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A/N: A little one-shot based on the Annie Broadcasts, a sort of follow on if you like. I love seeing Annie with this new depth to her. So here, have a slightly angsty fanfic. I apologise for the block of text. It serves to help my writing seem more desperate.

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"Mitchell, George, Nina... can you hear me?" she's desperate. She needs them to hear. They have to hear, "Mitchell please, please don't be dead... don't have forgotten me Mitchell!" She doesn't know why she's appealing to him in particular; she barely remembers who he is. But she needs someone, anyone to hear. There's a bang amongst the silence, an unwelcomed presence, "Oh my God, oh my God..." She's hyperventilating, she barely has the breath to speak, "They've decided what they're going to do with me..." The thought fills her with dread, an unspeakable dread, "They're going to build a special room just for me... they're going to lock the door and burn the key." More banging, "They're sending me to Hell, Mitchell!" She gasps desperately, tears already building and threatening to flow down her face, "Please... they're sending me to Hell!" The banging is still there, the consistent unwelcomed banging. She's still screaming and pleading and she'll carry on until her throat is raw and there are no more words left. She doesn't know if her message will get to them. For all she knows it might not go anywhere at all. But she hopes it gets there, she wants it to get there. Wherever there might be. She can't remember. If it gets there they'll come for her. They will. Now she's clinging onto the grate crying, because she's run out of words to say and she's run out of the breath to say them. Amongst all the turmoil inside her she can't help thinking that, even if they do come for her, she might not be the same person they knew. She doesn't know if she's the same person anymore. She has forgotten what that person was like. Mitchell, George, Nina... will they still care about her, still remember her? Will they still want her back when she's so broken? God, she hopes so. But she can't remember who they were. Who are they? Who were they? She can't remember, it's all slipping away. All she can remember is the stony uncaring faces as they gave her the verdict. Oh God the verdict. She's going to Hell. She's going to Hell. She's going to Hell.