"Get away from my daughter!" It's Zooey! Thank god thank god. Zooey is not the most intimidating person, but when she's mad...let's just say the whole club was empty in a matter of minutes. Blake had vanished from on top of me. Zooey doesn't cry over me, doesn't yell at me for being stupid, all she does is wrap up my cuts, help me with my clothes, and let me cry. And then I realize: Zooey has to be my mom, not just my friend, because sometimes I desperately need a mom.
"I'm giving up on finding Owen. At least for now. I can't handle it, I'm only 15, and I have other things I need to do. Maybe when I'm older, I'll continue the search, because I know I'll never love anyone like I love Owen. But for now, I'm moving on."

3 Years later

POV Sean

A girl comes towards me, wearing a plain tee-shirt and skinny jeans. She's very pretty, with longish blond hair, and blue-green eyes. I know I've seen her around before, but it's not just that that makes her seem familiar to me. It's almost like I've known her my whole life.
"Owen?" she asks, tentatively.
"Liz?" How do I know her name? I don't understand it.
"You remember me?"
"I don't know why, have we met? And my name's Sean, not Owen, although...Owen does sound familiar too. Like someone from my past. Does that make sense?"
"Perfect sense." she smiles at me shyly, and then something clicks, and I jump up and hug her.

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