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Sasuke's heart hammered as he rummaged another drawer; his fingers flew to shove the worthless things aside as his eyes scanned for any cash the owner might have kept before grabbing them and shove them into his black pants pocket. His eyes flew now and then towards the ornate mahogany door.

It was unlikely that anyone would be back from the elegant party just down stairs but he didn't want to risk it. If he was caught he would lose yet another job.

Well, given it wasn't much of a job but he needed the measly pay they were giving him anyway.

Sweat rolled down Sasuke's forehead as he shoved the drawer close. Turning around, his eyes scanned the darkened room.

The bedside table…

He darted across the area, his fingers hooked over the edge of his damn bow tie, tugging them to loosen them a bit. He hated this damn stiff white shirt; he hated the black vests that adorn them and the black apron he had to wear. It was hot, it was hard to move in and Sasuke never liked formal wears.

His fingers wrenched another drawer, pulling them open roughly.

The item slipped and toppled within the drawer but Sasuke couldn't care less.

Perfumes, pens, name card…

Watches...Yes! That would do! Sasuke grabbed it.

What else…what else…

His eyes noticed a tiny packet of powder at the far end of the drawer.

Could it be?

His entire body clenched, his heart raced as excitement tingled through his entire being as his shaking fingers, clumsily reached forward. He could feel his blood shiver; he could feel his entire body trembling with the excitement as his fingers curled over the thin packet.

Cocaine? Marijuana?

Oh sweet! Sweet!

"My my...what do we have here? I never thought I would be the one getting robbed" A mocking voice drawled from the threshold just behind Sasuke.

Sasuke's heart halted, his entire body clenched as adrenaline tore through his veins. He could quickly feel his blood ran cold, he could feel his guts heaved as his fingers shook as he tried to make that packet as small as it could go beneath his palms.

He let his lashes rest and heaved in a deep breath.

For a moment he could not move, for a moment he could not think.

Even worst he actually feel the others dark, mocking yet dangerous gaze meandering leisurely over his stiff form as if challenging him to deny it.

Okay…okay…calm down.

So he is caught stealing.

Well, big deal!

So he would get fired. Nothing new there. He had been fired from several jobs by now and spends more than a few nights in a cell down at the station for theft anyway.

Sasuke's fingers tightened over the white packet as he grudgingly shoved them into his pocket. Still kneeling, quickly gathering whatever pride he had left, he turn around, keeping his gaze to the ground.

He could feel the amusement that trace all over the man's mocking face, he could feel the taunting smirk that touch those rosy lips.

Damn him!

The man chuckle as he strode forward towards the younger who remained unmoving.

"What's so interesting about the floor? Aren't I a better sight?" he purred.

At once fury raced through Sasuke as he snapped his gaze up towards the current troll of his existence right this moment.

Well, this man didn't look like a troll Sasuke bitterly acknowledge.


Truth…he looked like an oversexed playboy that had just walked right out of a porn magazine; though not that he is very revealing at the moment.

Sasuke let his gaze licked the tall slender form that stood before him.

Clad in an elegant Armani suit that no doubt cost more than Sasuke's entire year of salary, he was the epitome of a stud!

He could see the sharp edge of his slender features that seemed to illuminate of ethereal beauty beneath the dark lighting of the room. Those narrow aristocratic nose, high cheek bones and rosy lips that seem softer than velvet.

Oh those lips…he could almost feel the lustrous of them. He could think of a thousand places he wanted those lips to be, he could think of a thousand places where it ought to be…


And his eyes…like nothing he had ever seen.

Those eyes that bore into his were not the usual dark obsidian in Japanese man…they were pale; they were translucent, like mirrors or as if someone had ran out of ink when they painted those mesmerizing orbs of hazel that adorned that slight oriental, slight European features that added an exotic beauty.

Ohh… He would definitely make a flourishing gigolo.

The man tilted his head slightly, letting the satin of his midnight locks trickle over his strong shoulder as he took a step closer towards Sasuke.

"What are you thinking?"

Sasuke tense, his eyes narrowed as he glared maliciously at this man. He hated him for his arrogance.

Yes…he had only known this man for less than a minute but he already loathed him for his damn smug attitude.

What made him so great anyway! What made him think he is any superior than Sasuke?

Besides the cash he obviously own…besides his damn looks that made him seem like sex on legs!

What else?


"So you were stealing from me?"

Sasuke gritted his jaws in anger, pushing himself up, he shoved his hands into his pocket.

He didn't need to take this shit from him!

Grabbing a handful of notes he had stole, he threw them at the man's face. The man nodded.

"This is all?"

"Obvious enough! Or should I count them for you!" Sasuke bellowed, his chest heaving in mounting rage.

Incredulously, the man smiled.

Sasuke tightened his jaws in frustration; his fingers curled, resisting the urge to break something…More specifically the man's pretty face!

What is wrong with him!

Did he have too much to drink? Shouldn't he be calling the cops by now or grab him and drag him to his superior or at the very least shout at him to get out of his room!

"What! Something funny on my face missy!" Sasuke spat.

"You are in no position to talk to me in such a tone don't you think?"

"Because you own a hell load of cash? Big deal!"

"It is isn't it?" The man mocked.

Sasuke narrowed his gaze as he stepped forward, anger pulsing in his veins like molten lava; making it hard for him to even breathe. He had never met a man this egocentric, narcissist, arrogant, cocky, and prideful and simply there just isn't enough words in his vocabulary to describe him!

"What's the matter?"

"Just shut up and get out…just get out!" Sasuke sternly warned himself.

This was his chance to get out and only a stupid fool would actually miss this opportunity. But when someone was rubbing his pride, he might as well have the word moron tattooed to his forehead, the word idiot soaked into his blood, his bones and even his very soul!

No one! Messes with him!

"You think you are so tough don't you pretty boy" Sasuke sneered, his voice shook, venom dripping from his every word as he relentlessly step forward.


"Why don't you and I take it outside like a man?"


"What's the matter? Scared? I'm sure you can afford some plastic surgery after!" Sasuke shoved him hard.

The man chuckled; shaking his head as he took a mocking step back from Sasuke.

"Come on bitch!" Sasuke sneered.

"And what do I have to proof? That I'm better than some petty thief?"

That's it!

At once, savage fury raced through Sasuke and not even the logic of the world could halt him as he lunged forward. His fist curled into a tight ball, his other hand flew to grab the front of the man's shirt.

With blinding speed the man kick out, crashing into Sasuke's knee before he could strike him.

Excruciating blasted up Sasuke's entire leg, he cried out as his knees bolted, crashing towards the floor. His hands shoved out to break his fall and the next instant before he could even push himself up, before he could even move cold metal was pressed against his forehead.

A deafening click of metal pierced the entire ambiance.

"How dare you…" The man whispered softly. Coldly…

And as if freezing water had suddenly flooded the room, as if Sasuke had suddenly been dunk into a pool of ice, fear, chilling shock that went deeper than bones soaked through Sasuke's skin.

His heart lodge in his throat, his entire body clenched as his eyes fixed, terrified at the handgun before him.

"You come into my room! Steal from me and strike me! The nerve of you! I should just…." The dark furious words continued but Sasuke was no longer listening. No longer know how to listen as thousands of thoughts flashed across his mind.

The man's words were like gurgle of water in his ears, the movements of those rosy lips were as if he was watching them from a glassy mirror….as if he was in a whole different dimension and watching that pretty skin move in eroticism.

The gun… It was going to go off any moment but yet he couldn't take his gaze away from it; as if spellbound.

He is going to die isn't he?

He is going to die before he could even drive a Porsche.

What sort of a pathetic life story is this?

He didn't own a mansion, he didn't own a priceless Ming vase that nobody gave a damn about its history or paintings that looked as if done by a six year old but cost more money than the sale of every organ in his body plus everything he had ever own.

Hell he didn't even own a car or a license. Not to mention he was already three months behind his rent and at the verge of being kicked out.

Yes…his life wasn't all that great. But still that does not mean he wants to die!

He wondered if anyone would care. He wondered if anyone would even miss him.

"That's enough" A voice barked, snapping Sasuke out of his thoughts.

Sasuke blinked, realizing that the gun had been pulled away from his head and that they weren't alone anymore.

A man with golden locks that trickle over his shoulder as if curtain of silk was leaning against the threshold of the chamber looking less that approving. And his piercing azure orbs bore into Sasuke's with so much disgust that for a moment Sasuke was ashamed of himself.

"Come now Itachi, you've been missing at your party long enough" The man whispered, turning away he disappears without another word.

Itachi turned towards the younger as he slip his handgun back beneath the side pocket of his suit.

"Go…take that stuff that you want"

"I didn't ta-"

"Take it" Itachi muttered, dropping the same packet of white powder Sasuke had found in the drawer before him.

Sasuke stilled, his heart halted as his eyes widen.

Unbelievable...This guy is mad!

Did he know how much these shit cost?

"Pure cocaine…like that stuff you took"


Sasuke could hardly speak as his shaky hands slowly reached forward to take them in disbelief. He couldn't think, he couldn't breathe as he felt that clear plastic finally between his fingers. As if entranced, he couldn't stop staring at the white powder that was now sliding closer and closer towards him.


Suddenly, as if something out of a nightmare, a hand snapped towards him and grabbed his wrist.

Sasuke screamed, kicked, wrenching his wrist in hysteria as he tugged the packet close to his chest.

"It's mine! You said it!" Sasuke bellowed, backing away along the cold marble ground until his back was pressed hard against the mahogany bed frame.

It's his! If this Itachi wants it back he would have to shoot him! Literally!

Itachi chuckle as he watches the younger's reaction.

Oh yes…This child wants that stuff and not because he was going to sell it for the money. With a motion he stood to his feet, his midnight satin dribbled over his shoulder like silk.

"It's yours…but I would have you pay me for it and the mess in my room of course…in one way or another" Itachi smiled.


"Now, if you'll excuse me…"

As far as the nightclub went, Akatsuki was by far the most exclusive and the most exotic in the entire city of Konoha, Not to mention also the most obscure. There were no listing on the phone books, no flashy billboard to shout out its location; in fact the entire wild sanctuary was underground. Everyone who was anyone knew where it was, and of course this everyone did not include cops, noble man and the stuck up aristocrat.

The crowd roared in the underground bar was the usual mixture the Goths, punks, metal heads and the totally bazaar.

The music seethed and thundered, resounding from every corner of the pub. The crowd was wild; throwing themselves onto the cramp dance floor with wild abandon while a good few preferred that offered a wide variety of illegal pursuits.

The club was paramount for their services, exotic dancers, discreet and the not so discreet orgies.

Sasuke laughed, his head spun with the weed in his system as he clumsily kissed the women, pushing her against the sofa against the dark corner of the roaring pub.

"You are rough today" She chuckled; her pink head fell back against the comfy seat, her finger weaving beneath Sasuke's sweaty locks.

"You like it that way don't you Sakura…" Sasuke purred against her ears making her laugh even more.

Sasuke didn't really care who he is making out with as long as that particular living creature had the cash to pay for his drinks and if he is lucky, they would bring some weed along with them.

And Sakura, is a walking money tree.

She may be frustrating but God bless her, she is the child of some millionaire he never bothered asking who. It might be Bill Gates and it wouldn't matter to him. Getting his alcohol matters!

"You want to do it here?" Sasuke whispered; nibbling Sakura's sensitive ear as his fingers kneaded up her lacy thigh.

"Oh yes…" Sakura moaned his fingers swipe down Sasuke's back tugging clumsily at his tight black top.

"Calm down" Sasuke growled; his lips skimmed over Sakura's sweaty cheeks to capture her lips in a heated kiss.

Umm… She smelt of alcohol, she smelt of smoke, it was bitter but he didn't care as his lips trusted against her feeling her shiver and clenched beneath him.

He knew she was wet and ready for him, he knew she lusted him…his body she could never get enough of.

"Oh…ahh…" Sakura moaned against his lips as her fingers tightened over his wet locks as she grinded Sasuke's groin.


Sasuke groaned; his finger shifted to slip beneath her tight tube to grope her breast with such passion that Sakura cried out, her body arching against Sasuke's.

Sasuke laughed, he could feel excitement racing in his blood, he could feel heat pooling at his lower region as he molded the other. His head was spinning, the music like mindless racket in his ears as he groaned and shifted with agitation.

He was on fire! Oh yes…the drug is kicking in. Or was it the alcohol?

He could hear the beating of his heart; he could feel the heat of restless flesh beneath him, soft wetness against his lips that seemed to guide his entire being.

"Kid! Come here…come here…" A voice echoed within his jumbled mind.

"Come! Are you listening…!" "Get off her now!" "Get up!" It shouted and murmured over and over again.

Maddeningly it ranged, maddeningly annoying it blasted and screech all over him. Fingers clamped over his shoulders, tugging his wrist, his upper arm, his hair.

Oh Jeeze!

"Get your own girl you bastards!" Sasuke spat, wrenching his shoulders against the hard fingers.

"Come here now!" A voice snapped.

More hands were suddenly all over him dragging him off the seemingly dazed Sakura. They were hauling him…

What is this?

"I'm busy assholes!" Sasuke bellowed, yanking his arms and kicking as hard as he could. Ever heard of privacy!

Tighter…tighter the grip became as he struggled and twist, like trap in spinning webs. He couldn't move, he couldn't move where he wanted to as he was drag to his feet.

No! He will go where he wanted to!

"Let me go! Get off!" He bellowed.

Trashing back and forth, jumping and jamming his heels against the ground against his damn capture. He could hear grunts and curses of anger around him; he could feel mess of annoying flesh holding him.

But he didn't care.

His upper arms hurts as finger clenched hard against them, he could see white shirt over his vision as men stood in front of him, around him pushing him.

Who are they! Did he do something this time?

Well to hell with it, he couldn't even remember what he did an hour ago!

"Fuck off!" Sasuke stomped down hard on the leather shoes of his captor.

A shout tore; drown in the mix of banging drums, the grip on his right arms loosen as Sasuke broke one arm free only to be imprisoned by two other figures with strong pinching fingers. Sasuke shouted in frustration.

The bouncer opened the door behind them as Sasuke shouted to him.

"I'm a regular here! Do something you asshole!"

The bouncer looked away as if he never saw them. Anger fueled in Sasuke's blood in a monstrous rush.

"You damn faggot! You should get fired!" Sasuke screamed; kicked.

Cold icy air clashed against Sasuke's back as they exited the bar. Sasuke shouted and bucked, his body twisted and squirmed against the titan grip. His arms hurts like fire, as if clamp by thorny traps.

Where are those worthless cops when you need them!

They turned him around, his world spurned and the ground beneath his feet seemed to shift so rapidly he collapse only to be held by another arm, hauled to his feet.

"Stand!" Shouts roared in his ringing head.

A slick black limousine with black tainted window was parked at the front of the club.

Sasuke had never seen one like it. At least not in this seedy part of town, as if a diamond in a mud pits.

Incredulously a man opened the door to the limousine, tossing him in.

Sasuke fell head first against the soft leather seat, a leg dangled off the edge of it.

Oh… His head throbbed, pounded a slow hum, blinding white lights blinking and flashing across his vision.

Oh God…

How much did he drink? How much weed did he smoke?

The door slammed behind him as Sasuke let his lashes rest, a groan rumbled from his dry throat. It's so quiet… It's so comfortable; the coolness of it against his fiery skin was like a soothing balm and he just wanted to lie there forever.

He didn't know how long he lay there, he didn't know where he is or what was happening to him but he didn't care. He had woken more than enough times in random beds anyway. And this comfy seat might have been the best thing that had ever happened in his short miserable life.

"Do you really intend to sleep there?" A dark sultry voice whispered.

Sasuke almost leap out of his skin, his muscle tightened as his entire body stiffened. He was so exhausted, so disoriented he never realize that he wasn't alone.

"What…?" He moaned; his fingers slide to his side along the softness of velvet, dragging his leather wrist band along, leaving trails of scratches before he reluctantly pushed himself up.

He was fully prepared to spit out any feasible lie of why he thinks this man had the wrong guy, or any lie feasible or not in his near comatose state when he lifted his gaze to see Itachi.

Oh…Maybe not…

Itachi sat inches away from him in Dolce & Gabbana suit as he watched Sasuke in disgust.

"You should get some sleep and sho-"

"I don't remember having a mother! And I don't have the money!" Sasuke spat, leaning back against the seat, his fingers leisurely lifted towards the handle of the unmoving car.

Obviously his business with this guy is done since he had nothing for him. Now if he would excuse him…he had some unfinished business to attend to.


"I'm goi-" In a motion an audible click of the lock resonated piercing through the entire ambiance.

"You think you can just leave when you have nothing to offer me?" Itachi whispered dangerously.

Sasuke stilled, his heart drummed, adrenaline fired through his veins as his fingers quickly release the lock handle of the door. The sudden urge to just wrench at the locked door or pound against the tinted window was overwhelming but he remained indifferent.

Hell if Itachi was really going to kill him, there was not a damn thing he could do about it. And if he was to die, he would at least die with pride!

"Look at me…" Itachi muttered; a command.

Sasuke lifted his gaze towards the other; his midnight bangs trickled over the edge of his alabaster skin.

Itachi's lean form was just as beautiful as he had remembered. Exotic, captivating…

And also just as dangerous he grimly acknowledge.

"What?" Sasuke forced out. His fingers curled against the side of his seat so hard he was worried he might puncture them and he couldn't keep his hands from shaking.

"Now, don't look so frightened" Itachi smiled, shifting closer.

Sasuke clenched, his entire frame shook in terror as he watched the other loomed over him.

Those eyes again….those translucent eyes that were boring into him were so fierce, predatory and cold and it was as if it was freezing everything that is inside of him. He couldn't think, he couldn't move.

He could hear the hard drumming of his heart; he could feel the hard pounding of his heart crashing against his rib cage.

Itachi is so close…so close he could feel the tenderness of his breath against his lips. He could see his own reflection against the depths of those blazing orbs, and almost feel the warmth of those wet lips.

Those velvet lips that gapped and that hot tongue that rolled as if tempting him to touch them. What would Itachi do if he touches them?

The thought… Interesting.

"Don't worry…I'll give you a chance to pay me back…" Itachi whispered, looming closer.

"No!" Sasuke gasped; his booths jam against the carpet, his back darted pressing hard against the door.

"No? You won't pay?"

"No I will not pay with my body!" Sasuke gritted.

At once a light ethereal laughter filled the entire space fueling Sasuke's mounting fustration.

Louder…louder they get as if ringing bells and Sasuke wanted so badly to put his hands to his ears.

To block it out! To stop it! To stop that piercing sound that was driving him to insanity!

Shut up! Shut up!

"Shut up!" Sasuke narrowed his gaze, anger tearing through him, suppressing his lingering fear.

"You are hilarious"

"Oh really? Care to elaborate bitch!" His fingers dug into the palm of his hand in shaking fury.

He may be poor! He may be a thief but never a whore!

Did Itachi believe him to be a prostitute? Did he believe that he was so pathetic he would sell his own body?

Dream on!

He would rather sell every part of his organ before he sold his own body!

Itachi smiled, shaking his head slightly.

"My apologize…but tell me…what makes you think I desire your body? Is it all that great?"

"Shut up!" Sasuke looked away, heat growing in his cheek.

What give him such an absurd idea that this pervert longed him? Oh I don't know….maybe because he was so close Sasuke could feel him breathing down his neck for one!

"Forgive me…"

"Bastard" Sasuke whispered; leaning back a little as his head started to throb even more.

God…this seat is so comfortable as if made of cotton, as if made of the finest silk. So comfortable…as if embraced by an angel.

"Tell me…What should I call you?" Itachi smiled.

Sasuke wasn't listening anymore as his gaze roamed the busy streets through the tinted glass. He could see couples hand in hand walking half drunk into the bar, he could see a ragged old man smoking at the side of the street, ruin traffic light blinking red, green, yellow in random flashes as if blinking lights on a Christmas tree, and hear the loud screeching of tires and roar of engine of some illegal bike race down the other street.

He was pretty sure Itachi was saying something to him but he didn't care to listen. He was too exhausted to listen anyway.

Without protest, he let his heavy lashes rest against his cheek as darkness engulfed him.

"I'll give you a call when I need you" Itachi muttered, nudging a cell phone against Sasuke's deadweight arm.




"Hey!" Itachi gave another nudge only to realize Sasuke had fallen asleep.

Itachi heaved a sigh, his fingers lifted to run over his satin locks in incredulity. A small teasing smile twisted over his rosy lips.

Truly this child is interesting…

He had a gun pointed towards his head just a week ago, he was manhandled to him just a few moments ago and still he could fall asleep by him as if he hadn't a care in the world.

This child had no sense of danger. He had no sense of what is going on around him or sense of his own consequences.

Like a wild animal…arrogant, untamed, untouchable and he liked it.

Itachi shifted closer; reaching forward, he cups the sleeping feature by his side.

A tingle of excitement hummed in his blood. He had never felt such excitement before towards another being, he had never felt such trembling thrill before as if he couldn't sit still in his seat, as if he wanted, needed something of this being but didn't know what.

"It would be a pleasure to hunt you…and tame you…" Itachi purred, letting his icy thumb run over the edge of those venomous lips.

He let his gaze roamed the sleeping boy of sharp narrow nose, high cheek bone and long heavy lashes that suited a woman more than him, but they were still lovely.

His features were perfectly symmetrical, molded, crafted as if by the finest craftsmen whose works were flawless though they were rather sickly pale. And his half parted rosy lips were soft too but with lines of crack of dehydration.

His gaze drifted lower, he could see Sasuke's slender form beneath his tight black top.

Too tight than would be comfortable or that fashion dictates he amusedly acknowledges. It wouldn't be surprising if it was stolen too, without caring what size they were.

"It's a wonder how you could still have your pride the size of Konoha…Sasuke…" He smiled; releasing the limp form he reached over to tap the tinted glass divide that separated the driver's seat.

"Have you found out where our guest stays?" Itachi asked as the glass slip apart by a fraction.

"Yes sir"

"Take him home…"

Loud, deafening banging crashed through Sasuke's hazy mind. Louder, shouting…slamming and crashing they were getting louder and louder. So loud he couldn't bare it! So loud he wanted to shout as his skull pounded as if a sledgehammer slamming against his head.

His eyes snapped apart, blinding flash of light exploded over his vision like fiery pins.

Sasuke cried; slamming them shut again as he turned against the twisted fabric. His thin cover had coiled and wrapped all over his limps in disarray, like serpents not knowing where it started or where it ends.

"Open up! God damn it!"

He could hear a thunder of racket that drowned the roaring of angry voices. He could hear thump of fist pounding and pounding against his walls or his door. He was so disoriented that he could hardly tell if he was even on his futon or not or if he was conscious or drifting in and out of a never ending jumble of images and colors.

Looking groggily to his side, his old fashioned clock blare an offensive red of 11.00AM.

"Oh G-God…"Sasuke breathe; flopping back onto his sweat damp futon. He had only got to bed less than an hour ago.

His head pounded, pain throbbing through his skull and his stomach churned brutally.

"Open up!"

Oh Lord… Sasuke let his lashes rest, pinching the bridge of his nose between his fingers in frustration.

Is it Naruto again?

He had to hand it to that guy, who could never leave him alone for more than 48 hours without worrying he was going slit his wrist or leap off the tallest building downtown.

Honestly, if he wasn't so comatose or that the banging was loud enough to crack his head open he would actually drag himself up and pour Naruto some beer to toss his infuriating determination.

Abruptly a piercing crack blasted through his tiny space. His door flew open.

Oh damn…Sasuke groaned; did Naruto learn something new? Someone needs to pay for it!

"Get up brat!"

Hard fingers grabbed his bare upper arm in a pincher like grip.

Sasuke groaned; his entire body tore from the ground, dragged and his back slammed against his peeling wall across the minute space. His jerk back, crashing against solid.

Oh man…

"Calm down Deidara…You want to give him a concussion?" A maddening annoying voice groaned in his ears.

Not Naruto... Itachi…Can't the guy leave him for a century or so!

"Sasuke…?" Itachi's voice murmured.

"Umm…" Sasuke rolled his head back against the cold solid wall, a substitute for that much needed ice beg. His head throbbed, his guts heaved as his entire body burn as if a living flame. He was exhausted, he was aching all over and he could hardly understand what was coming out of his lips.

"Sasuke! Don't sleep! Open your eyes!" Cold fingers reached to cup Sasuke's burning features, his voice echoed.

"Ummm…" Sasuke moaned, lifting his eye lid by a fraction.

He could faintly see Itachi in the dimness but he could recognize his lean features. His long obsidian locks that trickle over his suited form.

"Sasuke…It's been two weeks"

"You miss me…? You want a drink…?"

"Why didn't you pick up the phone?" Itachi snapped in annoyance.

"What phone…?"

Itachi blinked in incredulity.

What is Sasuke saying! Does he even understand the position he is in?

Does having a gun pointed to your head suggest that Itachi was a man for jokes!

"The cell phone I left you with! Did you think it just magically appear when you wake up the next day!"

"Oh…that phone…" Sasuke groaned, tilting his throbbing head to the side as he let his lashes rest.

Flashes of white blinding lights were spotting over his vision. His hands lifted to wipe down his sweaty features in exasperation.

That phone…yes, there was a phone that kept ringing wasn't there?

What did he do with it? Did he sell it?


"Ah yes…I think I pawned it…" Sasuke mumbled.

"I beg your pardon"

"I ran out of beer you see…and you need cash to buy them…"


"Oh I'm sorry love... come I'll give you a kiss… don't get mad that I didn't answer yo-"

"You think this is a joke do you?" Itachi gritted, anger pulsing in his veins like molten lava.

His jaws tightened as his fingers resisted the urge to just dig into those tempting eye lids that were drifting to sleep.

Is this kid mocking him!

Did he think Itachi would just let him walk expecting nothing in return? Did he think this is all a hilarious gag!

That he is a joke!

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