1993 ~Darleen~

"I can't believe we're doing this." I said choking back my sobs that was shaking my insides.

"Darleen we have to do this, think about what would happen if something happens to her." Ryan said pacing back and forth with a tiny pink blanket in his arms.

"I know Ryan but this doesn't make any of this easier." I said watching my sweet innocent baby fast asleep in his arms.

"She needs to be hidden away from the harm of our world, just image what would happen if a vampire would come around looking to take her." Ryan said narrowing his dark blue eyes into slits.

"I understand we can't protect her, but must we just give her away to some strangers." I said looking up at the large house that we had been standing in front of for an hour now.

Ryan hugged me tightly to him, and we shared our last family hug.

This only brought my tears stronger; I could already feel my eyes turning a darker red.

"It's going to be ok, as long as our daughter can keep a normal life, hidden from all of this she will be safe." Ryan said trying to soothe me.

"Yeah, a normal baby girl, raised up with normal humans, there's no reason any vampire would suspect her." I sniffed, and wiped my now blood-stained face.

The moon shone overhead, casting shadows over Ryan and I's sad faces, my heart breaking as I looked back at my baby.

I never wanted this for her, this life, but I had no control over any of this, now the only thing I could do was keep her out of harm's way.

"Let's just do this." I said, and tears began sliding down my cheeks again.

Ryan nodded, and together he and I walked hand in hand up the stairs to the house.

I turned to my daughter planting a small kiss on her forehead, looking her over one more time.

Her soft little honey-blonde patch of hair on the top of her head, so innocent, and young, the smell of her blood, the quiet thud of her tiny heart, everything that I would be missing for eternity, it was hard to realize this was really happening.

"This isn't good bye forever my dear, I promise we will be united again, we love you." I said lowly, and turned away, unable to stand this anymore, my dead heart was breaking into so many pieces I wasn't sure if it would even come back together.

"I'm sorry my sweet, but if this is going to keep you safe this is good bye for now, you're mother and I will always love you, never forget that." Ryan said in a whisper and kissed her tiny cheeks before letting her down on the door step.

I was shaking with sobs by now, but I quickly knocked on the door, and pulled Ryan away and into the darkness.

We paused behind a dark tree, and watched as the door opened, and two figures appeared.

"Oh you poor darling." The woman cooed, and Ryan hugged me to him as I watched her pick up our baby.

"What should we do Senika?" The man asked smiling fondly at my baby.

"Let's keep her, there's no why I'm going to let this little angel go." The woman said seriously.

The man nodded. "If we don't find her real parent." He said, and then smiled.

"Let's get her out of this cold." The woman said, and just like that they went into the house and closed the door.

My heart broke into pieces, and pain mixed up in me, along with misery, anger, and guilt.

With a quick smack I sent the tree we were standing behind flying across the yard.

"Darleen." Ryan said shocked and worried, but I was sobbing too hard to answer. All I could feel was my pain, and Ryan lifting me into his arms as he ran us away.

"It was for the best Darleen, I promise." Ryan said pain in his eyes, which only just added even more to my misery.

Our baby was gone, along with a huge part of my heart, but deep down I knew Ryan was right, this was for the best.

"We will see her again." I choked out into his chest.

I felt Ryan nod, and with that he continued to run away from the most important thing in our world.

Present Day ~William~

They say that over the years smiles fade into frowns, love turns to hatred, and all hope for the future is lost, if that counts for a 988 year old man stuck forever in a 17 year olds body then it was correct.

Of course the first centaury of when I was turned was filled with misery, blood, and of course death, and from then until now I was isolated in my own self loathing, guilt, and sadness, plus going to school a little less every year.

But it was better than being trapped in the torture that my brother had planned for me. After I accidentally changed him, and he killed a woman he was deeply in love with he has blamed me ever since, and sworn revenge over me for eternity, which he had a right to do so.

But that was the least of my worries, today my plane would be landing in the place it all started, were my whole life was ruined, in the small quaint town of Shiloh, just a few miles from Salem, the hotspot for all mythical creatures in the 1800's.

I didn't know why I had the urge to come back after all these years, but I decided that it couldn't hurt to come back, go back to school, it's been a few years since I was last in school.

"Do you need anything Mr. Westly?" A low, and even voice asked.

I looked up from my window to a middle aged woman, with big piercing eyes, and a small sneaky smile, with hair past her shoulder as white as snow.

"No thank you." I said, but I couldn't help but breathe in the smell of her blood, and shutter.

Maybe a little bite though.

No, I'm not that kind of monster, at least not the kind that kills people, but I can't say anything about me stealing the blood from hospitals, the blood banks, or the furry little animals in the woods.

The woman gave me a big smile as she looked me over, stopping at my eyes.

"You my young friend will be getting a big surprise, soon." She said with a low even voice, that even as a vampire I thought it was creepy.

I cleared my throat a little to hide my confusion.

"What do you mean?" I asked politely.

The lady shrugged a little.

"Just as I said, you will be receiving a big surprise very soon." She said simply.

I frowned a little.

Was the woman not well in the head or what, her appearance suggested it?

I smiled none the less, and played along with it, not wanting to hurt her feelings, I had enough guilt already to last an eternity.

"And what did I do to deserve this surprise?" I asked watching the woman closely.

The woman shook her head with a rueful smile, and her blue eyes brightened.

"Your surprise isn't something deserved, or earned." The woman said in a cryptic-like tone.

"What's the surprise?" I asked frowning.

"That isn't for me to tell, have a nice flight Mr. Westly." The woman nodded, than she was gone.

Well that was weird, that woman must not have known what she was saying, there's no way that I would be getting any surprises coming back here, not any that I want at least.

A voice sounded commanding that we all put our seatbelts on, and I watched as everyone did what the voice said.

I breathed out a big breath and did what it said also, even though if something would happen I would be the only one that wouldn't be hurt.

As I felt the plane touch the ground I closed my eyes tightly.

Well this is it.

So much of Shiloh has changed over the decades; everything was different, it was mind boggling that this was really the same place.

I guess I never really would return home, the simple small wooden house, the horse drawn carriages, and the tiny little building in the center of the town were all the villagers went to plan attacks on the witches, and try to stake out the vampires, all of that, and my childhood was gone.

It's funny how much you miss something when you find out you lost it forever.

Now Shiloh was all replaced with today's modern world, although it was more rural then most of the places that I have been such as New York City, or Paris France, it felt more like home than anywhere else, which did make me feel a little better.

The plus side to living forever would be that I was that I could afford the most expensive houses anywhere, including the old mansion on Willow Hill, in the middle of a small forest-like space held Shiloh's one and only mansion, it had been there all my life.

When I made it to the mansion I smiled in surprise and delight. It hadn't can't at all, outside still had the ancient 1600's gothic look to it, with a black creaky gate surrounding all it, along with the weeping willow trees, that's how it got its name. The midnight black wood used to build the mansion was still perfectly intact, and the steps up the porch creaked with my each step.

This mansion looked the same as it did all my childhood here, so it was comforting to see.

There wasn't one cob-web in sight as I looked through each of the rooms. The furniture that had been in this mansion for years was still here, still in good shape, and every wall was filled with antiques that went back to the 1600's to the modern times.

After looking around, and unpacking the last of my things in one of the bedrooms I paused.

A small scratching sound got my attention, as if a mouse had just scurried past the floor. I followed the sound to the only window in my bedroom, and without thinking I opened the window.

Before I could even blink I was tackled to the ground.

I growled as the slight pain of hitting the floor pinched as my back, but tried to get my hands around my attackers neck, but they pinned me down.

I hissed up at my attacker with a glare, and moaned as two bright familiar green eyes peered back at me smugly.

"What are you doing here?" I said glaring at him.

"Nice to see you to brother." Brady said as he let me go, and stood up with a smirk.

I rolled my eyes, and quickly got up.

"Someone's been getting slower, must be all those squirrels you've been sucking on." Brady said with a fake innocent smile.

"Nice to see your still living life like a careless undeserving monster." I shot back at him.

"You mean like a vampire, maybe you should try it sometime, oh yeah you're the good brother." Brady spit.

"I just live life normal." I said simply.

"By acting human, it's not what you are." Brady said now glaring at me.

"So, it doesn't mean that I have to go around killing anyone I want, just because I can." I said glaring back at him.

"Yeah a boring life." Brady said.

I narrowed my eyes at that.

"I'm not going through this with you again." I warned.

Brady smiled at that darkly.

"Whatever you say brother." He said simply.

"So what do you want, why are you here?" I asked crossing my arms across my chest.

Brady shrugged, and looking like he was paying attention to anything. One thing about Brady was that he liked playing games.

"I don't know, just felt like coming back home, what's you're excuse?" Brady asked.

"I have no clue; it just felt right at the moment." I said with a frown.

Brady raised a brow at that, but didn't comment.

"Would you please go, I have to get to sleep for school on the morning." I grumbled at him and crossed my arms.

Brady laughed darkly.

"How sweet, and good of you, going to school, acting human." Brady said sarcastically.

"Yeah you should try it sometime." I said glaring at him.

Brady gave me a fake yawn.

"No thanks, sounds boring." He said putting his arms behind his head.

"Then leave." I said narrowing my eyes at him.

Brady looked up at me with a sneaky smile.

"Nah, I think I'm gonna stay here actually." He said and rested his head back down again.

I lunged at him then, getting a good hold around his neck, and I snarled my fangs sliding out in a warning growl.

Brady glared up at me, and with one slick move threw me off him, and I crashed down to the floor.

Pain hit through me and I groaned.

"You got slow and weaker over the year's brother, killing you would just be too easy; I'll wait until you actually might be a challenge to kill you." Brady said now sitting up, but he kept his cold glare on me.

We both knew that neither of us would ever kill the other, but admitting it would never happen, nor would we stop trying.

"Just get out of my room." I said glaring at him.

Brady sighed, and stood up.

"Fine, I wouldn't want my little brother to be tired for his first day of school." Brady said rolling his eyes, then with vampire speed he was gone.

I sighed in annoyance, and flopped down on my bed.

Well that's just great, now my very slim chances of actually being happy with my visit back here are gone.

Maybe I should just leave; I had to deal with Brady for a full centaury, something I didn't want to go through again.

But I couldn't bring myself to leave, I couldn't explain why, but I was stuck here, and the urge to flee was dulled by something. But I didn't know what, so I just closed my eyes, and let sleep come to me.

I woke up to a shrill cry from down-stairs.

Without thinking I raced down stairs, arriving to the kitchen I groaned as I saw what the problem was.

Brady sunk his fangs deeply into a young girl's neck, with a tight hold around her against her frantic struggles against him.

"Brady." I hissed, harshly running my fingers through my chocolate colored hair, I could tell my eyes were beginning to turn red with my anger.

He dropped the girl to the ground, dead, and covered in blood.

I froze at the smell, and took a few steps away from it.

"What, did I get any on the carpet, sorry." Brady said with a smile pulling the girl up by her hair.

"Brady I have to deal with enough with you just being here, could you at least not bring any attention to us, I don't really want to leave again for a while." I said glaring at him as I stepped around him to the fridge.

"Yeah, yeah, relax no one was around, she was drunk, and just happened to come knocking on the wrong door step." Brady said with a smirk, and began dragging the girl away.

I shook my head in disgust as he went out of sight, and grabbed a water bottle filled with blood from the hospital I had been to a few days ago.

I took a few sips, and went back up to my room to get ready for school.

By the time I made it to my closet the bottle was empty, but it was enough that I wasn't hunger, so I quickly slipped on a navy blue t-shirt, and an old pair of jeans.

I combed out my mess of brown tangled hair in seconds, and slung the bag I used for the past ten years over my shoulder.

Brady was waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs with a rueful smile.

I warily looked at him.

"You're not going to school." I said seriously.

"Hell no, that's even more boring then you, I'll pass, let me know if there's any hotty though." Brady said with a smirk.

I rolled my eyes.

"Just don't cause any trouble while I'm gone." I said narrowing my eyes at him.

Brady now rolled his eyes.

"I'm the older brother here." He said with a smug grin.

"Then start acting like one." I said, and walked to the door.

"Have a good day at school." Brady said in his 'I'm teasing, and trying to be mean to you tone'.

I ignored him with an annoyed sighed, and walked out into the sunshine.