My second drabble! I'm on a role, baby! Hell yeah!
Okay, quiete an idiotic statement that nobody wants to know, but alright.

If you have hints to improve myself, I'm all ear. If not, okay. But now, have fun with Service.

His brown eyes wandered over her kneeling body, which was glad in tight, black clothing that just accentuated the curves more than to hide them.
His hand stroked over his stylish trimmed beard and a satisfied smirk layed itself on his thin lips.

"Your service will be to my satisfaction, right, Sakura?"

She looked up and allowed him a good look at her fine sculptured face. And her cleavage.
Her green eyes darkened and the corner of her mouth twitched up.

"Of course, master Sun Ce."

And both knew that her service wouldn't only be used for the battlefield.