I slowly made my way to the office my thoughts still on Emma; even her name seemed to amaze me.

Walking into the office I got a strong scent of coffee, and peppermints, and once I saw the lady behind the desk I gulped.

She looked about three hundred pound, her hair was in a crazy bush of fire red hair, and her big brown eyes were being blocked with huge glasses.

I walked over to her hesitantly, but she gave me a big warm smile as I made it to there.

"What do you need sweetheart?" She asked in a mother-like tone.

"I'm William Westly, the new student." I said politely, and tried not to count all the freckles all over her face.

"Oh alright, let me get you're things then." She said looking delighted as she looked through the papers.

I couldn't help but notice that her computer behind her was on, and with my perfect sight my eyes spotted the name Emma Fair. That had to be her, her last name said it all, and she was fair.

But the secretary got my attention as she handed me a stack of papers.

"Here you good honey, hope you have a great first day." She said with a kind smile.

"Thank you." I said politely, and walked out of the office, and to my locker.

The halls were crowded, loud, and smelled like chewing gum, but it was nothing different than any other school I've been to.

My locker was easy found, and to my relief it was between two guys. A tall red head, with a football jersey on, and a shorter guy with brown hair and a tough look.

They both watched me as I got between them to my locker.

"Hey." The red head said extending his hand. "I'm David."

I smiled and shook his hand.

"I'm William, but call me Will." I said.

David nodded with a smile now, and looked to the kid on the other side of me.

"I'm Zach." The kid said simply, and went back to stuffing his things into his locker.

I nodded. It was obvious Zach wasn't the talker type, so I turned back to David.

"So how are you liking it here?" David asked looking curious.

I shrugged.

"It's alright." I said, not wanting to mention that I ran into one of the most interesting girls in the world.

I didn't know why, and I knew I shouldn't, but I wanted to get to know her more.

I watched as Zach slammed his locker shut.

"I'll see you at lunch." He mumbled to David, and slunk away.

David looked after him in concern.

"Alright man." He said, and then looked back to me.

"Is there something wrong?" I asked gently closing my locker.

"David's father died a year ago, and well before that he was known as a tough guy, but after that happened he has become something else." David sighed.

I nodded in understanding.

That's common with humans that lose someone their really close with. I've watched Brady go through it many times, and it's not a pretty sight.

"That's sad to hear." I said as David slammed his locker shut.

"Yeah, just don't say anything about it ok, you're welcome to sit with us at lunch if you want." David said with a smile.

"Thanks, that sounds great," I said pleased that I at least made one friend.

"Alright cool, see you later than." David grinned, and then went walking off.

I looked down at my schedule for a minute, and slowly walked in the direction to my next class, history with Mrs. Johnson.

When I found the classroom I rolled my eyes at the look the teacher gave me as I walked up to her.

"You must be William, here is you're book, go ahead and pick where you would like to sit." She said handing me my history book.

I looked around the class room, and spotted an empty chair up the window, so I quickly went and sat down.

I barely listened as Mrs. Johnson lectured on the civil war, I had heard all of this already, many times, so I just simply looked out the window and thought about Emma.

Now that I replay her face in my mind I couldn't help but feel as if I recognize her from somewhere. Her face just seemed to remind me of someone, I just didn't know who.

I thought about this all class long, thinking of all the various people I have met over the centuries, but by the end of class I still had no idea.

My next class was Chemistry, with Mr. Donner, so as the bell rang I made my way in the direction my map was telling me.

It wasn't too hard to find the class, it was the only one will an old wooden door, all the others we're fake.

As soon as I walked into the room you could just feel a comfortable feeling, like instead of it just being a room it felt like much more.

I walked up to the teacher's desk with a smile, and got my books.

"William you may sit beside Zach." He said pointing to the seat in the very middle of the class.

Zach sat looked ten times bigger than me, looking like he was ready to a fight in any minute. He kept his arms crosses, with an intimidating look.

Zach gave me a half smile as I sat down beside him.

"So did you get lost yet?" He asked lowly.

"Not yet." I said with a smile.

Zach smirked at that. "Good to hear, so I've been told you're sitting with us at lunch for today huh." He said watching me.

"Yeah, if that's ok with you I would like to join you for lunch." I said politely. This guy was just a little strange; I've never met a kid like him before.

"By all means sit with us, I don't mind for now, but just watch you're self." Zach warned.

Now he was threatening me, what is with this guy?

"Ok." I nodded, not wanting to fight with him.

He nodded to. "Good, then we'll get along good." He said then turned to the teacher who was now lecturing.

Why I needed to watch myself I had no clue, but it was best just to be nice, and keep the peace by doing what he said, he was just a human after all, I could kill him before he raised a fist to me.

When the period ended I checked my map and schedule again, and began walking to English.

Time flew after English, and before I knew it I was walking into the huge lunch room. I looked around the lunch room until I spotted Zach and David sitting at a full table of other guys.

I walked over with a shy smile, and took the empty seat beside David, and Zach.

All the guys at the table were staring at me curiously.

Each of them introduced themselves nicely, and I found out what every guy had in common at this table was they were all on some kind of sports team, half was football, and the other half volleyball.

David turned to me once the introductions were over

"Glad to see you survived you're first day." David grinned, patting me on the shoulder.

I smiled at that.

"Yep, piece of cake." I said.

A teacher came to our table, and announced that we could go and get our food, so all of us went up into the lunch line.

I looked through the lunch room until I spotted Emma, she was sitting at a full table of girls, and she was obviously the most beautiful of the others though.

"Who are you staring at?" David asked trying to see the direction of my stare.

"I'll tell you when we get back to the table." I said lowly.

Maybe the guys at the table would be able to help shed some light on this girl.

David nodded with an amused grin then led the way to the food. I made sure to not get a lot of food, it would just weaken my control, and that was not a good idea.

When we all made it back to the table David turned to me eagerly.

"So tell us Will, were you staring at a hot babe?" David asked curiously.

I almost choked when he said that, and gave a sheepish smile to him.

"Umm... I wouldn't exactly use those words, but I guess you could say that." I said.

"Tell us who." A kid sitting across from me said with an eager grin.

"Emma Fair." I admitted, and I was shocked as I felt Zach grab my arm tightly and pull me closer to him with a glare.

"Stay away from her." He warned.

"Why?" I asked, trying to hold back my growls and the anger threatening to turn my eyes red.

"That's my sister, and you are not getting any were near her." Zach said glaring daggers at me.

"Zach calm down." The others we're saying, trying to get his grip off me.

With my hand I ripped his hand off me easily.

"It's not like I was going to do anything to her, I just wanted to know what she was like." I said coolly.

"She's 17, her favorite colors light blue, she's in volleyball, she's good at singing, and I'll kick your ass if you even think about messing with her." Zach said standing up.

And before I could even say anything he walked away.

"Don't mind him Will; he's really protective of Emma, even more now that his father's dead." David said lowly.

I nodded.

"I just wanted to know her." I said with a shrug.

"You're new here, so I think the best thing to tell you is don't get Zach mad, he sent a lot of guys to the hospital over Emma." A kid two seats from were Zach was sitting said.

"Ok, so she doesn't have any guy friends?" I asked doubtfully.

"A select few, but you have to prove to Zach you aren't going to hurt her in any way." David explained.

"Alright." I said accepting the challenge.

I would befriend this girl if it killed me; I have to know who she is, and what it is about her that has attracted me.

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