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Pairings: Sess/Kag

Summary:History long forgotten, their creators only a myth, the humans start a hateful war with the youkai's. The war would last for a few years and then peace would be offered; causing the humans to forget their hate filled reasons. However, after ten years of peace, a mating between a youkai lord and human princess brought the war back up to a boiling point; an end to it to never be seen again. Unknown to them, this war set off a train of events that would lead all of them down a road that would ultimately be their destiny...

Forgotten Rose

Chapter Eleven: To Dream Is One Thing, To See It Is Another

In The Other Plane

A storm was about to start, curtsy of a certain God whom was not happy about certain things he had came to learn in the past few hours. The area in which he was in, was a castle shrouded in darkness; which had never seen the light of day in over five thousand years and was always hidden behind mists. This night was the same as all the others as he stood glaring out the large window that allowed him to see the lands beyond.

Kurayami, whom was the god of darkness, was someone to be feared; as he could summon storms beyond one would think that would be more destructive then the usual thunderstorms. He was part of a set of four, with two other brothers that resembled his likeness more then their only sister. Kurayami, whom was the second oldest of his brothers, was the god of Darkness. Their sister, whom was the oldest of the four, Awai; the goddess of Light. The third sibling, Makai, was the god of Hell while the youngest born was Kirai; whom was the god of Hate.

Lightning flashed outside the window, lighting up the dark room to reveal the god in black robes that was of his station, a gold obi wrapped around his waist the only color to be seen on him. His eyes, which stared unblinkingly, were a dull red that would remind one of lifeless blood of a long dead carcass. His hair was an unnatural color of green, the shade so dark it was mistaken for black. Kurayami's blood was pale as the moon's light, however, it in no way linked him to the moon goddess in any way shape or form.

A knock sounded on the door to the room, the sound reverberating off the walls and floor loudly.

'Enter." Kurayami called to whomever knocked, his voice was cold; sending chills down who ever heard it spoken.

A servant entered the room, bowing low to him as he turned to see what he had wanted and soon enough, another being walked into the room. The servant left after she had entered fully, refusing to bow to Kurayami. She wore complete black, from the boots she wore to the cloak with the hood over her head, he could not see what it was the she wore; but he knew who the female was.

It was the dark Shikon Miko, Kagome.

'Ah, the Shikon Miko, Kagome...' he thought to himself.

And as if she heard his thoughts, she raised a hand up to remove the cloak hood; revealing long locks of midnight blue hair that touched her ankles. Her eyes were of pure silver with full lips a dark red. Her skin was pale, never having saw the light of day; just like everything else in the castle.

"My lord, you had summoned me?" she asked, her voice soft and yet deadly.

He smiled and moved slowly toward her with a predator's grace as he said, "Kagome, my dear beloved soon to be mate, I had a vision...one which involved you."

"Oh?" she asked, silver eyes narrowing upon his dull red eyes.

Kurayami grinned, showing a sharp fang that peeked over his bottom lip.

Back in the Modern Plane

Inuyasha gasped for another breath but he was starting to strain himself as Kagome stared him down with no sign of letting him go soon.

"K-kagome...can-t breathe..." Inuyasha stuttered out, his face turning a dark red due to the lack of oxygen.

With a sigh, Kagome released him; letting him fall to the floor harshly. "What are you doing here, half breed?" she asked him, her dark red eyes boring into him; her aura dancing about angrily.

"I heard that my brother was here and since I just got back from America, thought I'd stop by to see how things were going. Looks like I came just in time." Inuyasha said carefully, rubbing his sore throat which was now bruised.

Kagome huffed and turned away from him, walking back to where they had been sitting at originally. She took a sip of her drink as Sango sat back down, watching her warily as Sesshomaru sat down next to her.

Feeling that the daiyoukai sat down next to her, Kagome turned to him; red in the whites of her eyes still as she waited for him to speak.

"Kagome...can I talk to you privately?" he asked, unsure.

His question surprised her, causing one of her brows to raise as she nodded slowly. He stood up, holding out a hand to her to help her up; which she accepted. As they moved around the couch, Inuyasha stopped them; standing in their way to go outside to the private gardens.

"Is it really wise of you to go alone anywhere with her? After what I had to stumble upon in here not even ten minutes ago?" he asked harshly.

Sesshomaru growled low in his throat and said, "It is none of your concern, Inuyasha. Move out of our way before I move you myself."

Inuyasha sighed, his eyes flickering between the two for a few seconds more before he nodded and moved to sit on the couch with Sango to wait for their return.

They continued on their way outside, the occupants of the room watching them in wary silence as they left the room; their suffocating auras no longer present to put the rest on edge.

Once outside and the door was shut to prevent others from overhearing, Sesshomaru turned to Kagome and pulled her to him harshly, his lips finding her's before her mind could catch up to what was happening. His kiss was bruising and yet passionate, giving Kagome a glimpse of his underlying emotions that ran rampant just beneath the surface.

He pulled away just as suddenly as he had began it, turning away from her to hide his face from her curious eyes.

"Sessho?" Kagome called to him softly, a hand reached up to gingerly touch her now bruised lips.

He sighed as he said softly, "You are infuriating woman."

She blinked, not sure what to think at that statement. She was for once, at a loss for words and she had no idea of what to do; so she just stood there waiting for an opening on what to do.

She wasn't one for romance, never had been until that fateful day that she had met him all those years ago when he had trained her. After being tore from his side without him remembering it, she vowed to never fall for the emotion called love again. The pain was too great and yet here she was, feeling that loathing emotion swelling up in her chest all over again.

She gritted her teeth painfully, afraid to voice her thoughts out loud.

Sesshomaru turned to her, wondering why she was so silent and froze where he stood when he saw tears were running down her cheeks; her transparent violet eyes almost white with her pain. He rushed to her side when her knees suddenly buckled and she fell into his open arms. A heartbreaking sob escaped her and she buried her face in his chest as his arms wrapped around her tightly.

He knew this was going to be a rare occurrence, always had been when she broke down before and he was going to advantage of the situation as best he could before she came back under control.

"Mika...what weighs heavily on your mind that breaks you so easily?" he asked, his voice soothing to her frayed nerves.

Another sob escaped her small form, causing her to shake violently before she licked her lips as she said above a whisper, "I'm afraid..."

Confusion entered Sesshomaru's golden eyes before he pulled her back slightly to look at her tear stained face carefully as he asked, "Afraid of what exactly, Kagome?"

His voice was pulling her in further, his heart beating calming her soul in ways she was afraid to admit too; his scent helping to stamp down on the steadily rising fear of loving him freely again among other things.

"Afraid to do what I want to do again...in fear of loosing what I do have left..." she whispered hoarsely.

His eyes narrowed, wondering what she meant by that statement when she closed her eyes; waiting for the questions to start when everything went silent. The wind stopped blowing, the music within the building they stood outside of was no more; it was as if time had stopped completely.

Shadows moved about the courtyard they were in, sending alarms off in both their minds as their moment was interrupted.

"No..." Kagome whispered, opening her eyes to look around when the aura from her home brushed against her own once more.

"Not here, please...not here..." she whispered again, this time more brokenly then before.

Flashes of her family dead in the shrine basement made itself a home before her eyes, causing her tears to flow more steadily then ever.

Her breaking down even more at the presence of the shadows, unnerved Sesshomaru. He had never seen her so broken, so open that the pain she felt was there for him to see; so much so that it was beginning to envelop her shaking form in a light green aura.

She was the least of his worries at the moment however, as a shadow brushed against his back; feeling his aura hold such heat he thought the being had burned him.

The heat left with the shadow and Sesshomaru turned, his sharp eyes tracking the being as it moved about the area around them. The said being materialized in front of him, a few feet separating them at most and Sesshomaru growled when he heard the sinister laughter coming from the shadow.

"Well well well, look who we have here. Former Lord of the West, still alive I see." the voice said.

"Hn, who are you?" Sesshomaru asked, taking a protective stance in front of Kagome; who stared with emotionless eyes at the being in front of him.

"I had came to see for myself how the protector of two planes was doing." he said, there was more to it then that; Sesshomaru knew.

He growled as he said, "You lie!"

"Humph, shouldv'e known you would have been protective...just like the last time we had met. All those years ago, so long ago for you but for me it was just last year." the being smiled, he could hear it in the way he talked.

"What nonsense are you speaking of?" Sesshomaru asked, knowing he was probably not going to like the answer.

"Why, the day that you and all your little friends had tried to rid the world of me back in the past, the day that she had left your side to be reborn again after her training was up." Naoki knew what he was doing as he told Sesshomaru what the fates had wanted to keep from him.

He was hoping to tear them apart again, upset the calm balance between them so it was easier to take them out later. What he didn't know, however, Sesshomaru had already known.

Sesshomaru smirked, one that sent shivers of fear up Naoki's spine.

"You think I don't know what had happened back then? I remember everything perfectly, remember sending you to the underworld where you rightly belong and will be sent there again soon." Sesshomaru said calmly, causing the shadow to scowl and finally fade away from site; returning the realm back to the way it was before it had arrived.

Letting out a breath he didn't know he had been holding, Sesshomaru went to Kagome and knelt at her side; she had been rocking herself hoping to calm her still raging emotions.

"Kagome. He's gone, look at me." he told her calmly, his golden eyes soft and warm for her and only her.

Kagome looked up at him slowly, her transparent violet eyes still betraying the pain she was in that it constricted his heart in ways it hadn't felt in forever.

"Let go of the past Mika. Let it stay there and move on. The fate's can't take you away from me a second time, not without destroying both worlds in the process. You can't stay in the dark forever, my koi. Please." Sesshomaru begged, placing both of his large hands on her cheeks; forcing her to look him in the eye.

More tears entered her eyes once his words registered in her mind, causing her to cover his hands with her own smaller ones.

She was speechless still, unable to say anything, she settled for just nodding her head instead; knowing that he would understand what it meant.

He smiled and he gently pulled her to him for a kiss that left her breathless that it was filled with love that she had been denied in the past before.

To Be Continued...

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