Chapter 3:

"Ageha…," a pissed Hiryuu started," explain why we're in detention this early in the morning."

"Eh heh heh heh…," I said as I recalled the events that happened earlier today.


"*yawn* Hey Ageha, wake up or we'll be late aga-," Hiryuu said as he got out of bed and tripped on something, or rather someone, *THUD* "God damn it Ageha, what did you,"*looks at the ground and sees Ageha, "leave on the floor? Wait, if that'd you then who's that?"

"Hiryuu, couldn't you have picked a better place to land than on my back? Anyway, I suggest you don't look in my bed for now," I replied with a yawn.

"And why's that? If you don't give me a reason I'm gonna look anyway."

"Don't say I didn't warn you."

"Oh sure, what's the worst that could happen?"


"GOD DAMMIT AGEHA! WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU LEAVE IN HERE,"Hiryuu yelled as a fist hit his face.

"That would be me," stated an angry Amamiya in an icy tone, "why did you wake me up?"

"Because Ageha here didn't say anything to me."

"I warned you idiot," I replied from the floor.

"Hey Ageha," replied a voice outside the door, "I'm coming in, there's something I need to ask you." As soon as the door opened, they saw that the speaker was Oboro. "Oh my, what have we here? You do realize that bringing girls into the boy's dorm area is a no-no right? I'll have to report this to the principle you two." With that before the Hiryuu or me could move, he was out the door.

End Flashback…

"Oh come on, it could be worse right," I said trying not to get the already mad Hiryuu angrier at me, "I mean they might cut us some slack right?"

"I doubt it," replied Hiryuu, "oh look the principle's coming."

5 minutes later…

"Wait, you're telling us that our punishment is to spend the entire day in gym," I asked.

"Yes, you got a problem with that young man," Mrs. Elmore replied.

"So you're saying we'll be spending the entire day having the time of our lives in gym?"

"Yes, have fun you two," she replied in an evil tone, "now follow me. Oh and by the way, the entire school will be watching you two. Don't die on them now." With their conversation finished, she led them down the hall from her office to the gym.

"I don't like her one bit," Hiryuu replied, "something's fishy about this."

"Oh come on, what could possibly go wrong?"

Everything, Hiryuu thought to himself, "Dude, she said don't die."

"Oh come on, what principle would try to kill their own students," I asked as I opened the door.

In the gym after 10 minutes…

"HOLY SHIT! WHAT IS THIS THING," I yelled as I jumped to dodge an insect-zombie-like monster's jaws.

"Didn't I just tell you two before we started," Mrs. Elmore's voice yelled from the speakers, "these things are called 'Tavoo' they're monsters that will try to kill you. This school's purpose is to train you kids to get rid of them, hence why I stated in the opening ceremonies that you could use your powers in gym class only. In other words, USE YOUR P.S.I.!"

"Well, you could've warned us earlier that they were fucking monsters you old hag!"

"Oh, is that how you treat your elders," she asked with a glint in her eyes (which they couldn't see of course), "then I'll just have to add more to the fray, originally I was just going to let you handle that one all day then let you leave, but I don't take kindly to people referring to me as 'hag'."

Oh shit, I thought as a few more monsters came in through the gym's ceiling, "okay, Hiryuu if you're going to kill me do it after this okay?"

"Fine. By. Me," he said as grabbed the monster that just tried to eat me's jaws and materialized a dragon's tail which skewered it at left on the ground dying, "you might want to try doing something too if you want to live, like possibly using your P.S.I.?"

"Well then," I started as I kicked a Tavoo to the side, "stop using your P.S.I. for a bit then."

"AGEHA," Matsuri 's voice shouted from the speakers, "you don't plan on using that NOW do you?"

"Well, we're kind of out of options if you haven't noticed. Hiryuu, when your away from a direct attack let me know so I can activate it!"

"Gotcha," he replied as his 'Dragon Tail' swatted the Tavoo away from him and after an instant, the tail disappeared, "okay Ageha, it's all you!"

In a few moments my P.S.I. was unleashed but instead of the devastating mass of destruction Matsuri was worried about, out came a little black sphere. "This is my P.S.I.," I yelled, "the 'Melchie's Door'!" I then took an archers position to launch my little sphere and shot a Tavoo, as soon as it made contact, it pierced right through it and knocked it over unmoving. "How'd ya like that you piece of shit!"

"Is it just me or is he swearing too much," asked someone from the speakers.

"Oh piss off," I yelled back as I fired off another sphere. Within the next fifteen minutes I had annihilated the mob of Tavoo the principle had left for us to dispatch of.

"Well, I can't say anything other than good job and thank you for sending twenty more Tavoo out of here," replied Mrs. Elmore.

"Yeah, well next time during the opening ceremonies be a little more specific about gym," I retorted. I ended up getting a slap across my face for that one, sending me flying.

"Hmph, no respect for his elders that one."