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Chapter one - Humanity.

"Dean, man, what do you expect to find out here?" Sam questioned his older brother as the Impala stilled in front of large, confined wooded area. Even though it was broad day light, and the sun shined down on the earth brightly, there seemed to be minimal light in the woods.

Dean didn't answer straight away. Instead, he gripped the steering wheel of his beloved car between his hands and surveyed the area. Standing between them and the woods was a shabby sign which warned people to keep away from the area. Obviously even the local gardener took heed of the sign too... everything that surrounded the sign was completely overgrown. It was a tangled mess of dead weeds and plants.

The place was overlooked by the public, abandoned. The perfect place to torture helpless people... to torture her. Dean found himself getting more and more angry as he pictured ways to extract revenge, each one more violent than the last.

"Dude," Sam repeated more firmly this time.

Dean snapped out of his thoughts and finally turned to acknowledge his brother's question. "Can't you just trust me on this Sammy?" After all, it could be a lost cause. The place that he had been frantically seeking out for three years may not even be there.

Sam sighed as he ran a hand through his hair. "No way Dean." He stated definitely, his mind made up, as he glanced around at their surroundings briefly. "Look, not only did I wake up to find that we were heading in the complete opposite direction of South Dakota but you also refuse to tell me why? Dean, you've been acting disconnected from reality for four days. What is so important that we're parked outside an abandoned forest?"

As much as he didn't want to admit it to himself, his brother was right; Dean had to tell him why they were where they were... he had to explain why he had been so unfocused for the past few days. "Fine," He breathed out before massaging his temples in a bid to calm himself down. "But can I explain to you on the go, we really need to get moving if we're going to get there and back by sunset."

"Where?" Sam demanded, frustrated in the fact that his brother still seemed hesitant to tell him anything. "I'm not going anywhere until you tell me." And then came his child like pout, which signalled to his older brother that he really wasn't budging.

However, instead of giving in to Sam's request, Dean frowned. "You'll be waiting until I get back then," He began as he opened the car door and got out. "Because I don't have the time to waste."

Dean was on edge. He had been searching ever since that night, searching everywhere for those bastards, and each time he found some sort of lead that he could follow he was met with bitter disappointment.

As he walked towards the trunk of his car, Dean's mind began to drown in memories... memories that overwhelmed him. He was usually the sort of person to go through three or four women in every town that he went to. Dean knew he was a man whore.

But she changed that.

She drew out so many emotions within him that he didn't even know existed, she made him feel alive. He loved every inch of her, body and soul. But then he made the mistake of telling her all about the hunting world and taking her with him... he exposed her to danger, and the danger took her away from him.

Suddenly, Dean couldn't bear thinking about it for any longer. He dragged himself away from his mind before the bad feelings tore into him again. When he came back to reality, he noticed that Sam wasn't in the car anymore. Instead, he was stood beside him, with a gun in his hand.

"I'm guessing we're gonna need a gun?" Sam questioned. Yes, he desperately wanted to know what was going on in his brother's head but sitting down in the car and letting Dean go into the mysterious woods on his own was something Sam could not do. Dean seemed like he was in the mood to go into whatever he was planning to do recklessly and Sam decided that waiting to find out why they were in the middle of nowhere was better then letting Dean go through with this on his own.

"Thanks." Dean nodded softly before shaking his head. "Now, enough of the chick flick moments... let's get going."

A shrill scream echoed through the long, dark corridor, and then back again. It was followed by another, then another, each one getting more intense and loud, filled with utter desperation. The blood curdling screams were accompanied by cackling and taunting words.

It was another night of torture and pain. But this time was different... It wasn't just the usual stint of a few cuts here and there. No, he was not simply getting punished for answering back or showing emotion. He had tried to escape. They were killing this poor victim, turning him inside out... and she was made to watch.

She was sat on a wooden chair, directly in front of him. Every scream, every squealch, every plead, she heard up front. The pain that the man was experiencing radiated off of him in large waves and hit her immediately. She could barely contain herself, but she knew she had to. From the moment that she had been taken to this place, which seemed to feel like a life time ago, it was made clear that she was not to show any sign of human emotion... even though she was one.

Every time they did terrible things to her she had to bite her bottom lip and take every single ounce of pain that they inflicted upon her.

"P-please," He stammered out, looking directly into her eyes with his own glazed ones. "Help me!"

"Shut up!" The cruel, loud voice of the creature extracting the torture sounded off next to the man, cutting off the pleading instantly. Everything was silent at that moment and no one, not even the rest of the brutes that were watching, dared ruin the silence. He was unpredictable and capable of anything.

The victim took a deep breath in a bid to calm himself and then glanced back at her one last time, pleadingly. She stared at him intently and took in the scene... it was a complete blood bath. The scarlet coloured liquid stained the floor around him and the wall behind him. The creatures were hungry, their eyes starving for just a little taste, but they remained away from the scene to allow the boss to torture. After all, they were always allowed to clean up the mess after.

She finally looked back to the victim. Every thing inside of her heart wanted to desperately help him, to free him from their grasps... to free everyone. But she knew she couldn't. She was more than aware of what they did to people who put a foot out of line. Every thing in her mind told her that she had to stay sat in her chair and watch, just like they had commanded her to. She tore away from his gaze and looked down to the floor.

The desperation that had bubbled up inside of him quickly turned to anger and fury causing him to let out a bitter laugh. "You think that you should just sit there and follow their every command? They'll just kill you when all the rest of the live stock is gone and you know it!" His expression turned sad and his voice suddenly became softer. "I know that I am going to die tonight but don't you dare let your humanity die lady, because then you'd be just as bad as them-"

"Oi," The master began, effectively stopping the victim's speech. He didn't do anything to him yet. Instead, he turned on his feet and walked slowly towards her, each step loud and clear.

She kept her head down and couldn't help but flinch at the sound of the victim's last words to her. They stung every single emotion inside of her and snapped something inside of her mind. As bad as them? She couldn't be, could she? She wouldn't let herself be. They did awful things... they weren't human.

"Listen to me pet," The master's harsh tone caused her to immediately look up to him. His face was directly in front of hers and if they were any closer, then their lips would be touching. His controlling eyes stared into hers as if he was daring her to believe a word that the victim had said. She was scared. No, she was frightened about his unpredictability.

But she surprised herself. Even though he was piercing into her soul with that look, she remained confident in herself and didn't even look away once. She didn't act scared, even though inside she was shaking like a leaf.

The master let out an inhumane growl and suddenly grabbed her by the throat, pulling her up from her chair with very little effort but almost too much force. He pushed her right against the wall and a satisfied, slimey grin crossed his face when he listened to the sound of her gasping for breath.

"He's right about one thing, when all of our live stock is gone we will kill you." He whispered the words with no force whatsoever, which only made them feel so much more creepier to her. "But," He began to loosen his grip on her neck, allowing her to suck in as much air as she could. "You're so useful and so much fun to toy with." He smirked as he looked her up and down, as if he were mentally undressing her in the most savage manner possible. "Now, I want you to listen very carefully; You're going to go over to that man and you are going to prove to me that you are void of any human emotions. You're going to pick up that knife over there,"

She gulped at those words, her emotions flaring.

"And you are going to stab him in the heart. I order you to do it. If you don't, well, let's just say that we'll have some fun..."

Without so much as a warning, he dropped her to the ground and she fell into a heap. She lay there for a second and wished that she could just be absorbed by the floor and taken away. Away from this place. Except, she couldn't remember what was away from this place. It was all she knew. What if life was worse out there?

Could it really be worse than having to stab that man in the heart? She'd been told she had to do it now; it was an order. And she knew only too well what the master had in mind for fun.

"Get up." He suddenly snapped, his voice echoeing against the walls.

She immediately snapped out of her thoughts and jumped up from the spot on the floor, her mind dazed. As she walked towards the man, she didn't even realise that she was doing so. She just listened to the command over and over again in her mind as if it had been permanently enscripted.

The other creatures watched the scene eagerly. A sick thrill seemed to rush through each of them, as this was their idea of entertainment.

The victim glanced up at her when she finally reached him, his expression defeated. Being killed by a vampire was one thing but he could not bear the idea of being murdered by some one of his own species.

"Please," He begged again.

But she refused to even look him in the eye. She couldn't bear to see the hurt that she had heard in his voice, she was too ashamed of herself.

Taking a deep breath to steady herself, she moved her hand towards the small 'instrument' table and picked up the first knife that she could feel. It was kind of funny because even though she felt so numb inside, her senses were going crazy.

Every ragged breath that the man took cut through her like sharp needles, every laugh and snarky comment that the creatures were making made her feel sick, the glare that the master was giving her went straight through her, causing her to shiver. And as she held the knife in her hand she couldn't control herself. Her hand was wobbling so rapidly that she had to grip on to the instrument tightly with both hands to keep it from falling... to stop herself from falling.

Slowly, she raised it above her head to prepare to strike the man. But then something stilled her movements. She glanced down at the whimpering man and finally looked at him in the eyes, regretting doing so. He met her contact and she could feel the desperation, sadness and despair that was clearly going through his system. It made her feel again. It made her feel human.

She couldn't do it.

With one swift movement she moved backwards and released the knife from her grasps, letting it fall to the ground. Still, she remained staring at him and in that moment she realised that she really did not care what happened to her now because at least she could leave the world with her humanity.

And even though he was so distressed the man gave her a genuine smile. He respected her.

But the master didn't. As soon as he watched her release the knife from his hands he rushed to her angrily, and viscously grabbed her shoulder.

She felt an outburst of pain as he dug deeper into it and then heard the most revolting sound ever; a squealch.

"Do you know what?" The master growled, his eyes glazed with fire and menace. "I was disappointed at first that you didn't have it in you to kill that oaf... but at least now I get to have my way with you!" As he briefly turned towards the other vampires, her heart instantly dropped into her stomach. Not because she regretted not murdering the victim but because she was now more terrified of what was just about to happen. "Thomas, take her back to her cell... I'll let her think over what she has just done and punish her in the morning."

"Why don't you just deal with the bitch now?" Thomas demanded as he stepped forward and stormed towards them. His appearance wasn't actually the scary thing about him; he actually looked like he could pass for one of the victims. Thomas usually wore a wife beater coupled with a pair of scruffed up jeans and he had a few tatoos. Those things didn't scare her.

But the thing that sent numerous chills through her was his expression. He had the sort of look that told anybody he glanced at him that he was wise and old, even though he looked younger than most of them. He looked like he knew too much, his eyes held many life times of knowledge and they even seemed gentle.

The sheer misleading nature of that were what caused the chills. He was a violent, cruel, dangerous creature and had no mercy for any of the victims that were trapped with them. He was the only one besides the master that could torture victims with effectiveness, he was the only one besides the master who scarred her dreams and replaced them with nightmares.

"After all," He continued as he glanced away from the master and towards her, his lips curled up in a deadly smirk. "She deserves punishment right this instance. Let me deal with her."

The master simply shook his head at Thomas's suggestion. "No." He started with a gentle eeriness. "I think it would be much more effective to let her imagination run away with her for tonight. Let's allow her to imagine what I will do to her tomorrow."

She decided that this was even worse then letting them punish her now and she wished for nothing more than for it to happen right on the spot. Lying in that enclosed dungeon that she called her bedroom and actually thinking about what they would do to her, actually waiting for it to happen, was ten times worse than the actual thing. Because she would know that pain was waiting for her the next day but she would also be tortured by her mind before.

Thomas didn't really seem too pleased with the fact that he couldn't indulge himself in playing with her but he couldn't complain... not to the master's face. So, instead, he stomped closer towards them and grabbed her wrists with much more force than the Master had on her shoulder.

The master released her shoulder and watched as Thomas dragged her across and the room and towards the door, which happened to be behind the crowd of vampires.

As she passed the poor man that was still tied up, awaiting his death, she shot him a look that spoke a volume of emotions all at once. She tried to tell him silently that she was sorry that she hadn't tried to help, that she was so devastated that he was going to die and that she would never regret the decision in not killing him.

He seemed to read most of those silent messages and gave her another smile, though this time it didn't meet his eyes. He knew it was the end of the line for him and he couldn't be completely happy with that in the front of his mind, not even for a split second.

She didn't have the chance to comfort him anymore, though, because Thomas was speeding her out of the room at what seemed to be of a speed faster than light. As she was moving through the crowd of vampires she suddenly noticed the pain in her shoulder again. It was so intense that she was amazed that she could even forget it before.

The vampires that surrounded her took the opportunity to grab at her body. Their disgusting hands repulsed her and overwhelmed her. It was all too much. She'd lived with it for so long and not ever felt any thing... she'd learnt to block out any emotions. But now that she felt human again every single touch made her feel like she was lower than even a flea.


Before they could leave the room entirely, Thomas turned around to glance back at the Master. She also did. But not to look at the master... she wanted to check on the man again. It didn't look too good at all. The master had picked up the knife again and was definitely preparing to strike. That man was going to die and it broke her heart.

"Have some fun with her, won't you? Give her something to anticipate for tomorrow." The master's voice was dangerous.

She closed her eyes in defeat as Thomas looked down at her and grinned the most deadly grin. "Oh, thank you master!" When she opened them again, he gave her another look that told her that he couldn't wait to get his grubby fingers on her.

"Dean, wait up," Sam began as he ran after his brother, his long legs quickly passing the distance between them.

They had been walking through those woods for approximately three hours and they still hadn't gotten anywhere. Dean was losing hope but he wouldn't give up, not until he scoped out every single inch of this land that seemed to stretch on forever.

He was so lost in his mission that he hadn't even said a word to his brother yet, and Sam was really starting to become concerned. He wasn't even annoyed that he hadn't been told anything by his older brother yet... he was seriously worried that Dean seemed to be slowly losing any control that was left in his mind.

Whatever Dean was looking for, his little brother decided must have been extremely important.

But he had to know. Every ounce of him now wanted to help his brother, he wanted to be a part of this. Because he knew that Dean could not manage it on his own, not in the mindset that he was in.

When he reached his brother, Sam grabbed his shoulder. This caused Dean to stop momentarily to face him, his eyes glazed with too many emotions.

"Will you please tell me what we are looking for?" Sam questioned, much more softly than he had asked before.

Dean let out a tired sigh and then cleared his throat. "Who," He corrected sadly. "We're looking for a who."

Sam was relieved that his brother was beginning to tell him what he had been wanting to know since they arrived there. "Who?"

His older brother glanced around for a few moments, as if he was distracted in trying to find their next route, but then Dean snapped out of it and looked back towards him. "Libby," He cleared his throat again, as if every single word he said was drying his mouth out. "My girlfriend."

Her head banged against the floor, rendering her slightly disorientated. Before she could come back to reality properly a strong hand grabbed her neck, holding her in place. "If you think the master's fun is going to be bad then wait 'til I'm done with you." He whispered cooly as he ran his other hand from her cheek down towards her breasts.

She didn't whimper, she didn't show him that it was bothering her. Instead she closed her eyes and completely shut down; she went to the only place in her mind that she felt with every morsel of her heart was safe.

It was a strange place but at the same time felt so familiar to her. The location was dark, she could not see a thing, but the scent of it was the thing that drew her towards it like a moth to a flame; Old leather mixed with the sweet aroma of gasoline. These aromas felt like heaven to her but she didn't know why, they sparked a warm and new feeling inside of her. This feeling certainly wasn't like one that she experienced on a day to day basis. It seemed to almost wrap itself around her and act as protection.

She could still feel everything that Thomas was doing, she was still very aware, but that familiar scent in her mind numbed every one of her senses and pulled her closer and closer away from what was happening to her.

Sam couldn't help it; His eyes widened in utter shock. "Your girlfriend?"

Dean remained silent, absorbed in thought. Even hearing himself say her name was stirring up emotions that he'd rather not let out in front of his younger brother. He hadn't said Libby's name out loud for months and even when he did that was only when he was trying to find her again. He'd never talk about her to anyone.

It made Dean angry that people had told him to give up a long time ago. 'She is probably already dead, Dean', they'd say thoughtlessly. Well, Dean wouldn't give up. I guess they could never understand they had someone viscously snatched from them.

"Dean?" Sam's voice pulled him away from his thoughts yet again and caused him to come back to reality. "Since when did you have a girlfriend?" The mere thought was a strange concept for Sam to comprehend. Dean had a girlfriend?

His older brother, who probably had slept with eight percent of the entire population of American women, had a girlfriend?

"Alright," Dean began, glaring ever so slightly at his gaping brother. "Don't act so surprised."

Sam scoffed, but couldn't help but let a grin appear on his face. "Can you blame me?" He asked. "Wow. Since when?"

"A few weeks after you started college." Without even realising it was happening, Dean's lips curled up into a genuine smile. "You would like her; she's right up there with you with the smarts... the only difference is she's not a geek-" Dean's happy attitude faltered almost immediately though as he remembered where she was and why they were heading there.

"What took her?" His brother asked softly, before he could continue.

Dean looked his brother in the eyes and Sam saw pain written all over his face. It was another thing that genuinely shocked him. His older brother had always locked his true emotions away when it came to things like this but now he was standing in front of him with a lost look. "Nest of vampires." Dean practically growled, his voice low and dangerous. "From right under my nose... Their new nest is out here Sammy, I just know it. A friend who lives in this neck of the woods mentioned disappearances, bodies found drained of blood-"

"But how do you know that these are the right vampires?" Sam wanted his brother to find this girl but he didn't want him to get his hopes up. There were so many nests of vampires that it was fairly impossible that it could be them.

"Because they always leave a mark on their victims... they brand them." Dean let out a bitter scoff. Could they have branded her? Dean didn't even want to think about it because if they had branded her then that meant she was dead. And she couldn't be. No way. "And I got some co-ordinates."

"From dad?" Sam asked, exasperated. All of this news was making him feel completely out of the loop.

Dean simply nodded, his mind obviously also in a different place. But then he spoke. "He helped me look for her and I guess he heard about what was happening here, saw a pattern and put two and two together."

Sam was quiet for a few moments, feeling completely out of the loop. "Why didn't you tell me before?" He questioned. "Dean, I would have helped."

"Well we weren't exactly in contact, were we? And what could you have done better than what we have been doing for this whole time?" Dean paused to let out a bitter scoff. "Besides, you were living your apple pie life."

"And you honestly don't think that I wouldn't come and help you if you had asked?" Sam asked, but Dean didn't answer. "You're my brother Dean! Of course I would have helped."

"But what the hell could you have done better Sammy?" Dean suddenly snapped, his voice echoing off of the trees. He had finally lost it. "I should of never told her about what I really do but I didn't. When she actually believed me and stubbornly decided to join me I shouldn't have been so selfish and I should have just left without looking back! BUT I DIDN'T! And now she's with those vampires going through god knows what." He paused to take a deep breath to steady himself and then glanced down at the floor to avoid his brother's stare; he couldn't take any sympathy... he didn't believe he deserved it.

Sam pushed a hand through his shaggy hair, his brother's outburst obviously too much for him. "We'll find her Dean." He promised, and he meant it; No matter how long it took he would help help his brother search every inch of this woods.

Dean mumbled something in return that Sam couldn't quite hear before turning around and stalking further into the woods.

With one final grunt he moved off of her and turned around to bend over and pick up his clothes. She remained in the spot that he had left her, absolutely silent. Going to her safe place helped her block it all out for a while but when he noticed that what he was doing was barely effecting her, Thomas beat her out of her trance.

She didn't dare go back to her place after that... she lived through every moment of the abuse that he was enflicting on her and it all became too much for her. Every emotion that she could successfully block whilst in her place came flooding out of her in masses. Being a creature's play thing felt so degrading and made her want to take so many showers to scrub the filth from her skin.

Once Thomas was changed he turned back around to face her. With a dirty smirk on his face, he inched closer to her and pressed a hand on her cheek. "Don't worry pet, it isn't over yet... he'll come and see you tomorrow morning, just you wait and see."

The realisation suddenly hit her like a ton of bricks; it wasn't over, it would never be over. Tomorrow she'd have to endure even more abuse at the hands of somebody ten times worse than Thomas. And it wouldn't just be tomorrow... it would be every single waking moment of her life.

Thomas chuckled evilly, content in the fact that he had made her frightened, as he backed away from her and started to silently head towards the door. She watched him every step of the way with a new found emotion growing rapidly inside of her; an anger that developed deep in the pit of her stomach. Thomas opened her door and then swung it back as he walked out.

The door swung slowly back towards the latch but it stopped just an inch from closing.

Her eyes widened in disbelief. She listened closely for any sign of movement after that but there wasn't any. Thomas didn't realise, he didn't storm back... he didn't lock the door. Quickly, she shot into action and grabbed at her rags, flinging on what she could find. When she had changed, she started towards the door but then stopped.

What would happen if they caught her trying to escape? It would be a million times worse than what was in store for her tomorrow. And even if she did manage to get away, where would she go? She couldn't even remember what was on the other side of the wall and she was certain that she didn't have any one there either.

Sighing in defeat, she began to slowly back away from the door. Suddenly, though, she remembered the man that she refused to kill for their cheap thrills and the words he told her.

Don't you dare let your humanity die lady.

He'd uttered those words and now he was dead. But, even though his life had ended, he still had his humanity. If there was a heaven out there then that was where he would be going... he'd left the earth with a good soul.

Was his death just supposed to wasted? He had tried to escape for a reason, and the reason was something that she and everyone else here could relate to; Risking death was by far better than waiting for it.

With a determined mind, she stalked back towards the door. She was terrified of getting caught, excited about the chance of escaping and concerned about the consequences of them finding her. All of these emotions spun around her mind and caused a serious case of adrenaline to rush around her body.

Whatever happened because of what she was about to do did not matter in the slightest to her now. If the risk of being caught trying to sneak out meant that there was a slither of chance that she would escape this place and be free again then that was what she had to do.

Because anything would be better than just waiting for tomorrow morning.

She was determined to get out.

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