disclaimer: Kingdom Hearts isn't mine.
pairing: Belle/Saïx. Yes, Organization XIII badass/Princess.
inspired by: Bijouie's Saïx icon on LJ that has the hair flip thingy that gave me a random urge to write this;
note: 100 words if you aren't counting the parentheses and title and ending part. So don't tell me it isn't a hundred words— I know. It's 133 words, but those things don't count, according to me.

(give me a full moon, maybe i'll give you a howl.)


Belle is afraid of wolves.

She's afraid of their power, their grace— their silken fur that glistens in the moonlight, but doesn't understand why she isn't afraid of his lips on her throat or the blood that stains his hands. She's afraid of their stance, ready for the hunt.

She wonders why it isn't hard to run into his arms; burry her hands in his pale blue hair and look into his golden irises. Maybe it's because he's human, despite the horrors of a full moon.

Belle is afraid of wolves.

But doesn't understand why she's in love with him.

the end
(darling, this is lycanthropy— no matter what, your still a monster with a heart of a human.)