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Sweet Smell Of Obsession
asked by: mikan-no-kimi
written by: ejo

Summary: All her life, Mikan Sakura is often bullied for being a child of mixed blood. Not until she met Natsume Hyuuga, the aristocratic pureblood, and when she turned sixteen. Prophecies, spells and sickly love.


Every child of Wizards and Witches are obliged to study in Alice Academy – an institution where one can learn to cast spells and control their magical powers. It's been an agreement that once a child graduates from Alice Academy, only then she or he can cast powerful spells and join the society.

It's taboo for a person of pureblood to bear children with mere human beings. And nobody has even heard or seen of one successfully having a half-blood child. It's against nature to have one, but as they say, nature has its own course.

When the world's end is near,
A magician is going to appear.
Because of mixed blood,
Thee shall bring famine and flood,
Thou must be prepared,
For only one can break the spell.

A young brunette, covered with bruises and blood, walked past little children with the same age as her. Her cloak had ripped edges and her dry tears covered her face.

"Mikan," Her mother exclaimed with utmost worry. "Did they bully you again?"

Mikan simply nodded her head in silence as she rubbed the mud away from her cheeks. She's often bullied by her classmates and upperclassman whenever they seize an opportunity to attack her and practice their new spells on her.

Her mother bit her lower lip and hugged her child tightly. She blamed herself for her daughter's pain. If only she didn't marry her pureblood Wizard husband then her child wouldn't experience something like this.

"Mother," She said with a serious tone as she breaks their hug. "Don't worry. I can't let them trample our happiness. I'll show them what pain is all about."

Four years have past yet she's still bullied and tormented by everyone around her. Nobody enjoyed the idea of having a half-blood near them, they only managed to put up with it is because her father is quite a powerful Wizard who rivals the mystic Hyuuga Clan.

"Filth," The girl with green curls addressed Mikan. "When will you ever decide to drop out from here? As you can see, nobody wants you here. You're nothing but a disgrace to your father's name."

"Oh, looks like you got your calculations wrong Shouda," A girl with amethyst orbs replied for the brunette. "Not everyone hates her, as a matter of fact, I enjoy her company."

"H-Hotaru!" Sumire exclaimed in fear. "I-I didn't see you come in. Sorry for my rudeness."

Hotaru raised her hand a bit but stopped midway during the process. "Of course you won't see it, I used a new enchantment about teleporting that I've managed to learn on my own."

Sumire bowed down to the pale-looking girl and gave a glare to the brunette before she left the two of them.

"You should learn to defend yourself." Hotaru whispered in a low voice.

"I do know how to. The problem is that: I don't know how to control myself. I might kill her if I'm not careful enough. I'm almost sixteen and it's the age where a magical being is quite sensitive to her or his surroundings." Mikan replied as softly as she could.

Hotaru gave out a sigh.

Nobody could comprehend why the heiress of the great Imai Family sticks with the Halfling of the Sakura Clan. It was absurd to see the two of them hanging out.

"So did you practice on any spell?" Hotaru asked as she stared at her friend, waiting for an answer.

"Well... I saw this spell about summoning. It's really a neat trick, you see, you'll get to summon anything you want – food, any items and many more." Mikan said with glee.

"How many days have you practiced it?"

"Days? Oh no. Only two hours."

Hotaru looked bewildered at her. Everybody knows that perfecting a summoning spell takes weeks or even months but Mikan managed to pull it off with just hours. This is the exact reason why she stays with Mikan. There's something with Mikan she could sense – something powerful and dangerous.

"I'm telling you, that Sakura's daughter is bad luck! Nothing but pure bad luck!" An elder man said as he raised his hand and pound it against the table.

"Is she what the prophecy says?"

"No one can answer, it's hard to tell." Said another.

"If she really is the Dark One, then surely the Good One exists. After all those two sides will always be connected no matter what the future holds. We must find the Good One and put a stop to the Halfling." A man in a white robe said.

"Yes, we must." Said the elder man. "We must find the one who can break the spell."

To be continued

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