging to me.

My battered converse sneakers fail to reach the ground, leaving me to hang by the arms, on the wooden rafters like a piece of meat from a butcher's van. My wrists becoming red raw, due to the harsh rope that was tied around them. The gash on my left temple, was the result of the fall from the tree. Then I briefly recalled the state of my crossbow, before being dragged away, further into the woods. My crossbow wasn't even a year old yet, and it was already broken, because of the fall.

I winced, as I continued to dangle. My eyes focused on that of my unconscious brother. Sam hadn't woken up yet. The deep wounds on his forehead and collar bone caused me great concern. With the current situation, the risk of infection was greater, and that was the last thing that I wanted for him.

Blood continued to dribble down the left side of my face, and slowly began to dry against my pale skin. Dad and Dean were both still out in the woods, somewhere. Where they alright? Hurt? Dead? I wasn't sure of the facts, but I knew that they would be searching for Sam and I. Besides, it was only a couple of months previous, that Sam and I got captured by a crazed group of cannibalistic hillbillies. I received a slight burn scar from one of the hillbillies. One of my knee caps kinda has the texture of tough leather when you touch it. Still, those were human enemies. This time, it was different.

The barn doors suddenly swung wide open, in which I assumed that it would cue a dramatic opera musical score, but to my disappointment, it didn't. I recognised two of the figures, emerging from the shadows of the night, alongside group of six others. The leader held something in his hand. The Colt revolver. The very one my Dad was searching for.

The vampires had stolen the Colt.

"Stealing is a sin, y'know" I remarked.

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