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Based on the characters created by Stephanie Meyer, in her Twilight Saga series of books

Home by Twilight


The fire had long since burned out. Jacob's pack had decided it was too hot for them in Nevada and headed home. Cory decided to stay a few days and learn more from Jacob. The Cullens enjoyed the sun and freedom of being outside without fear.

"Too bad we can't play baseball," Emmett complained.

"Why can't you?" Jenna asked.

"You haven't heard them play," Bella threw in. "Sounds like a bad thunderstorm."

"I still don't understand why you can't play now." Jenna took a fork full of food as all the Cullens looked at her. "What? We have everything you need: bats, balls, open space."

"Man!" Tony had a broad grin on his face, "I'd love to see you guys play"

"It's very...very loud," Bella tried to explain again.

"There's no one around for miles," Jenna explained. "No one is allowed on the property, and you know how extensive it is. Let's play this afternoon."

The plan was made, the teams created. The humans would cheer and Cory and Jacob would referee. Nita and Renesmee would act as bat girls, both excited to be part of the game.

They began around twelve-thirty in the afternoon and didn't finish until well after dark. Nita and her family, along with Bill, had gone back to the house when they could no longer see the ball or the players.

When the game finally ended, it was decided that no one was the winner. A draw had lasted for six innings. On the way back to the house, they drew up new rules for the next game.

The talk around the dinner table was exciting and included everyone, even the girls, which gave them great pleasure. After dinner, the girls were tucked into bed. They fell asleep almost instantly. The humans chatted for a while and then took to their beds as well.

Rosalie took up her usual position just inside the girls' room. From there she could hear the conversation in Carlisle's room.

"My two weeks is over," he let the others know. "I have to leave tomorrow."

"We should all leave," Bella announced.

"I thought you would want to stay a while longer," Edward turned to his wife. "You said you had many more questions for Jenna."

"I do, but they'll keep. Maybe we should come back around Christmas?" she asked Edward.

Edward thought it over for a second. "What about Christmas Eve in Forks," he suggested, "and we run down here for Christmas morning?"

"Sounds great," Bella agreed. "I think we should talk to Jenna, before we finalise."

"Of course," Edward agreed.

The rest of the night was spent with Alice supervising the packing. Bella left things there for herself and Edward. Renesmee would have grown out of many of her things by then. As the plans for leaving moved forward, Bella became excited to see her father again. She had missed him, but she was worried about telling him the truth. Or at least a part of the truth about her, Bella thought.

Edward gave her a concerned look, and took her in his arms. He brushed the back of his fingers along her jawline, and one side of his mouth curled up in a half smile.

"What's wrong?"

"Charlie," Bella frowned. "I have to tell him that I've known Jenna all my life. He might not take it well."

"But he may be grateful that Renee didn't have to be traumatised again."

"There is that." Bella began to smile.

Their door cracked open and Alice peeked in. "Ready?" She asked. "Connie has breakfast about ready, so everyone will be up soon."

The three were joined in the hall by the rest of the family. Connie began ringing the breakfast bell just as they arrived in the dining room. They sat at the far end of the table and waited for the rest. The girls came flying down the stairs with Rosalie right behind them.

"You haven't even tried any of my mom's cooking," Nita complained to Renesmee.

"I don't like human food," Renesmee informed her.

"Just try one little piece," Nita coaxed. "Just one tiny piece of French toast. No syrup."

Renesmee wanted to please her friend so she took a nibble of the piece of bread she was offered. Renesmee's eyes got big, and she started to smile.

"Try it with a little syrup," Nita poured a small serving of syrup on the piece of cooked bread.

Again Renesmee took a very small bite. Again she smiled, bigger this time.

"This is good," Renesmee looked at her mother and father. "Why didn't you ever give me French toast?"

Bella leaned into Edward so Renesmee couldn't see her huge smile, while Edward just shrugged his shoulders and smiled at his daughter's great revelation.

About then Jenna and Cory came down for breakfast. Actually, Jenna came down the stairs, and Cory came in through the front door. No one said a word, but everyone had heard Cory land from his jump from the fourth floor.

When everyone was settled, Carlisle announced that it was time for them to leave. Arrangements were made, and everyone was invited back for Christmas. Alice took this the best. She even asked to come early to decorate. Jenna laughed and agreed while the Cullens and Jacob rolled their eyes.

Bill pulled out the van at one o'clock to take everyone to the airport. It became a very big deal to say goodbye. There was a lot of hugging, kissing, and even a few tears. But they finally got into their van to get on their way to the airport. Bill had done his best to time it so they would arrive in Forks at about twilight.

Cory turned to Jenna as the van drove down the dirt road that led to the Highway 230.

"Do you think you'll ever tell her?" Cory asked.

"She's not ready. She loves her life the way it is. When... well, if that changes, then I'll tell her how to become human again."

"She won't do it without him."

"If she wants it, he'll want it."

"What about the rest?"

"All in good time, my dear friend." Jenna smiled at Cory. Her smile suddenly turned into a look of annoyance. "Oh, Hell."

"What's wrong?"

"The Elko county Sheriff," Jenna announced quietly. "He probably wants to know what happened to half of the rowdy drunks from Wells."

"And Halleck," Cory added.

"And Arthur," Jenna finished

In unison they looked at each other and sighed.