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10 Years Later…

The ballroom of the casino cruise ship was one to be admired; classy and beautiful. Dozens of thick pastel curtain woven with golden treads embellish the entire place while a dozen chandelier hung over the top casting radiance of light through the entire place. Guest clad in their best suits and gowns sprawled over the entire place. Some dancing the tango while others simply gossiped and speak of business.

There were little kids playing and teasing around the room too but not too loudly that they drowned out the orchestral on stage.

Itachi shifted ideally around the room, greeting the guests and making a few connections while watching others socialize among themselves too. He stopped at a large window and looked at the beauty outside, beyond Madara's new billion dollar casino cruise ship.

The night sky was lovely, studded with thousands of stars that glittered like little diamonds. Ah...how long had it been since he had the chance to just relax and enjoy the beauty the natural world has to offer.


There was a soft tug on his tuxedo that made him look down. A small smile tugged over his lips when he saw his five year old boy holding a glass of Champaign in his little hand.

Izuna looked like him in many ways. He was fair; his features sharp, his eyes were of the same shape as him and his orbs are pale hazel too.

"Izuna…you are a little too young to drink aren't you? You would be in trouble again if your mother found out" He knelt down to the boy's level and took the glass from him gently.

"A man gave it to me"

"That still doesn't change the fact that you are still too young"

"Well, if no one tells, Okasan won't know…And it doesn't taste nice anyway" Izuna whined.

"You drank?"

"No I didn't!" he said defensively.

"Oh…? Then how do you know it taste awful?"

At that Izuna pouted, folding his arms.

"Izuna…don't li-"

"Ojiisan let me try ages ago! He said not to tell you!"

Itachi let out a soft chuckle at that. Well it seems he needs to have a talk with Madara about literally giving Izuna every single thing he asked for and educating Izuna to keep things from him.

"Alright" He smiled, running his fingers over Izuna's dark bangs that framed his sharp features and adjusted the white collar of Izuna's shirt. "Now…go find your mother…you are suppose to be with her tonight"

"Okay!" Izuna ran off towards the crowd.

Itachi smile as he watched the boy go. Though Sakura had already remarried after their divorce four years ago, Izuna still sees her on the weekends.

Suddenly Izuna stopped as if he had forgotten something and ran back towards Itachi.


"What is it?"

"I don't know where Okasan went…so carry me...my legs are tired" Izuna reached his little arms over Itachi's neck in an insistent to be picked up.

"Okay you spoil brat…we'll find her" Itachi smile; slipping an arm beneath Izuna's thighs for support he picked him up.

"I'm not a brat! And i'm tired!"

"Alright alright..."

"Oh! Otousan! That man over there…he told me to tell you hi when he gave me that glass to give to you" Izuna said; pointing towards a corner of the room.

Itachi turned.

At once, his eyes widen, his heart almost halted in his chest as his mind went blank in shock and he didn't even noticed it when Izuna started playing and pulling his ponytail that was tied neatly to the base of his neck.

Though it had been so long, but that was a face Itachi would never forget.


Sasuke was standing there; clad in a suit that boasted the splendor of his body that had captivated Itachi a long time ago. And Sasuke was smiling at him too, with all the gentleness Itachi could never forget even to this day.

Unexpectedly, in a shocking second, Sasuke was walking towards him as he forced himself to stand his ground.

How would it look to Izuna if he suddenly walk a different direction when a man was clearly approaching them?

"Itachi" Sasuke greeted.

Itachi could do nothing but nod; his voice seem to forget how to operate though his eyes were grazing over Sasuke's lovely features as if making sure he wasn't mistaking the man.

In general, Sasuke looked the same as Itachi remembers him, but with an air of maturity and authority that was not there years ago. His eyes still as dark and fierce as ever, his flawless feature a little sharper and he was taller than Itachi now.

"You have a beautiful son" Sasuke complimented, smiling gently at Izuna.

Itachi still couldn't speak, his entire body so numb and his heart crashing so hard against his chest he thought it was about to leap out of his throat. And perhaps it was out of fear or the shock, it was as if everything around Itachi had cease to exist…

The music that waffled through the room was as if it was being played in a distance; everything… everything was as if it had suddenly crumbled away but Sasuke.

"So, what's your name? I didn't catch it before…" Sasuke asked softly to Izuna, his fingers reach forward to pat Izuna's skull.

It took everything in Itachi not to smack Sasuke's hand away and he himself not to bolt.

"Izuna!" Izuna said happily.

"A lovely name for a charming boy, you look so much like your father" Sasuke turned towards Itachi's still horrified gaze, but not missing Izuna's proud beam.

"What do you want?" Itachi asked at last.

Sasuke smiled, tilting his head slightly as he studied Itachi's fearful yet lovely features that seemed to immortalize in time.

"What do I want?" Sasuke snorted.


"So many things Itachi…so many things only you could give to me"

"I don't understand"

"I'm staying in room 547" Sasuke muttered, turning to walk away.

Itachi blink; without thinking, as if on auto pilot, Itachi spoke his name, halting Sasuke in his steps.


Christ... What is he doing? After all this years, what the hell is he still doing?

Sasuke could be here to demand more of him…to destroy him again. To humiliate him. And here he is, so afraid of his presence yet craved his existence once again.

"Itachi...I already know about Naruto" Sasuke turned, smiling gently at him.

Itachi nodded.

Pein stood on the highest deck of the cruise ship close to the edge, letting the soft breeze brush over his features. It was so soothing; it was so peaceful with nothing but the splashes of water all around him and a warm pair of arms embracing him. He leaned back against the hard suited body and turned his head to the side, lifting his lashes to regard Madara.

"I like it here…" Pein whispered.


"It's quiet...and beautiful"

"I like it too…because you are here with me" Madara lifted his fingers to gently cup Pein's pastel features covered in a layer of makeup.

He could still see the thin lines of scars that were covered up but he didn't mind them the least.

"Do you know…when I first saw you, I was so nervous I couldn't speak" Madara smiled.

"Bull…you were flirting with the other host"

At that, Madara laughs. "That's because you were so stunning I didn't dare speak to you"

"You kept looking at everyone but me" Pein huffed.

"I'm looking only at you now"


"And as long as I live, I love you…and to my very last breath, I will forever hold you…"


"You are so beautiful…" Madara always tells him, especially when Pein takes off the makeup that covers his scars before they get to bed every night.

Pein smiled. "Whatever… aren't we supposed to be at that party downstairs?"

"Not really...I'm sure all the guest are having a good time, with or without me"


"He will be fine" Madara smiled; pulling Pein closer, he leans down to capture Pein's tender lips in a loving kiss.

Itachi stood awkwardly by the threshold of the door as he let his gaze drift over Sasuke's suite. It was one of the best on this ship. There was a large window at the end that gave the magnificent view of the night sky beyond and the crashing sea beneath. A large bed draped in silken red sheets, large sprawling sofas and a mini bar at the other end.

"Come on in" Sasuke said, stepping back as he encourage Itachi to step in.

Itachi did and the door shut behind him. His weary gaze grazed over Sasuke's entire being as Sasuke shifted to stand before him.

Sasuke is clad in nothing but an ebony silken bathrobe and his rough spiky locks were a little wet; from the shower perhaps.

"Would you like something to drink?" Sasuke asked.

Itachi shook his head. He didn't know what to say or how to act. His heart was drumming so hard he could feel them in his mouth as he fought the overwhelming desire to just bolt from this room.

He fears Sasuke; he fears the day he would once again appear before him again; he always has. Yet, there is also a part of him that craves that presence once again; that raw passion that leaves him gasping and those feral touches that could leaves him screaming for more.

"Itachi?" Sasuke spoke his name, snapping Itachi out of his thoughts.

"Go-od evening" Itachi muttered hurriedly; regretting it immediately the moment his childish words rolled from his tongue.

God! He sounded like a fool. After all this time, of all the things he could have said was good evening?

"Um, good evening to you too…"


"Are you alright?"

"Ye-ah" Itachi nodded once again.

He knew he must look highly uncooperative in this conversation right now but he just didn't know what to say. He wanted to ask so many things. He wanted to know so many things he didn't know how to start.

He wanted to know what Sasuke have been doing. He wanted to know how Sasuke still felt about him. Or if Sasuke already had a new lover.

Sasuke bit back a sigh of frustration as he watched Itachi's tense posture and the way Itachi kept looking at everywhere but him.

"Itachi…if you don't wish to see me, you didn't ha-"

"I do want to see you" Itachi lifted his gaze towards Sasuke.

"Sure you do"


Sasuke shook his head after awhile. Clearly Itachi isn't very excited to see him again.

"You must be tired. We can talk tomorrow if y-"



"Why…why are you here…?" Itachi murmured.

At that question Sasuke smiled, bearing his gaze into Itachi's translucent orbs.

"Why are you?" He asked back.

"I don't know"

"Itachi…I am here for the same reason as you are in my room"


"I'm here because of you" He muttered, reaching up slowly to cup Itachi's features.

Itachi let his lashes rest for but a moment, leaning unconsciously against the warm palm of Sasuke's hand. His lips parted in a soft sigh.

Oh how he had missed Sasuke's tender touch. How he had missed his soft caresses and dark husky voice that made him moan in pleasure. It had been so long since any man touch him or that he allows himself to be touched that way.

"For ten years you held my heart" Sasuke rasped.


"I could never forget you…and now I come back as a man equal to stand by your side…if you will have me back"

"I don't know…" Itachi whispered.

He didn't know if he wanted to try again. It hurts too much, but one thing he did know, it is that there is still a part of him that still loves Sasuke. Still love him so much that if he agrees to let Sasuke back into his life, he would be completely helpless to Sasuke's every word and action.

Sasuke could rip him a part and he would allow it just like he did years ago. The only difference is, this time he could not allow himself to be so vulnerable. He had Izuna to think about too

"Sasuke…" Itachi almost begged.

Sasuke nodded in understanding. He didn't expect Itachi to accept him with open arms at once. He is just glad that Itachi did not out rightly reject him.

"What do you want?" Sasuke asked softly.

Itachi smiled.

What did he want? He wanted Sasuke. He wanted his touch…he wanted his love again. He wanted a relive in the lovely lies he created all those years ago again. Relive the passion. Relieve the raw feral excitement, once again.

But is it what he needed?

"You…" Itachi muttered.

"Alright" Sasuke leans forward to capture Itachi's lips in a passionate kiss.

Itachi moaned; his fingers lifted to lid over Sasuke's strong chest, the other shifted to clutch Sasuke's damp tresses as he kissed Sasuke with everything that was in him. He kissed him with all the overflowing passion he had kept hidden away for him.

Sasuke groaned, pulling Itachi closer into his embrace as he deepened the kiss onto those eager waiting lips.

Lips caress over lips, suckling and dragging over the other in mounting burning fervor as Sasuke's restless fingers came to cup Itachi's burning features once again, his thumb stroking his high cheek bone in burning need and urgency.

"Sasuke…" Itachi groaned in sweet passion as Sasuke slipped his talented tongue into Itachi's sultry cavern.


Body pressed intimately against body. Their tongues intertwined in a tango of seduction as each caress, thrust and suckled over the other as if a child on a mother's breast.

Oh God! God!

Itachi moaned; a hand slipped beneath Sasuke's robes to touch his chest, fingers kneaded down to brush the hard nub of Sasuke's nipples making Sasuke groaned in shocking pleasure.

Oh Lord! Umm…

"Ita-" He chocked.

He needed to touch Itachi too…he needed to touch more of him, all of him. He wanted to so bad to just reach between their bodies and take command of Itachi's hard length and stroke him till he is begging for release.

But he didn't want this to be just some regular sex session.

"Itachi…I want you…" He breathes, their lips brushing in aching need.

In liquid motion Sasuke shifted his fingers lower to cup Itachi's clothed hard swelling groin in a knee buckling touch.

Itachi chocked back a groan as he nearly came at the mere fiery contact, thrusting his lips hard against Sasuke's gasping ones.

Oh Christ! He really had been so long…

"I want you…" Sasuke husked again.

Itachi shivered. There was something so raw in those words, something so feral that it heightened the aching needs that plague though his entire being.

"Sasuke…" He moaned into the kiss; his fingers clumsily pushed Sasuke's silken robes off Sasuke's shoulder to reveal the pastel flesh he had longed for so long.

Oh! Oh…Ummm…

"Itachi…wait…" Sasuke rasped suddenly, pulling back.

A soft whimper resounded as Itachi lifted his hazy confused gaze. Why is Sasuke rejecting him? Did he do something wrong?

"What's wrong Sasuke?"

"Not like this"

"Like what?"

"As if it's just for fun"


"I want to do you right this time no matter if you will accept me back after tonight or not" Sasuke smiled, pulling his robe back over his naked shoulder again, he then reached into one of his pocket to remove a platinum ring he had kept.


"Itachi…" Sasuke took Itachi's right hand gently in his.

Itachi blinked, his heart thundered, his mind raced a million miles; a smile crept over his rosy lips as his gaze landed on the ring. On its interior written in beautiful italic were the words 'Timeless Love'

"For the record...i don't steal anymore"

Itachi laughs softly at that.

"Itachi..." Sasuke smiles.


"I know i'm ten years too late...but...i want you to know that what we had back then was real to me no matter if it was real to you" He slips the ring over Itachi's slender ring finger.


"I have never stop loving you..." He whispered those words at long last as he took Itachi's hand to his lips and kissed him with all the love he possessed.

Itachi never needed to know that they are brothers.

Forever he would lie to him; forever he would love him and protect him; and die if he must, to see Itachi live, as is his agreement with Madara to be allowed to appear before Itachi once again.


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