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Chapter Nine - The vampires

Dean's eyes slowly stirred open, his vision blurred slightly. "What the-?" He muttered when he felt the tight restraints of rope against his skin. He tried to loosen them, to move, but he couldn't. "Shit." Dean was suddenly wide awake as the memories of his Impala crashing into that tree came back to the front of his mind. He glanced around the room for some clue as to where he was but all he was greeted with were four plain, bright white walls, and another figure beside him in a chair. "Bobby?" He called out, his voice strained. It all came back to him... Speaking to Sam, finding out Libby had passed out, then the huge crash; after that, everything was a blank.

"'Bout time you woke up boy." Bobby grumbled before popping his eyes open. His body ached all over. "I've been try'na get these ropes off for ages.. god damned vampires did them up tightly."

At the sound of the word 'vampires', Dean's eyes immediately closed in annoyance. "So, they're the ones who crashed into us, huh?" He couldn't believe that the vampires had the upper hand on them.

Bobby nodded, and then turned slightly so that Dean could see the faint out line of a black eye forming on the right side of the older hunter's face. "I'm gonna kill that son of a bitch when I get out of these things."

"Not before I do."

Before their conversation could continue, the door of the room suddenly slammed open which caused them both to turn in it's direction. Dean's hands balled into tight fists when he saw one of them walking towards the two of them, with a huge smirk plastered on to his face.

"You must be the pet's boyfriend." He stated, his voice filled with a thousand taunts.

Dean's face hardened. "And you must be one of the bastards who tortured my girlfriend for years." He paused to hold the monster's eye contact for a few seconds. "I'm going to rip you open from the inside out."

Suddenly the vampire was right in front of Dean. The hunter had expected the vampire to harm him, so he prepared for that, but, surprisingly, the vampire didn't even touch him. Instead, he leaned to the left the grab a spare chair and then placed it directly parallel to Dean before sitting down on it and placing his hands on his knees.

"Now, now," The vampire began, his eyebrow raised. "I think we both know that I've got the upper-hand here; I could kill you before you even contemplated the idea of loosening your ropes... let's just have a talk."

Dean's eyes narrowed. "About what?" He asked, suspicious of the vampire.

The vampire simply grinned. "My name is the Master, and we shall be delving into the pet's time here."

Sam sat beside Libby's hospital bed, his mind spinning. What the hell had happened to Dean and Bobby? One moment Sam was telling Dean about what had happened to Libby, the next he heard their shouts and a loud crashing noise. He shouted for them to answer him, he begged for some sort of communication, but then he was greeted by the sound of heavy breathing before the line was cut dead. Sam was certain that somebody had taken them somewhere. He wanted more than nothing to go and try to find them but he couldn't leave Libby; Dean would kill him if he did.

Libby's body was still very much locked down. The doctors told him that she was going to be in that state for at least two more days, and that they had to run a few tests to see how long she would approximately stay locked up in her body. It was looking very likely to be some sort of coma.

Sam didn't know what to do, he felt so lost. If only he had kept Libby inside then this might not have happened. He wanted more than nothing for his brother or Bobby to give him a call to let him know that they were okay... but the sad truth was that that happening was very unlikely. Sam was at a dead end and everything that was happening around him was too overwhelming for him. He couldn't think at all.

Libby walked along the beach and sighed happily when she felt the grains of sand push through the gaps between her toes. She closed her eyes at the sound of the waves slowly rolling up against the shoreline and basked in the scent of salt. The beach was, and always would be, her favourite place in the world. She'd always spent her summers as a child on the beach with her grandparents and those were a few of the happier times in her life.

But she couldn't feel completely happy at that moment. Panic rose in her chest as she looked around her surroundings frantically, thinking only of him. "Dean?" She called out, confused. Libby had no idea how she had gotten to the beach, where her boyfriend was or where exactly she was herself. It was as if she was standing before the most beautiful place in the world but at the same time it was so surreal that it looked too fake, plastic even. "Dean?" She shouted more desperately as she ran down the long strip of beach, which seemed never ending.

She kept running and running, as she desperately searched for Dean, for Sam, for Bobby, for anyone... but she was only continuously faced with quiet.

Dean remained silent as his face hardened even more; the way that the vampire spoke about Libby made his stomach churn and his blood boil to his head. He was furious.

"You should of seen her face when she woke up here for the first time," The master began, his voice smooth. He grinned at the memory which caused Dean to narrow his eyes into deadly slits. "She kept asking where you were, she was convinced you'd come and find her... What a terrible boyfriend you are."

Bobby scoffed. "You're seriously monologuing?" He muttered, trying to take the attention away from Libby's time in this place because it was obviously getting to Dean. It was really getting to him. Bobby could practically see the stream rushing out of Dean's ears.

The master turned briefly to face Bobby and frowned. "No, it isn't monologuing; I'm just giving Dean here a few home truths." He decided that he'd deal with Bobby later and that breaking Dean was his top priority as he turned back to the Winchester. "She cried herself to sleep every single night for a month, begging for you to come and find her."

"Shut up." Dean warned, his eyes stinging slightly. When he got out of the ropes he was going to beat the hell out of the vampire, even if it was the last thing he did. But the master's words stung him, causing him to feel a wave of guilt wash over his body. He couldn't stand hearing about the fact that Libby had been calling out his name in the night and that he hadn't been there to protect her.

"Oh, but then we told her that you sent her to us, that you were fed up with her, and her heart broke right in front of us. She still cried your name at night, but that's only because I had my way with her-"

"I'm going to kill you."

The master shook his head. "I think you'll find that I am going to kill you Dean, then I'm going to kill your little friend over there, and your brother," Then the vampire paused as a look of darkness and death passed over his face. "Then I'm going to bring Libby back where she belongs."

"She doesn't belong to anybody!" Dean raged as he tried to lunge towards the master, only to realise that he was still tied to his chair. "Libby especially doesn't belong to scum as evil as you. Just leave her out of this!"

"But how can I leave her out of this?" It was the master's turn to yell this time. Before he did, Dean didn't really see him as much of a threat; but now he was suddenly stood up in front of Dean, towering over the hunter. "She does belong to us; she's belonged to us ever since we brought her here. But then she decided to escape; well, I want to drain her body of every single drop of blood! I want to kill her-" The master grinned to himself as he cut his sentence off abruptly. "Actually, there's a change of plan; neither of you are being killed yet."

Bobby raised his eyebrow. "Why not?" He questioned, his voice rough. It wasn't exactly as if he wanted to die; he just wanted to know why the vampire'd had such a change of heart.

"You'll see soon enough." The master looked between the two hunters, his eyes bright with a sickly thrill.

Libby had run so far that it all became to much for her; She didn't know how, but now she was lying on the soft sand and looking up to the clear blue skies above her. Dean, Sam, Bobby... they obviously were not with her. Libby was on this stretch of land by herself. She'd tried to find some way of leaving, but it just seemed that the further she ran the more land there was to run over. She was undoubtedly stuck in this place, wherever it was, with no clue how she got there. All Libby knew was that it wasn't a natural occurence, this place wasn't normal.

She couldn't help but feel safe here though. Everything about it, however fake the place was, made her feel relaxed and calm. Libby silently decided to herself that she wouldn't ever want to leave if it was reality. But it wasn't... and no matter how much she tried to surpress that feeling inside of her, she knew the truth.

This must of been a figment of her imagination.. it was all too perfect.

But there was only really one question nawing away at Libby's mind; why was she inside of her imagination?

An unsettling silence surrounded her for a few moments, the waves even stopped crashing. She glanced around, suddenly feeling shivers run down her spine. What the hell was going on?

"Mr Winchester?"

Sam's attention immediately turned to the doctor who had joined him in Libby's hospital room; He wouldn't have usually given any authority his real name but he was too panicked to think straight when he was sat in the ambulance. Sam watched the doctor scuttle closer, with a clip board in his hand.

"What's the diagnosis doc'?" Sam didn't even realise how much he sounded like Dean until the doctor raised his eyebrow slightly. He felt immediately guilty for sounding so harsh and demanding but then he remembered the fact that until he knew what was wrong with Libby he couldn't try to find Dean or Bobby.

The doctor cleared his throat as he glanced briefly down to the clipboard. "Well, the tests we took on her earlier tell me that she'll be absolutely fine," Sam let out a low sigh of relief at this; if Libby had been hurt in more of a damaged way then he would never be able to forgive himself. "But," Sam then raised his eyebrow... there was always a 'but' in these situations. "She'll have to stay here until she wakes up, and even then we'll have to monitor her progress for a while to check if she's stable."

Sam pinched the bridge of his nose and then ran a hand through his shaggy hair. "How long d'you reckon she'll be like this?"

"We have no way of telling you for certain; it's up to her to wake herself up. When her mind feels completely at rest then her body will function again."

"But do you have a time scale for that?" Sam was getting frustrated, but at the same time he was trying his best to remain polite. At the end of the day, if he had no idea how long it would take for Libby to wake up then how could he possibly find a way to find his brother and Bobby at the same time as trying to look after her? Sam couldn't leave her alone in the hospital unguarded but he also couldn't leave Dean and Bobby out there, goodness knows where, on their own.

The doctor shook his head. "Mr Winchester, I know that you are distressed, but I cannot give you a timescale. Your guess is as good as ours."

Some medical professional... Sam thought to himself, sarcastically, as he turned back to Libby.

"Any luck with your ropes boy?" Bobby mumbled as he, himself, tried to loosen the ropes that bounded him to his own chair. They had been left alone in the dark room for what seemed like forever.

Dean didn't say anything back to Bobby. He remained utterly silent, his mind wrapped up in thoughts of guilt. Libby had been stuck here, on her own, and he hadn't been able to find her in time. They broke her down, they abused her.


"What?" Dean snapped, his voice rough.

Bobby stopped pulling his ropes to glance towards Dean's figure, which was barely noticable by the human eye in the dark. "I said, did you have any luck with your ropes?"

Dean raised his eyebrow. "What- Oh, my ropes? Nope."

"What? Why?" Bobby demanded, his voice slightly raised.

"It's probably what they want us to do Bobby." Dean's voice was void of emotion. "They want us to escape, they wouldn't have left two experienced hunters on their own if they didn't." Bobby went to open his mouth to object but it was almost as if Dean could sense this. "Bobby, what is the point?"

It was Bobby's turn to frown. "What the hell do you mean, y'idjit?" He snapped, his voice a harsh whisper. It echoed so wildly around the walls that it could have been a shout. "Don't you dare just sit there and give up."

"I don't deserve to escape Bobby."

"Oh, please, snap out of this 'Boo-hoo, it sucks to be me' phase!" Bobby was almost shouting at this point. His voice was so firm and angry that it definitely did get Dean's full attention. "You have a brother out there who needs you, a girlfriend who loves you, a dad who's trying his god-damned best to make the world a better place for you and you also have me. Now, I may not be blood related but I consider you a son, boy!"

Dean sighed. "How the hell do I deserve to escape when it's my fault she even ended up in here?"

"So, this is what this is all about? For crying out loud, Dean, it wasn't your fault! She got taken by vampires, she got tortured by vampires but you were out there looking for here ever since she got taken from you. If you give up now then how do you expect her to cope? Do you honestly think that she won't blame herself if you don't get out of this alive?" Dean remained silent and Bobby decided to continue fiddling with his ropes. He'd had his say and he just hoped that he got through to Dean.

All of the sudden, the door slammed open again causing them both to glance up warily. This time it wasn't the one who had been in before. It was another vampire, a vampire who seemed to fit the description of what you'd call a 'thug'. Dean immediately didn't like the look of him, he seemed dangerous.

"Who the hell are you?" He muttered, his eyebrow raised.

The vampire let out a low growl as he stalked towards Dean. When he reached the Winchester, he roughly grasped Dean's neck in one of his hands and tightened his grip. Dean was taken by surprise so much that he let out a gasp as his airway slowly became restricted. "I'm Thomas. I would say that it is a pleasure to meet you but I'm not usually polite to my food."

"Food?" Bobby questioned suddenly causing Thomas to loosen his grip slightly from Dean to turn to face him.

Thomas let a smirk spread across his face. "I get to play with my food first though, the master said I can't drain you just yet." He looked back down at Dean and narrowed his eyes tauntingly. "If you were the pet then I'd be using my hands in a very different way right now." He felt Dean tense angrily under his touch and let out a loud chortle. "Don't worry, I don't swing that way."

"You son of a bitch." Dean managed to let out, his eyes narrowed in a similar manner to Thomas's.

The vampire clenched his other hand into a fist and then swung powerfully at Dean's stomach, causing the Winchester to let out a pained groan as he keeled over slightly. "Now, now, there's no need to use such profanities." He let go of Dean's neck and stepped back a few paces, watching as the hunter got his breath back.

"I liked the other guy better." Dean eventually stated, his voice strained. He glanced over to Bobby who was subtly loosening his ropes and then turned back to the vampire, in a bid to distract. "So, you're obviously 'the master's' bitch..."

"What?" Thomas's eyes flashed dangerously as he approached Dean again. "I do not take orders from anybody."

Dean smirked. "Well, he seems to be wearing the trousers in your relationship."

Thomas let out a low growl when he reached Dean. In one powerful movement, he swung his fist at Dean's face. "Well, there were no trousers involved in mine and the pet's relationship. In fact, we didn't really have our clothes on a hell of a lot." He added, with a smirk; "She's a feisty one."

Dean's head shot up as his face tensed up. "Shut up the fuck up." He snapped, not able to bare how they spoke about Libby anymore.

"Oh, diddums," Thomas continued, his voice feigning mock sympathy. "Don't worry; we can share her. Though, I must warn you that every vampire has had their way with her more than once. You might not want to get with such a disgusting slut." Thomas knew he was getting to Dean, he could feel the heat radiate off of the hunter's skin. "And don't get me started on the thrill of hearing her scream, and plead, for me to stop. That's always the best part; the fear in their eyes... the self disgust for just sitting back and allowing it."

Dean tried to lunge forward again, but the ropes jolted him back against the chair. "Stop." He warned.

Thomas sat down on the chair opposite Dean and smirked. "Let's have a little chat."

Sam stood outside the large hospital and dialled his father's number. It was the perfect time to do so because the nurses were doing their routine check on Libby so they would be able to watch her for twenty minutes whilst he stood outside. He'd tried calling Dean and Bobby too but, yet again, he'd got no answer. It was starting to really get to him, so he decided to try their father. Though, he doubted there would be any use in that.

It went straight to voicemail which caused him to frown bitterly. When the beep told him that he could begin to speak, all hell broke loose. "Where the hell are you dad? It's Sam, by the way, just in case you forgot what my voice sounds like! Dad, Dean and Bobby are missing... I think they got taken by the vampires that took Libby. Libby's back with us now but she's in hospital in a semi-coma and I'm- I don't have a clue what I'm doing! I need you here dad... please?"

He quickly flipped his phone shut as he leant against the wall of the building, exhausted. He wished that he could be in two places at once, but he couldn't. Suddenly, his eyes widened as an idea came to him. He quickly opened his cell phone and scrolled down his list of contacts until he found the name he was thinking of. Then he held his phone against his ear and listened to the ringing tone.

"Sam, I knew you were going to call."

Sam smiled in relief. "Hey Missouri."

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