Elizabeth had always known that she and her mother had a stronger than usual bond. Much stronger than the bond between her mother and her brother. Like the first Liz, Elizabeth was her mom Zooey's best friend. Her mom was always saying how similar Elizabeth was to her namesake. Similar attitude, thoughts, and even looks. Elizabeth had short, blondish-brown hair, a slender figure, and blue-green eyes. In fact, she was the spitting image of Liz. Elizabeth would soon find out just how similar she was to poor Liz, who died when she was Elizabeth's age.

"Mom, how do I look?" Hollered Elizabeth as she scrambled down the stairs. "Shit, I'm going to miss the bus!"

"You look fine, don't curse, and you never miss the bus," joked Zooey, "so come have breakfast with me and John." John was Elizabeth's brother. College drop-out and overall failure, Elizabeth secretly found it no wonder that she was mom's favorite. As she sat down for breakfast, she was shocked when she heard a faint voice coming from the coffee pot. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw her mother grow pale.

"It can't be." she whispered in a hollow voice, "Alvy said only 9 more years. It's too late."

"What's too late?" asked Elizabeth.

"For Liz," Zooey explained distractedly, "she could only be there for 9 more years."

"Be where? She's dead!"

"Yes, but she went..." her mother stopped. "I have a story to tell you. Something I should have told you long before now. As you know, my best friend Liz died when she was very young. I missed her terribly, and never forgot her. I decided that I wanted to invite her to my wedding, so I sent an invitation to Heaven in a bottle for her. I didn't see her, but Uncle Alvy said he heard her voice, and that she only had a small time to talk. She told him not to get me. Liz congratulated me on marrying your father, may he burn in hell, and assured Alvy that she was all right. We never heard from Liz again." After a long silence, Elizabeth remembered how this was started in the first place.

"What does this have to do with the coffee pot?"

"The voice always comes from water," her mother explained. "Hello? Is anyone there?" A minute of silence. Just as Elizabeth began to doubt her mother, she heard it.


"Who are you?"

This is Grandma Betty, and I just wanted to say farewell before I can't remember how to speak. I have little time, so I must be brief. I've been watching your family from Elsewhere, and there is something that I have determined that I think you must know. Elizabeth, you are more similar to Liz than you could possibly imagine. For you see, you are Liz. When you turned zero, you were sent back down the river, and you were reborn as your best friend Zooey's daughter. I've missed you these past 15 years, and although it is possible that I will be reborn near you like Owen was, it is not likely. Maybe we shall meet again in Elsewhere. Goodbye, my dear...

And as the memories came flooding back to Elizabeth, her grandmother was caught in the well and brought back to Elsewhere, wondering if she made the right choice.