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Kurt is very sensitive all over his body, especially just after a warm shower when he's all flushed from the heat. It just so happens that Blaine and Kurt are roommates and Blaine accidentally brushes against Kurt as they are both trying to bypass each other in their shared doorway. Kurt is only clothed in his towel and still slightly flushed. He lets out a breathy moan that sounds like a slut in heat. Blaine snaps and looses all self control and pulls Kurt into their room and shuts the door, slamming Kurt up against it soon after. Kurt is stunned and embarrassed as Blaine gives him a hungry look and presses their bodies together. He gasps and Blaine explains that Kurt is a dirty whore (just dirty talk, nothing abusive). Blaine then proceeds to have his way with Kurt against their door while whispering filthy things into his ear.

Warnings: Dirty talk, Dom!Blaine, slight OOC-ness and extreme lemon-y-ness with little/no plot.

Word Count- 922. There. Is. No. Plot. If you are looking for plot, I suggest you go read Dalton. Or Harry Potter.


Kurt's POV

I gave Blaine one last lingering kiss before pulling away. "I have to go take a shower now," I murmured softly against his lips, resting my forehead on his.

"No," His arms wound around my waist, holding me in place on his lap.

"Yes, Blaine," I broke his hold and stood up. He pouted adorably up at me and I giggled.

"Come back soon?" He stood up as well from the couch, where we had supposedly been watching The Sound of Music.

"Always," I pecked my boyfriend on the lips one last time before heading to the bathroom for a nice hot shower.

I turned the water on to a steaming temperature, but nothing too unbearable for my sensitive skin. After letting it run and adjusting it several times, I stepped into the stream of warm water, hissing slightly as it scalded my skin. It was still too hot. Or maybe I was just too sensitive. I washed up quickly, knowing Blaine was waiting for me.

When I hopped out, steam followed me. I wrapped a towel around my waist and shivered at the gentle contact on my receptive skin. The door opened just as I put my hand on it.

"Oh, sorry, I wanted to brush my teeth," Blaine said sheepishly. He tried to move past me at the same time I tried to move past him and his bare arm brushed mine. My skin was still hypersensitive from the hot shower and I unexpectedly let out a low moan.

Blaine looked at me, not sure if he was hearing things or not. "Did you say something?"

"N-no," I stammered, blushing.

Blaine stepped closer, and placed one hand on my forehead, the other on the small of my back, pulling me closer. "Are you okay? You look kind of flushed."

I couldn't take this much contact. I let out a moan that echoed off the bathroom tiles, breathy and searing. And I see Blaine snap with that one sound. His hazel eyes spark with lust, and suddenly his mouth is pressing on mine desperately, fiercely. My knees go weak with surprise, but that doesn't matter, because Blaine is pushing me into the bedroom, against the door. His tongue is attacking mine, dancing on mine, in a way that makes me see white.

He breaks away from my mouth but his lips don't leave my skin as they travel down my neck. I gasp as he sucks what is sure to become a hickey right where my shoulder and neck meet. "B-Blaine... what did I d-do...?" I managed.

"You little slut... like you don't know," he growled in my ear before nibbling on the earlobe. I felt a surge of arousal pump through me, ending straight at my erection tenting in the towel.

"I-I... my skin was- OH!" I moaned as Blaine did something particularly talented involving his tongue.

"Sure it was, you dirty whore." His words made me moan again. "Do you like when I talk dirty?" All I could manage was a breathless nod, and Blaine's lips captured mine again. My towel was beginning to slip. "What do you want me to do to you?"

"I want you t-to... touch me," I gasped out.

"How do you want me to touch you?" He whispered. Reaching behind him, he grabbed a bottle of lube from the bedside drawer.

"I- oh god... I want you to fuck me up the door," I moaned softly.

"I knew you were a slut, Kurt, but I never knew how much."

"I'm your slut, Blaine." I whined as the towel dropped.

"True," He allowed. Grabbing my arms, he half-walked, half-dragged me toward the bed. Pressing me facedown, Blaine lubed his fingers and pushed two roughly into me, brushing my prostate. "You're so fucking tight around my fingers," He moaned, pumping them in and out and scissoring them. He added a third and I cried out. Scooping me up off the bed, he slammed me back against the door.

He was wearing too many clothes, I was beginning to think as I unbuttoned his jeans. He pulled off his t-shirt that was already clinging to his abs. Soon Blaine was just as bare as me, and as soon as that happened, he was thrusting his thick cock into me, against the bedroom door. He was standing up, pumping in and out of me so wonderfully that I had all but lost the ability to think. I was a pile of mush in his strong arms.

"Ohhh... god, Blaine..." I moaned as he rocked into me full force. "Right there."

"There?" He hit me in the same spot and I swear I dissolved into nothing but a loudly moaning puddle of goo. "Do you love this? Do you love being fucked hard until you can't walk? I'll make sure you'll feel me for weeks," he added with a hard thrust.

I had lost the coherency to form words and I didn't think my moans could get any louder until Blaine wrapped his sweaty hand around my aching cock and began to pump. With just a few jerks I was cumming, hard, white splattering both our stomachs. Blaine wasn't too far behind and he came as well, deep inside of me.

He picked me up and carried us back to the bed, both of us exhausted. We lay in silence for a few minutes, attempting to regain our breath, the only sound the others heartbeat, until Blaine finally spoke again.

"I guess you have to take another shower, huh?"


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