warning: contains some strong language

"They've got Dad" said Dean, his eyes full of dread.

I knew Meg would see through Dad's foolish attempt to pawn off a fake replica of the Colt. The bones in my hands crackled and creaked, as I clenched them into fists.

"What did she say?" demanded Sam.

My eldest brother gazed at me briefly, not wanting to show any glimmer of weakness or fear in my presence. He believes that he must be courageous at all costs, no matter what the situation is.

"I just told you, Sammy," snapped Dean, as he wiped his face with a shaking hand, before grabbing the Colt and concealing it under his waistband. "Okay."

I frowned, my hands unclenched.

"What are you doing, Dean?" I asked.

Sensing my anxiety, Sam placed his hands on my shoulders as an act of comfort.

"We gotta go," announced Dean, as he quickly gathered his stuff. "The demon knows we're in Salvation. It knows we've got the Colt. It's got Dad, and its probably comin' for us next."

He hurriedly shrugged his jacket on, as Sam and I tried to assess the scenario.

"Good. We've got three bullets left…" started Sam.

Dean cut him off at that point. I began to quickly gather what little possessions I own.

"Listen, tough guy, we're not ready, alright. We don't know how many of them are out there, okay, and we're no good to anybody dead," he remarked. "We're leaving. Now."

The Impala roared down the dark and empty road, to which I ended up flying across the back seat when Dean decided to drift around the bend of the road.

"I'm telling you, we could've taken them" muttered Sam, his facial expression could've turned somebody to stone.

"No, what we need is a plan," responded Dean. "They're probably keeping Dad alive. Just gotta figure out where. Now, they'll wanna trade him for the gun."

Sam seemed sceptical.

"Dean, if that were true, why didn't Meg mention a trade? Dad, he might be…" started Sam, his eyes becoming slightly misty.

I glared at him, and leaned forward and clipped him over the back of the head.

"Shut up!" I squawked.

Sam instantly turned around, and confronted me. I was shaking with fury and disbelief. That is a taboo subject in my mind. The idea of death in my small family has always haunted me.

"Look, I don't wanna believe it any more than you, but if he is, all the more reason to kill this damn thing," he said. "We still have the Colt. We can finish the job."

Dean gripped onto the steering wheel.

"Screw the job, Sam!" he barked.

Nevertheless, Sam continued on his quest to seek out the demon.

"I'm just trying to do what he'd want. He would want us to keeping going" added Sam.

At that point, I slapped my hands on the back of the front seat.

"Quit talking about him like he's dead!" I shouted.

Angry, I slumped back in my seat, folding my arms. My headache was burning away, to the point it made the back of my eyes hurt.

"Listen to me, Sam" butted in Dean. "Everything stops until we get him back. Do you understand me? Everything."

Sam was quiet for several moments, before he spoke again.

"So how do we find him?"

"We go to Lincoln," replied Dean. "Start at the warehouse where he was taken."

I scratched the back of my head. My hair was starting to annoy me, since it was becoming really unruly.

"I really doubt that these demons left us clues or even a trail for us to follow, Dean" I remarked.

My eldest brother paused for a moment.

"You're right," he said. "We need help."

It had been a while since I was in Sioux Falls. The last time I saw Bobby was several long months ago, a couple of weeks before Dean and I collected Sam from Stanford. The junkyard remained practically the same as last time, yet looked dustier than ever. As the Impala parked outside the house, I grinned when I soon spotted something sitting on the front porch.

"Ozzy!" I exclaimed, as I clambered out of the back seat.

I was only seven years old, when Dad introduced me to a tiny German Shepherd puppy, whom he found tied up on the highway, whilst driving to Bobby's house that Christmas. I named the puppy Ozzy, after Ozzy Osborne. There are only two people that Ozzy shows true loyalty to, and that is me and Bobby. Since it would be unfair to take him on the road with us, and as tough as it can be at the best of times, Ozzy stays in Sioux Falls with Bobby.

On seeing me, my seven year old German Shepherd sat bolt upright, his thick tail wagging with excitement. He barked, before running towards me. The force he hit me with, knocked me onto my back.

I laughed, as Ozzy whined and licked my face, whilst being playfully smacked by his paws.

"Hey! Hey!" I beamed, shrugging the large dog off me. "How long have you been waiting on that porch for me, boy?"

Dean smirked, as he petted the dog on the back.

"See, even Ozzy is bigger than you," he remarked, with a grin. "You need to wise up, little girl, you got tackled by a dog."

As Ozzy greeted Sam, my eldest brother helped me up. I shoved Dean's arm.

"Ah, I was caught off guard" I replied.

Bobby appeared on the porch, with his arms folded.

"Well, ain't you three a sight for sore eyes" he stated, to which he then hugged my brothers and I.

"Hey, darlin'" he said, whilst smiling at me. "That crazy mutt will stop howling during the night, now that you're here."

I smirked, as I rubbed Ozzy behind his pointy ears. When then all ventured indoors.

"You know he goes all Hachiko when I'm not here, Bobby. Anyway, I'm just gonna feed him," I announced. "Food still in the same place in the kitchen? Top cupboard, on the left hand side? Above the plates?"

Bobby nodded. Ozzy followed me into the kitchen, where I put his food into his old bowl. As I filled up his other bowl with fresh water from the kitchen tap, I caught part of the conversation being discussed.

Key of Solomon. Basically, according to Bobby, this sigil decorated circle has the ability to trap a demon, rendering it powerless. A satanic roach motel, as Bobby kindly put it. Still surprised that he's helping us out, since he dislikes my Dad.

Suddenly, Ozzy paused from gulping down his water. His sensitive ears detected something, and he began to bark.

"Whoa! Whoa!" I said, as I kneeled down, hung onto him. My fingers hooked onto his leather collar. "Ozzy? What's wrong?"

My brothers and Bobby listened for trouble, as I tried to calm Ozzy down. Suddenly, Meg burst through the front door.

"No more crap, okay?" she sneered, before sending Dean flying into a large pile of books.

Ozzy whined, as we hid in the corner of the kitchen, in order to avoid Meg. I gently stroked his muzzle, in order to calm him down.

"I want the Colt, Sam," added Meg, as she slowly stalked towards my brother and Bobby. "The real Colt. Right now."

Sam shielded Bobby, as they slowly backed away from an advancing Meg.

"We don't have it on us. We buried it" lied Sam.

Meg sneered once again.

"Didn't I say, 'No more crap'?" she said, with a furious expression in her dark eyes. "I swear, after everything I heard about you Winchesters, I gotta tell you, I'm a little under whelmed. First, Johnny tries to pawn off a fake gun, leaving the real one with you two chuckle heads, and that brat of a kid sister. Where is she anyway?"

At that moment, I noticed Dean had crawled into the kitchen, unnoticed by Meg, and hid behind the opposite side of the doorway. He nodded at me.

"Stay there, sweetheart" he mouthed.

I nodded back in silent reply.

"I mean, did you really think I wouldn't find you?" added Meg.

That was Dean's cue to step out, and confront Meg.

"Actually, we were counting on it" he said, before gazing up at the ceiling.

Right above Meg, was a large demonic trap. Stupid bitch walked right into that one. I sniggered at that sight, whilst coming out of hiding, yet keeping hold of Ozzy.

"Gotcha!" smirked Dean.

Meg was then bound to a chair with thick rope, whilst Bobby and I lined every single window and doorway with salt. Bobby had recently trained Ozzy not to touch the salt, as he would usually try to lick it up.

"Y'know, if you wanted to tie me up, all you had to do was ask" leered Meg, as Bobby and I reappeared.

"We salted all the doors and windows. If there are any more demons out there, they ain't getting in" said Bobby.

Dean nodded before venturing over towards Meg.

"Where's our father, Meg?" he asked.

Meg scoffed.

"You didn't ask very nice" she said.

My shaking hand gripped onto my amulet. Ozzy licked my free hand, in an act of comfort as he could sense my unease. I then gently rubbed his ears.

"Where's our father, bitch?" responded Dean.

Even though I was getting more anxious, as my headache continued to burn, I let out as slight snigger.

"Jeez, you kiss your mother with that mouth?" remarked Meg, her tone thick with sarcasm. "Oh, I forgot. You don't."

Dean glared at Meg, his eyes full of rage.

"Hey, you think this is a fuckin' game?" growled Dean, as he towered over Meg. "Where is he? What did you do to him?"

A malicious smirk spread across Meg's lips.

"He died screaming," she remarked. "I killed him myself."

Suddenly, Dean brutally backhanded Meg. Startled at my brother's action, I let out a slight gasp. Sam then placed his hands on my shoulders, protectively.

"That's kind of a turn on, you hitting a girl" said Meg.

My eldest brother continued to glare at the bounded demon.

"You're no girl" he muttered, just as Bobby pulled him into the next room.

Ozzy whined at my brother, and gently licked his hand, in an attempt to comfort him. On seeing my worried expression, Dean patted my shoulder.

"She's lying, Chrissie, don't listen to her," he said, trying to reassure my fears. "Dad's not dead."

My concerned gaze fell upon my feet, which were clad in old converse sneakers. I hoped to God that Dean was right. Once again, I zoned out for several moments, in order to escape the stressful situation I had found myself in. The headache was spreading, to the point it almost hurt too much to blink.

I was lost in my own little world, that I missed the part when my brothers were informed by Bobby, that Meg was merely a vessel, and her human form was trapped inside, whilst the demonic host called all the shots. I honestly think Bobby was surprised at my brothers for not noticing straight away.

As my brothers started the exorcism, I quietly sneaked away, and found sanctuary in the bathroom. The minute the door locked, I slumped onto my knees, my fists trembling. Besides all the distorted sounds blaring in my ears, I could still hear Ozzy's whines. My eyes burned with the flashing images. Alongside, Ozzy's whines, I could hear the shouts of my brothers, and the screams of Meg.

"This. Is. Bull. Shit!" I growled, as I entered the final phase of my painful vision.

Ozzy yelped, as I nearly fell on top of him, as I passed out on the bathroom floor. I don't know how much time had passed, but when I reappeared, Meg was dead. Dumbfounded, I stared at my brothers, with my hands on my hips.

"Uh, care to explain what the hell has happened here?" I asked, my legs still wobbly. "What did you do, slap the demon outta her so hard that you killed her?"

Noticing my pale skin, yet pink cheeks, Sam quickly hurried over. He pressed a hand to my forehead, to which I swatted away.

"Dad's being held in Jefferson City, Missouri," said my brother. "So, we gotta get going as soon as possible."

Before I ventured forward, Sam clamped a hand on my shoulder.

"Next time you have a vision, don't hide" he muttered, making sure Dean didn't hear.

I yanked my brother's hand away.

"You needed to complete the exorcism," I pointed out, before I lowered my voice. "Worrying about me, was the last thing you needed. We needed details on Dad's whereabouts, and now we got them."

By the time we eventually arrived in Jefferson City, my headache had vanished. Thank God. Painkillers are shit, no matter how many Dean tries to force down my throat. It always ends up with me bringing up the painkillers. Talk about gross. Seriously, it's like bringing up dissolved chalk. Then again, if my brothers continued to argue about whether or not it would be a wise choice to bring the Colt in our search for Dad, my headache might return. As they debated outside the car, I lay in the back seat, twiddling my thumbs.

I replayed the vision in my head, my concentration being disrupted slightly, because of the argument outside.

"Urgh, Christ, I'd have a much easier time decoding Egyptian hieroglyphics, than this crap" I grunted, whilst pinching the bridge of my nose. "I can't concentrate with those two clucks hollering."

Later, as we wandered down alongside the river, I was very wary of the water, so I managed to wedge myself between my brothers. Plus, since I was in the middle, it might deter them from fighting again, but I really wouldn't get my hopes up on that idea.

Apparently, a clue left by Meg's dying vessel, Dad's location was at a building called Sunrise, and by the apartments in the distance, it appeared to be the correct target. However, it was obviously a trap set out for us. The demons would have this building well guarded, and to charge in like the cavalry would be dumb as hell.

Setting off a fire alarm is nothing new to me. I used to do it all the time when I was younger, and stuck in a school filled with morons, and I'm not just talking about the teachers I had. The city response to the fire alarm would take over seven minutes, but in that space of time, all the civilians would have managed to evacuation from the building.

Dean pulled me into the bushes, whilst Sam scanned the area for the fire department.

"Jesus, don't scare me like that, man," I scowled. "Anyway, I managed to pull the alarm without being detected, like you asked me."

Dean clapped me on the shoulder.

"Good girl," he said. "Right, when the fire department arrives, and Sam and I go in to search for Dad, you stay outside. Contact me if anything suspicious happens."

I grunted slightly, yet nodded. Moments later, the fire department arrived and began to evacuate the building. I stayed behind, whilst my brothers sneaked indoors, under the disguise of firemen.

I paced back and forth, twirling my amulet, whilst gazing up at the building. Dad better be ok, or even better, alive.

"C'mon," I repeated under my breath, as a crowd began to gather outside the building. "Find him, guys. C'mon."

Moments passed, when suddenly a shiver went up my spine, as if a cold wind had entered me. I looked towards the crowd, and noticed a large man in a dark jacket. Once slightly hunched, and now he was standing poker straight. He began to walk towards the building entrance.

"Shit" I mumbled, whilst fumbling for my phone.

The man in the dark jacket was acting too suspicious for my liking, and what made matters worse, was the fireman that he had passed, began to act in the very same manner.

I urgently sent Dean a text message stating: 'Poughkeepsie. Incoming black eyes.' Once the message was sent, I quickly ventured to the back of the building, and hopefully out eye shot of the public and further incoming demons. Suddenly, I caught sight of Dean and Sam clambering out of one of the windows, on the upper level.

"Is Dad there with you?" I called up, and much to my relief, I saw my father, being steadied by Dean.

With demons on their tracks, my siblings and father eventually made it down to street level. I raced over.

"Dad!" I exclaimed, helping him to stand up. "Are you alright? What did they do to you?"

Dad looked completely worn out, and his face with covered in bruises and dried up blood. As Dean, Dad and I hurried along the side walk, Sam ran out ahead of us. Just as he passed a white van, Sam was suddenly tackled to the ground.

"Sam!" I called out, before making a dash towards him, only to be pulled back by Dad.

Using all his strength and adrenaline, Dean charged towards the male demon, and delivered a swift kick to the face. However, the demon glared at him, and sent him flying into a car windscreen, before knocking the holy beejesus outta Sam's face. My body tensed up, as a loud bang echoed throughout the street. I looked over, to find the demon laying dead in the middle of the road, with an exit wound in its temple. Dean stood a slight distance away, the Colt smoking in his hand.

Oh crap. Dad was gonna be pissed. With the gun used on the demon that assaulted Sam, that resulted in a wasted bullet. Only two more bullets left.

That night, we took shelter in an old and dusty cabin, on the outskirts of town. As my brothers salted down all the doors and windows, I watched over Dad, who sleeping. I rubbed my forehead slightly. Something was bothering me, and I wasn't sure what.

"Hey, sweetheart," mumbled Dad, as he slowly sat up on the moth eaten mattress he had been laying on. He patted the spot next to him. "C'mere and sit with your old man."

I obediently did as I was told, and sat down beside my father. My expression was full of concern, as I gazed up at him.

"Daddy, are you alright?" I asked. "You look a little off, if you don't mind me saying so."

Dad gave a small laugh, before stroking my hair gently.

"I'm fine, baby," he said. "Just a little bit bumped and bruised, but I'll be alright. Don't worry about me, it's my job to worry about you."

I rolled my eyes, as a smile tugged on the corners of my lips.

"You're my brave little girl," Dad added. "Remember, I will always love you, no matter what."

Something was definitely bothering me, as I hugged Dad. It felt very different to ones in the past. Meh, I was just tired. Dad then suddenly broke away, having overheard the conversation my brothers were having in the next room.

"It shouldn't. You did good," remarked Dad, voicing his opinion on Dean's fears regarding the callous killings on the demons.

Dean raised an eyebrow.

"You're not mad?" he asked.

He had wasted a bullet though, and in Dad's mind, was a reckless thing to do. Dean's confusion deepened as Dad shook his head.

"For what?" questioned Dad.

"Using a bullet" responded Dean.

Dad looked equally as confused. My eldest brother exchanged a glance with me, to which I shrugged my shoulders.

"Mad? I'm proud of you," Dad added. "Y'know, Sam and I, we can get pretty obsessed. But you-you watch out for this family. You always have."

Dean's frown furthered, to which he nodded his thanks to Dad. At that moment, the lights in the room flickered. Dad instantly travelled over to the window.

"It found us," he stated. "It's here."

I gripped my amulet, as Dean pulled me to his side. Guess there is no such thing as a safe haven then, huh.

"The demon?" quizzed Sam.

Dad nodded, answering Sam's concerns. I gazed up at Dean, who still had a troubled expression on his face.

"Sam, lines of salt. In front of every window, every door.." began Dad.

However, Sam interrupted.

"I already did it" he replied.

I nudged at Dean's arm, and shot him a concerned look. My eldest brother then indicated towards Dad with his eyes. It was now my turn to frown.

"Well, check it, okay?" said Dad, to which Sam obeyed his orders and wandered off to check all the salt lines. "Dean, you got the gun?"

With a frown still on his face, Dean pushed me behind him, in a protective manner.

"Yeah" answered Dean.

I clutched onto my brother's arm, whilst retaining my grip on my silver amulet around my neck.

"Give it to me" ordered Dad.

"Sam tried to shoot the demon in Salvation, and it just vanished" replied Dean.

Nevertheless, Dad stuck with his plan.

"This is me. I won't miss," assured Dad. "Now, the gun. Hurry."

Dean then produced the gun from his waistband, whilst making sure I was safely behind him. However, he seemed very hesitant in giving our father the Colt. He then slowly backed away from Dad.

"Son, please," begged Dad, his tone desperate. "Gimme the gun. What are you doing, Dean?"

Slightly irritated, I moved out of Dean's protective shadow, only to be pulled back.

"He'd be furious" remarked Dean, causing Dad to become confused by his words. "That I wasted a bullet. He wouldn't be proud of me. He'd tear me a new one."

Dad then gazed at me, his eyes begging and urgent.

"Chrissie, be a good girl, and take the gun from your brother, and then give it to me" he said.

Unsure on what to do, I refused to act on my Dad's demands, since Dean had mouthed 'Denmark' which was our code word for trouble, taken from Shakespeare's Hamlet. My eyes then widened, as Dean then raised the Colt, and pointed it directly at our father.

"You're not my Dad" he uttered.

I was dumbfounded by Dean's statement, yet I somewhat believed him. Don't ask me how. It was the little things I guess. Sadly to say, but it was his unusual fuzzy like warmness towards Dean that gave it away. Compared to Sam and I, Dad always treated Dean kinda badly. They would both try to deny it, but I witnessed Dad, when he was in a drunken bad mood, hitting Dean in the past. It didn't happen all the time, but it did happen, regardless of what they tried to make me believe.

"Dean, it's me" insisted Dad.

Nevertheless, Dean stubbornly shook his head, the Colt still aimed at Dad.

"I know my Dad better than anyone," he responded, his expression a dangerous scowl. "And you ain't him."

I'll admit it, I was frightened. Everything was travelling at over a million miles an hour. It was the overall conclusion that I was scared off most of all.

"What's the hell has gotten into you?" demanded Dad.

I appeared from behind Dean, and my presence in this situation caused Dad great concern.

"Chrissie, come here," begged Dad, holding a hand out to me. "Get away from your brother."

Confused, I moved forward slightly, to which Dean's hand clamped down on my shoulder, hard. He then pulled me into his side.

"Dean?" I said, in a very scared and puzzled tone.

My brother shook his head, whilst resuming his protective stance over me. At that moment, Sam returned to the room, and was shocked at the sight that came before his eyes.

"What the hell is going on?" Sam demanded, as he then yanked me towards him, keeping me away from the potential firing zone.

Alright! Enough! I'm not a God damn rag doll! I wish they would stop pulling and pushing me around the place.

"Your brother's lost his mind," replied Dad. "Keep Chrissie away from him."

Sam gazed at me, looking for answers, but was only met by my scared expression.

"He's not Dad," remarked Dean. "I think he's possessed. I think he's been possessed since we rescued him."

Sam looked between Dad and Dean, becoming even more puzzled than before. I clung onto Sam's arm, my gaze falling onto my father.

"How do you know?" he asked Dean.

"He's-He's different," stuttered my eldest brother, still pointing the Colt at Dad's direction. "Keep Chris back. I don't want her near him."

Dad was becoming stressed out with this situation.

"Y'know, we don't have time for this," Dad said. "Sam, you wanna kill this demon, you gotta trust me."

Full of disbelief, Sam slowly edged towards Dean, making sure I was behind him at all times.

"Fine," muttered Dad. "If you're all so sure. Go ahead. Kill me."

Dean's eyes filled with emotion, as he stood poised with the gun in his hand, his bottom lip quivering ever so slightly. As soon as Dad bowed his head, Dean became hesitant. During this, I hid my face in Sam's arm, not wanting to see what was possibly going to happen.

"I thought so" uttered Dad, to which I looked over in his direction.

I gasped loudly, as Dad raised his head to reveal something truly terrifying. His dark eyes had been transformed. They were now a horrible yellow.

Suddenly, a powerful force separated me and my siblings apart, and pinned us to different areas of the room. I felt like a hapless fly caught on a trap, whilst I was plastered to the wall by an invisible power, with Sam trapped to the left hand side of me, and Dean to my right. Seriously though, demons and their Jedi mind tricks. The Colt lay abandoned on the floor, to which the Yellow Eyed Demon collected in his hands. I must say, Dean has got real good instincts in figuring out that Dad was possessed.

"Huh, what a pain in the ass this thing's been," said the Yellow Eyed Demon, with a malicious smirk.

I growled like a pissed off puppy, as I struggled against the force pinning me to the wall. I would be more pissed if I end up with a splinter, since the wall was wooden.

"It's you, isn't it," said Sam, a furious expression developing on his bruised face. "We've been looking for you for a long time."

Yellow Eyes simply smiled wickedly.

"Well, you found me" it stated.

"But the holy water…" began Sam, before the Demon cut him off.

"Oh, what, you think something like that works on something like me?" scoffed Yellow Eyes.

Sam was furious, and was desperate to get his hands on the demon that had caused so much pain and suffering.

"I'm gonna kill you!" growled Sam, as he struggled.

Yellow Eyes scoffed once again.

"Ohhh, that would be a neat trick," it said, placing the Colt on the table that was directly in front of Sam. "In fact, here. Make the gun float to you there, psychic boy."

The Colt remained untouched, and unmoved, to which the Demon chuckled.

"Y'know, this is fun," it remarked. "I could've killed you a hundred times today, but this…this is worth the wait."

Yellow Eyes was standing too close to me, which really ruffled my brothers feathers. It winked at me, in a sort of way that made me feel really sick. The demon then stroked my cheek.

"Daddy's in here with me," it said. "Trapped inside his own meat suit. He says hi, by the way. He's gonna tear you, and your precious brothers apart. He's gonna taste the iron in your blood."

I snapped at the demon, baring my teeth, in a manner that I've seen Ozzy do to strangers that he doesn't like.

"Fuck you!" I growled.

Not a wise move, as it earned me a slap across the cheek. The Demon then moved away, and inched closer towards Dean.

"Let him go, or I swear to God" said Dean.

Once again, the demon scoffed loudly.

"Or what? What are you and God gonna do?" asked Yellow Eyes. "You see, as far as I'm concerned, this is justice. You know that little exorcism of yours? That was my daughter. The one in the alley, that was my boy. You understand?"

Ah crap, that bitch Meg was a relation to Yellow Eyes, alongside the asshole that jumped Sam.

"You gotta be kidding me" remarked Dean, as Yellow Eyes invaded his personal space.

I rolled my eyes, and hung my head for a brief moment. Looks like were really heading down Shit Creek without a paddle.

"What? You're the only one that can have a family, huh? You destroyed my children. How would you feel if I killed your family? Ohh, that's right, I forgot, I did. Still, two wrongs don't make a right" Yellow Eyes said, in a really sarcastic manner.

Y'know what, screw it! I wanna get my paws on this dickhead! What hurts even more, is that it's using my Dad as a meat suit to say these things.

"I wanna know why. Why did you do it?" demanded an enraged Sam.

The demon turned around to face him.

"You mean, why did I kill Mommy and pretty little Jess?" inquired Yellow Eyes. "You know, I never told you this, but Sam was gonna ask her to marry him. Been shopping for rings and everything."

My eyes fell upon Sam, a lump now forming in my throat. Why couldn't this bastard leave us alone? Why couldn't it just leave Sam alone?

"You wanna know why?" questioned Yellow Eyes, getting all up in Sam's face. "Because they got in the way."

Sam glared at Yellow Eyes, his eyes full of hate.

"In the way of what?" he demanded.

"My plans for you, Sammy," it replied. "You, and all the other children like you. Shame that you, had to come along and put a spanner in my plans."

On the final statement, the demon then suddenly spun around and pointed an accusing finger at me.

"Me?! What the hell have I done wrong?!" I demanded, in a highly annoyed tone.

The demon smirked, obviously playing its cards close to its chest. Dean too was getting highly fed up of the demon's monologuing.

"Listen, you mind just getting this over with, huh? I really can't stand the monologuing" said Dean.

Yellow Eyes marched over towards him.

"Funny," it remarked, its face inches away from my eldest brother's. "But that's all part of your m.o., isn't it? Masks all that nasty pain. Masks the truth. You know, you fight and you fight for this family, but the truth is they don't need you. Not like you need them. Sam, he's clearly John's favourite. Even when they fight, it's more concern than he's ever shown you. And Chrissie, well, she's John's little girl."

Throughout all the horrible words being spoken to him by the Yellow Eyed Demon, through the vessel of our father, Dean retained his poker face.

"I'll bet you're real proud of your kids too, huh?" Dean said. "Oh, wait, I forgot. I wasted them."

Yellow Eyes kept his eyes upon Dean, as it slowly backed away. It bowed its head for a brief moment, before returning its glare onto my brother. Suddenly, Dean was struck by a force that caused him to yelp out in agony.

"Dean!" I shrieked, struggling against the wall. "No! Leave him alone you son of a bitch!"

Pools of scarlet blood gathered and began to spill down my eldest brother's chest. The force that was attacking him, made Dean cry out in pain.

"Dad, don't you let it kill me!" pleaded Dean, trying to reach out to our trapped father.

He then threw his head back, and let out another agonised yell. I screamed with rage, as I trembled furiously against the wall. My eyes briefly fell upon the Colt, to which I noticed it moving around on the table very slightly. Dean continued to cry out in pain, as blood poured from his torso. Blood began to spill from his lips, which frightened me the most. Tears gathered in my eyes, as I screamed for my brother.

"Dad, please" begged Dean, who was now growing very weak from blood loss.

Dean's head then flopped forward, causing Sam and I to yell out in desperation. Suddenly, a voice that I was glad to hear echoed throughout the room.

"Stop!" pleaded Dad. "Stop it!"

At that moment, the forcing holding my brothers and I to the walls vanished. I landed on my bottom with a hard and loud thud. Sam took the opportunity to grab the Colt. As soon as he grabbed the gun, Yellow Eyes returned.

"You kill me, you kill Daddy" stated the demon.

"I know" replied Sam, before firing a bullet into Dad's thigh, causing it to fall to the ground.

With that, Dean landed on the ground, having been released from the wall. I then instantly scurried over to him, and gently laid his head in my lap, not caring that I was now being covered in blood.

"Jesus, man, you lost a lot of blood," I said, cradling his head, with tears in my eyes. "It's gonna be alright. I'm gonna look after you, yeah. A returned favour for all the times you've looked after me."

Sam inspected Dean's wounds, and tried to reassure him when he asked about Dad. It was so typical of my eldest brother, to show more concern about others than himself.

"Shhhhh. Shhhhh. It's gonna be alright, Dean," I comforted, as Sam went to check on Dad.

I cringed slightly, at the site of my now bloody hands. Still, I didn't care about that. Suddenly, I whipped my head in Dad's direction, as his loud and desperate voice startled me.

"Sammy! It's still alive!" he cried. "It's inside me! I can feel it! Just shoot me! You shoot me! You shoot me in the heart, son! Do it now!"

With a shaky and blood stained hand, Dean tried his best to shield me from potentially seeing my father being killed at the hands of Sam. Dean urged Sam not to do it, his weaken voice laced with desperation. I squeezed my eyes shut, as I clung onto my big brother. Sam didn't shoot Dad, as it was clear evidence when the demon spurted out of Dad's mouth in a stream of black smoke.

Well, since Sam didn't shoot the demon whilst it was inside Dad, it had sparked another argument, whilst in the car to the hospital. All that concerned me, was getting Dean to the hospital. I carefully dabbed at his wounds with tissues and wipes, whilst sitting in the back seat with him. Every now and again, I would lean over and hand my Dad a couple for his thigh, as I sat in the seat behind him.

Dean let out a slight groan, as I gently wiped his bleeding lips. Like seriously, I was getting tired of Dad and Sam's arguments for one day.

"Damn, I've ran out of tissues" I muttered, as I searched my bag pack. "Oh wait. Ah ha! Found some more."

I then sat back up in the seat, to which I then turned my head, in order to gaze out the window. I squinted my eyes as I saw two bright lights heading towards the Impala. A semi truck? My eyes then widened, and I let out a sudden gasp, but it was too late. Suddenly, the large semi truck smashed into the side of the Impala. It all makes sense now. The two white lights. The horn. The sound of shattering glass, and crunching metal.

What was then distorted, was more clear to me, as I cracked my forehead against the now twisted window frame. This is what my vision was about all along. Then, darkness fell.

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