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Summary:History long forgotten, their creators only a myth, the humans start a hateful war with the youkais. The war would last for a few years and then peace would be offered; causing the humans to forget their hate filled reasons. However, after ten years of peace, a mating between a youkai Lord and a human princess brought the war brought up to a boiling point; an end to it never to be seen again. Unknown to them, this war set off a train of events that would lead all of them down a road that was their destiny...

Forgotten Rose

Prologue: From The Beginning

Since before time began, the gods above used to wander the lands themselves. It wasn't long before they tired of the peace that they themselves created. They were restless, unsure of how to relieve this strange feeling within.

It wasn't until the Sun God, Taiyou, stepped forward with his suggestion.

"Why not make a new race? Those to carry on lives much like we did." he suggested.

He and the rest of the god/desses sat around a large silver table that was made to fit more then fifty beings at it. The rest of the room was made of crystal that sparkled whenever the light hit just right. The floors were white marble, the walls -them being made of crystal- were see through. Beyond the walls, nothing could be seen except for the boundless clouds of white.

Shuensha, the Star goddess herself, stood from the table in which they sat around at and said to him, "Hm, that would depend Taiyou. Give us an example of your idea." She walked over to the crystal wall, looking out past the white clouds and down into nothingness.

Taiyou stood up with a flourish of his gold robes, his hair which reached his knees was a shade darker while his eyes bordered on red-orange. "I believe that since we had created the human race, why not create something stronger?" he suggested, his voice sounding off as his thoughts wandered.

"And how would we do that? With our luck, the plan would backfire on us. Just like it did when we created the humans!" Shuensha said with disdain as she turned around to face them all.

Every being in the room knew that Shuensha held hatred for the humans.

"Calm Shuensha. There is no need for that here. We need to keep the balance in the room." a quiet female voice spoke up at the end of the table. She stood, her silver and blue robes straightening as she did so, to reveal the moon goddess, Tsuki. Her hair was of pure silver that reached the ground and her eyes a pale blue that was almost crystal like.

Her skin was also pale, one of her's and her many children characteristics, that reflected her role as the moon goddess well.

Tsuki turned from Shuensha to Taiyou with a raised eyebrow and asked, "What did you have in mind Taiyou? Create a whole new race or something similar and yet different?"

Her pale blue eyes reflected how curious she was about his thoughts. Taiyou looked to her, glad that she was at least willing to hear him out first.

"Yes, something similar to the human race and yet different from them. A race that is stronger in both mind, body and spirit. A race that grows stronger as they grow over the years. They could be immortal unless killed by poison stronger then themselves or struck through the heart. Either way, they could still be killed. They would be in-human, with certain characteristics that would depict their kind. Like ourselves, we have our own symbols of what and who we represent. We could create a race that have four areas like for example: North, South, East and West. Each would have its own symbol to represent them." Taiyou explained as best he could to them.

The gods and goddesses in the room started to talk amongst themselves, their voices overlapping each others as they rose in volume as some agreed while others disagreed.

"Silence!" came Tsuki's calm voice as she still stood where she was at the end of the table. "If we continue at this rate, the balance in this room will be upset; causing chaos in the world below. We do not want that now do we?" she said once more.

The others in the room shook their heads in the negative, knowing that their behavior would affect the world they had created down below. Tsuki moved away from the table and slowly started to walk around it toward the crystal wall, her eyes searching for something unknown in the distance.

"Now, as for your idea Taiyou, I believe we can give it a try. However, the race will be known as youkai's, in human in every way known to us and the humans. They will undoubtedly believe themselves to be superior to the humans considering they are stronger when in truth, they will have all the same feelings and actions the humans can do. Now, we need to come up with the main leaders or names for that matter." Tsuki told them seriously.

There was a murmur that grew among the Gods and Goddesses as they talked of what they could do and some had the nerve the disagree with what Tsuki had told them, thinking they didn't need any other races on Earth.

Tsuki turned to them, a deadly glint in her eyes as she looked at each and every one of them; silencing them immediately.

"Is there a problem...Kaji?" Tsuki asked, asking the God personally as he had started the doubts.

The God of Fire stood up proudly as he said, "Yes, there is a problem Pure One. If we create this race, it will create an unbalance in the world itself."

Tsuki shook her head, ignoring the nickname and said, "No need to worry. With our combined strength, combined elements, it will create another race similar to the humans; only stronger in the elements. We're using the natural elements to our advantage."

Kaji's jaw tightened almost painfully as he wanted so badly to reject her logic on how they were to go about things, but held back what he was going to say.

"Any other objections or thoughts anyone else want to voice now? This is going to be the last I ask as tonight we begin the rituals." Tsuki told them, causing Taiyou to take a sharp breath in out of surprise.

"Why so soon? Don't we need to prepare Pure One?" Taiyou asked her cautiously.

The others in the room nodded in agreement but when they were starting to speak over each other intent on being heard, Tsuki held up a slender hand; silencing them.

"No, I have their image in my mind of all of the races as well as what they are to be. It won't be as hard to create them as it was to create the humans." Tsuki said calmly, lowering her hand when she knew they would stay quiet.

The room went silent and Tsuki took the chance to sit back down at the table. The silence was deafening, making all in the room to fidget out of anxiousness...

Meanings to some of the words used and yet to be used:

Taiyou: Sun God Awai: Light Goddess

Tsuki (Pure One): Moon Goddess Kurayami: Darkness God

Shuensha: Star Goddess Tenkuu: Air God

Joukai: Heaven Goddess Koudo: Earth God

Makai: Hell God Shinzui: Spirit God

Kaiyou: Ocean Goddess Suki: Love Goddess

Kaji: Fire God Kirai: Hate God

Myou: Life Goddess Shikyo: Death Goddess

Tanjou: Birth Goddess Bara: Rose God

Yume: Dream Goddess Hitokage: Soul God

Shinwa: Friendship God Yogen: Promise Goddess

Tendou: Paradise God Tetsu: Peace Goddess

Shinsei: Rebirth God Taimu: Time Goddess

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